C5—- Spatial Crack

But no matter how Xiao Yu shouted to remind him, Cang Hai seemed unaware of it.


Seeing that the giant mantis’ scythe was about to fall, Xiao Yu’s eyes were wide open, he knew too well that once Cang Hai was killed in battle, it would be his turn next.




The roar of the clash of arms suddenly exploded, countless sand and stones were shaken by the blow and sent flying in the sky.


Xiao Yu raised his hand to shield himself from the incoming yellow sand, his heart burned with anxiety, he squinted his eyes against the fierce wind, trying to see the battle.



Finally the yellow sand dispersed, the huge mantis manifested behind Cang Hai, its twin swords only less than a finger away from Cang Hai.
And the light of the long sword had pierced the mantis abdomen, dark green blood gurgled out along the blade, dripping to the ground.


Cang Hai won?



Xiao Yu looked at this scene in a daze, still a bit in disbelief.


Only when the mantis fell to the side and Cang Hai dropped his sword and waved in his direction, did he calm down and crawl towards Cang Hai.



“Scared me to death, I almost thought you …… luckily you’re okay!” Xiao Yu expressed his loyalty to Cang Hai as soon as he came over, “Cang Hai, you’re awesome.”


With such a powerful companion, he was really lucky!



Cang Hai’s expression remained blank: “It’s a fluke.”



The sudden attack of the hidden-winged mantis may be related to the imminent collapse of the planet.


The higher the creature, the more sensitive they were to the coming crisis, they seldom hunted humans, for them, other creatures’ flesh and blood contained more dense and nourishing energy, their conflict with humans was more reflected in the competition for energy.



But he didn’t tell Xiao Yu this, but only handed the longsword to the other: “Cut off its flesh, the blood and flesh of the hidden-winged mantis has a high nutritional value and should not be wasted.”


As soon as he heard that there was something delicious, Xiao Yu immediately lit up: “No problem, it’s on me.”


Cang Hai also thoughtfully took out a stool from the spatial ring for Xiao Yu to sit on: “You have mobility problems, if you need my help to move the Hidden Winged Mantis, just ask.”


Of course Xiao Yu wouldn’t refuse Cang Hai’s help: “Then I’ll trouble you.”


“No need to be polite.”



One of them couldn’t walk and the other was blind, but they worked well together.


The body strength of the Hidden-Winged Mantis was quite high, especially its two mantis blades, Xiao Yu wanted to cut them off, but found that they were connected to the bones of the mantis, even the incomparably sharp longsword couldn’t cut through the bones of the Hidden-Winged Mantis.


“The bones of the Hidden Winged Mantis are very hard, with a melting point of over six thousand degrees, making it a good material for mechas.” Cang Hai patiently explained.


Xiao Yu’s eyes instantly showed a desire to explore when he heard the word “mecha”, “What kind of mecha are you talking about?”


In his previous life, he had read a lot of science fiction novels, and the mecha he imagined was a creation that could help mankind to traverse the universe, gathering the highest crystals of human technology.


What man didn’t dream of a mecha?



Cang Hai knew that the little mermaid had never left the desolate star.
He wasn’t a talkative person, but after hearing the other person’s expectant inquiry, he had a rare impulse to answer.



“In the era of the universe, mecha is an important weapon for human beings to compete with other alien races.
According to actual needs, mecha can be divided into combat mecha and civilian mecha.
The cost of combat mecha is high, and its shell is made of special materials, which can not only resist cosmic rays, but also resist a lot of damage.” Cang Hai paused for a while, so that Xiao Yu could have enough time to understand and digest.


“So, mecha is the voice of the country?” Xiao Yu wanted to ask, but he didn’t dare to ask.
He didn’t know whether there were nuclear weapons in the world.
As a mermaid living in the desert, he obviously shouldn’t know these things.



Cang Hai nodded slightly and continued, “Combat mechas are divided into one to ten levels, and for each higher level, the indicators of all aspects of the combat mecha are a qualitative leap.
But the more advanced the mecha, the higher the requirements for the pilot.
Comparatively speaking, civilian mechas don’t have so many restrictions and can be piloted with systematic learning and are quite versatile.”



These were common knowledge, and he never thought he would be so serious and tireless in explaining them to anyone.



He pursed his thin lips, yes, the reason why he told Xiao Yu all this was because of the collapse of the Desolate Star.



If he could, he wanted to take the little mermaid and get out of here alive.


Then these common things would be extremely important to the little mermaid who wasn’t versed in the world.


And at this moment, the “unversed” Xiao Yu’s inner shock was almost breaking through the sky.

How come the setting of mechas was exactly the same as the novel he had read?



The name of the novel seemed to be “The Strongest Star Cadet”, which followed the path of attack of a former waste.
The plot was so cool.


