heard that he liked the pet very much, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken the trouble to tidy up its fur.



Speaking of long-haired pets, Xiao Yu recalled that in The Strongest Interstellar Cadet, the final villainous big boss Ji Canghai also had a white long-haired pet named Aojia.



The reason why Ji Canghai kept Aojia was because it had the unique ability to absorb dark matter and could convert it into energy that could be used.



In the final battle, the main character, Gu Xijiao, took advantage of this characteristic of Aojia and fed a piece of unstable dark matter to Aojia, which then caused the dark matter in Aojia’s body to riot.


Aojia blew himself up, and Ji Canghai was seriously injured, and was picked up by Gu Xijiao.


After that, the male lead stepped on the corpse of the villainous boss and soared to great heights, becoming the object of worship of the entire federation, and then sat step by step on the chief position, from then on, the cloud, the rain, the stars and the sea, were all under his control.


That was far away.


Xiao Yu ate the meat in the pot, the contents of the book wasn’t helpful to him now, he should put all his thoughts on survival.



“Cang Hai, how much meat is left?”


Cang Hai: “There’s still enough to eat for a day.”


Xiao Yu hummed and calculated where to get some reserve food.


These two days, he didn’t know if Cang Hai’s aura was too strong, they hadn’t encountered any active attacking beasts along the way, so much so that there was no new food into the store.



Gotta think of a way to lure the snake out of the hole.



“How about I’ll be the bait?” Xiao Yu had a clear position of himself, what Cang Hai could not do, he was obliged to do.


Cang Hai shook his head, “No need.”


Saying that, he threw the sugar beans into the sea, and then undressed, revealing his lean muscles, he clutched his long sword in his hand, ready to enter the sea to hunt.



When the sugar beans met the water and melted, the seven-colored pigments mixed into a rainbow that fell into the sea, wandering on the sparkling sea.



Only then did Xiao Yu understand why the Cang Hai had eaten all the food, but still had the sugar beans that could replenish calories.



He held his breath, afraid of disturbing the Cang Hai’s hunt, not even daring to move.



“Here it comes.” Cang Hai reminded in a deep voice, “Protect yourself.”



Xiao Yu nodded, and then remembered that Cang Hai couldn’t see, he was about to open his mouth but at this time a monstrous wave, rushed towards their direction.


This scene was so familiar.



The boat he was on, wasn’t it also under the attack of wild waves that it fell apart, eventually causing him to fall into the deep sea?


It was as if people’s desperate and hysterical pleas for help were heard again in his ears, and he nervously covered his arm, where he had been cut by the ship’s picture frame, the wound disappeared completely after transmigrating, but now somehow it began to ache vaguely.



The giant wave splashed a thousand layers of water, drenching the dazed Xiao Yu.



He was freed from a near-death nightmare, and looked down and pulled the wet clothes, secretly chagrined.


The clothes were borrowed from Cang Hai, how could he return them when they were wet?


By the way, how was Cang Hai?


Xiao Yu couldn’t care less about clothes, clothes were important, but could it be more important than his meal ticket brother?



He raised his eyes to look around, looking for traces of Cang Hai.


But after the huge wave, the sea returned to its previous calm, and even the rainbow was swallowed by the huge wave, as if nothing had happened.



Xiao Yu, who had fallen in this sea, wouldn’t be easily fooled.



This seemingly calm sea surface, in fact, was much more intense than a fight in an eight-cage corner.



As time went by, even though Xiao Yu had no doubt about the strength of Cang Hai, it didn’t take long to turn his confidence into worry.


Cang Hai was human, he couldn’t hold his breath for too long in the seawater.



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