ng Wang, and Gaoyang Wang were all going to attend.
Taiping Gongzhu liked extravagance and indulgence, and there was no imperial censor outside the city to monitor them.
The banquet will definitely be tumultuous with the good and bad intermingling.
He was not willing to let Ming Huashang confront all of that.

But Ming Huashang stared straight at him, her eyes were black and round, looking at him expectantly like a deer.
Ming Huazhang couldn’t bear to say the words of rejection, so he could only take a step back helplessly, “Alright.
But once we’re outside, you must listen to me, and you are not allowed to act on your own.”

Ming Huashang did not expect Ming Huazhang to agree.
She was stunned for a moment and then she reacted, overjoyed, “Thank you, elder brother! Second elder brother, you are the best!”

The girl’s joy was straightforward and enthusiastic, without any concealment, and her eyes dazzled so brightly that he had to look away.
Ming Huazhang was used to being cold and distant, so he was caught off guard by such a sudden bright smile.

He only agreed to take her out, was being so happy necessary?

Ming Huazhang was used to issuing orders, but this time he was the first to avert his gaze.
Seeing that her second elder brother, who was usually ice cold towards everyone, actually made an exception for Ming Huashang, Ming Shuo was so angry that she kept wrenching her skirt.
Watching the brother and sister from the main branch behave affectionately, they were like thorns in second madam Zhao-shi’s eyes.

Only Old Madam Ming was very pleased to see this scene.
Ming Huazhang was the main branch’s only son and he was very outstanding in both talents and skills and was a master of both the pen and the sword.
Furthermore, there were no flaws in his character or appearance.
Old Madam Ming was very satisfied with Ming Huazhang and had already regarded him as the succeeding Duke, but it was a pity that this child was too rigid and cold-tempered.
Except for Duke Zhen, he was not close to any of the other Ming family members, so it was a good thing that he was willing to talk to Ming Huashang.

Old Madam Ming would also think more highly of a person that Ming Huazhang liked.
Old Madam Ming said unhurriedly, “You brother and sister are fraternal twins.
You stayed together in your mother’s womb for ten months.
Apart from your father, you two are the closest people in the world.
Neither your future bride nor groom can compare to your strong sibling connection.
As twins, you two should be closer.
The others will also be happy to see that.
Baoqin, go and bring that bolt of vermillion brocade with the dragon and phoenix pattern from my dowry for the second young master and second miss to make new clothes.
Both brother and sister have good looks and if they wear matching clothes to the banquet, it’ll add some joy for Her Highness Taiping.”

When Ming Yu heard that Old Madam Ming had even taken out that brocade from the bottom of her dowry chest, she gave Ming Huashang an obscure and resentful glare.
Old Madam Ming clearly said before that bolt of brocade would be reserved for their dowries, but now she gave it all to Ming Huashang just because of a banquet?

Ming Huashang thanked her and asked Zhaocai to take the fabric.
She noticed that the gazes of the second and the third branches directed at her were not friendly.
She snorted inwardly, thinking that they only knew how to bully the weak.
Did they forget Ming Huazhang, why didn’t they dare to glare at him?

From the beginning, Old Madam Ming wanted Ming Huazhang and Ming Huashang to attend, so now that everything was going the way she planned, Old Madam Ming could relax.
She said, “Although Feihong Garden is an imperial garden, it still can’t compare to home after all.
Once you go there, it’ll be for a few days.
Quickly go and pack your things then.
As for the second and third branches, you can take the girls back too, don’t delay yourselves here with me.”

Everyone stood up and saluted, and after their greetings, they put on their shoes and stepped back.
Ming Huazhang put his clothes on the quickest.
He casually put on his cloak and lifted the curtain and left.
Ming Huashang hurriedly put on her boots and chased after Ming Huazhang.

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