He read it with great interest at the time and repeatedly read it several times, so now he still remembered the contents of the book.


To confirm his suspicions, Xiao Yu asked again, “Are there many subspecies of humans? Like mermaids.”


Cang Hai continued, “Humans, like mermaids, are differentiated into Alpha, Beta, and Omega when they reach adulthood, and when you reach adulthood, you will also differentiate into one of them.”



Xiao Yu gulped, he reassured himself, maybe it was just a coincidence, science fiction had the same settings for mechas and the ABO setting was quite common.



“The human capital star must be more lively than the deserted star, right?” Xiao Yu asked as if inadvertently, “What’s its name?”


“Faos, which means ‘light’ in the ancient language.” Cang Hai knew nothing but answered.



It was really the planet Faos!



Xiao Yu’s pupils shook, he transmigrated to the world of a novel?



But …… he quickly calmed down, although he remembered the plot in the book, but right now it was still unknown whether he could survive.



If the Desolate Star was destroyed and he couldn’t survive, then what was the use of him remembering the plot in the book, he had no use for it at all!



Xiao Yu put the cut pieces of mantis meat into Cang Hai’s storage box, and cleaned Cang Hai’s sword, and handed it back to Cang Hai together.



“You’ve worked hard.” Cang Hai put the storage box into the spatial ring along with the mantis skeleton.



Xiao Yu was thinking about transmigrating and didn’t hear what Cang Hai said.


Cang Hai thought he was worried about the destruction of the Desolate Star and rubbed his hair soothingly: “Don’t be afraid, there is me.
I promise you, before the Desolate Star is destroyed, I will take you out of here.”


“You have a way?” Hope filled Xiao Yu’s eyes.


Cang Hai: “The Desolate Star is unstable, and under the intrusion of cosmic rays, it is easy to produce spatial cracks.
These spatial cracks will randomly transport creatures that break into them to unknown places.”



Spatial cracks?


Xiao Yu remembered that he had once seen a plot related to spatial cracks in a book, where the original male protagonist Gu Xijiao, while being chased by a foreign beast, mistakenly entered a spatial crack and was consequently transported to an ore star that no one had ever mined.



The main character not only got a repair on the ore star, modified the mecha, he also got a large batch of high-quality ore, and finally even bought the mining rights of this ore star at a low price at the auction.



Xiao Yu didn’t care when he was watching, but now that he thought about it, that spatial rift was 80% directional, which meant that they could teleport from the spatial rift to the other end, or they could teleport back through the same spatial rift again from the other end.


Xiao Yu told Cang Hai his guesses, of course concealing the original content.



Cang Hai thought: “Spatial cracks are full of uncertainty, even if there really is a directional spatial rift, it should be just a very few.
We can’t take a chance, human life is only once.”


A male lead had a main character’s aura, even the extremely rare directional spatial rift could be encountered.


He wouldn’t have this luck, so it was better not to try it easily.


“So are we still going to find the spatial rift?” Xiao Yu asked.



Cang Hai nodded: “That’s our only chance.
Don’t worry, I will find the spatial rift with the lowest danger, and we will be fine.”



Cang Hai’s voice was thick and strong, with an uplifting power, it was hard not to feel convinced.



Xiao Yu subconsciously nodded, then suddenly remembered that the other couldn’t see, he hurriedly spoke: “I believe you.”



The corners of Cang Hai’s mouth rose slightly, he turned around, his back to Xiao Yu: “Come up, I’ll carry you.”



Xiao Yu hesitated: “It’s not good ……”


He was a big man, wouldn’t it be hard to carry him on his back?



“You crawling will slow down our journey.”


“Oh ……”


Xiao Yu climbed on the man’s broad back, but a new problem arose, where should he put his tail?


Cang Hai of course noticed the helplessness of the little mermaid on his back, the tail hanging on his back swayed from side to side.


The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, but he was bad-hearted and didn’t say a word.



His tail had nowhere to rest, so Xiao Yu felt uncomfortable.



He had to wrap his arms around Cang Hai’s neck even harder, so as not to slip off Cang Hai’s back, and he was afraid that he would hurt his meal ticket brother, so he clasped his arms with both hands and yank his elbows to raw pain.


Cang Hai couldn’t see it until Xiao Yu’s sweat slid from his forehead and hit Cang Hai.


It didn’t make sense.
It was clear that he was the one with the weight.
Why was the little mermaid sweating heavily?



He reached for Xiao Yu’s arm and finally understood the reason, he was amused.



Little fool.


“Your tail should be wrapped around me.
Do you need me to teach you how to save energy?” Cang Hai patted Xiao Yu’s palm and motioned him to relax.


Xiao Yu obediently wrapped his tail around Cang Hai’s thin waist.



It was very comfortable.




Wasn’t this too intimate?

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