The Genesis Academy- A Cypress Preschool

Cypress Preschool


My little boy was starting to get bored at home, and I knew it would benefit him by starting him in our local Cypress preschool. I started looking around at all the preschool options in my area and talked to some other parents with experience with preschools. We weren’t sure where to start or which preschool I should put him in. I don’t have any other children yet, so this is my first experience with preschool.


I talked to a friend of mine that has a couple of children that are older, and I asked if she ever put her children in daycare or preschool. She said she kept them at home with her since they had each other to play with they did well together. But she told me that her sister had her children in preschool a few years ago. She wasn’t sure what the name of the preschool was, but she said that she would ask her. She said her sister and the kids loved going to this preschool. They loved this preschool so much; they didn’t want to leave and still talked about their teachers there and the friends they had while they were there. I told her to find out what it was called so I could look into it.


She called us later in the day to tell me the name of the school The Genesis Academy . She said she didn’t get the phone number, but I could probably find it online. I started looking around for it and was easily able to find it. I also discovered that there were reviews online about this preschool. I started looking over them and loved what I was seeing. There were lots of people that gave TGA an excellent rating and had lots of nice things to say.


After reading all the great things about the school, I called them to see what I had to do to get my son enrolled in the school. They told me what I would need to do and that I would need to fill out paperwork for it. They said they could send that in the mail for me, or I could come in and fill it out.


Once I got all the paperwork in order, I received a call about when he could start going to preschool. It was easy to fill out the forms and get him enrolled, and he was able to start preschool the next week.
He loves his teachers and the friends he has made while he is there. The teachers have said he is pleasant and plays well with the other kids who are great. Come time for the weekend, he wants to know why he isn’t at school. He loves it so much, and I am happy I looked into preschool. My friend gave me great advice about The Genesis Academy in Cypress, Tx, and I’m glad I asked her about it.