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So now you have examined your weaknesses, and have a program for improving in areas where you know your abilities are lacking, or performance is weak. You have analyzed your attitudes and can see where you need to make changes. Your emotional well-being is being dealt with, and you are taking rational control of any areas where emotional problems were leading to difficulties. Now you have considered your goals, your strategy, and your values. You have achieved a comfortable and healthy diet, and have ensured you have good, strong, supportive, and healthy relationships with family and friends. Last but not least, you are working towards a balance in your physical, mental, emotional, professional, and spiritual lives and seeking consolidation. OK so maybe you haven achieved all these things, but you are on the way, and no longer delude yourself, or allow yourself to drift away from your plan. Consolidation is now the key to moving forward. Don fall into the trap of thinking that you have dealt with everything and thats that. Don get overconfident. Don lose sight of the fact that the path to self-improvement and self-fulfillment is a lifelong path. You may be achieving some of your early goals, and you may be setting new ones, but it is only when you have fully internalized the knowledge that self-development is a permanent and ongoing part of life that you are ensuring you will reap the long-term benefits. For some people, realizing their potential involves some quite radical changes in goals. Maybe its just a question of having achieved your desired level of success, and then needing to move on to something else. Maybe in the course of your progress in reaching your initial goal, you realized that your vision of how that success would feel didn quite feel right. Maybe you find that money isn all that you thought it was, and that you need to pursue goals that are less about money and more about your inner life. Or you could find that making the money is easier than you ever thought it could be, and much more interesting is how it can be spent to achieve wonderful outcomes for others who are not as able as you. This level of consolidation is the level necessary for you to move toward helping others to fulfill their dreams, their potential, and their path to self-development. When you find you enjoy helping others as much as, or more than you enjoy helping yourself, you will have become efficient in your self-development. Of course, this is the point where you need to remind yourself of the requirement for a little humility and modesty in life, and the need to avoid feeling smug.

And finally…Lets hope that your path to self-fulfillment is truly mind-blowing and that the process, as well as the achievements, is positive, and energizing. So when things go wrong, learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Never think you know best all the time, and acknowledge that sometimes you do. You should always think it possible to learn something new. There are various stages in the path to self-development. First, you need to take stock of yourself, your life, and your dreams. If you don have any dreams, or visions of the future, then you need to spend some time working out where you are going in your life, and whether you should be changing anything. You need to consider carefully whether your attitudes, feelings and beliefs, behavior, and actions, are quite what you want them to be. Are they going to hinder or help you achieve your goals and desires? Or do you need to take steps to retrain yourself in certain ways, and work towards a healthier, better life management plan? Self-confidence, self-belief, a certain amount of modesty, a positive attitude and a serious commitment are all essential elements of self-development. Self-development involves work, but it is work that will enable you to live your life fully, and give you the satisfaction of making not only your dreams come true, but helping others to do so too. We are programmed to survive, but really to want to do itr best, and to achieve our best means some self-examination, some effort, and some dedication. Don be fooled into thinking there are quick fixes to getting the most out of life, or that it is a question of this method or that method. The questions and the answers are always inside you, as are those unique abilities to discover and enjoy your potential good experience.

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