Chapter 014 She’s Right, Loosen the reins to grasp them better

“…Chen Cheng, do you think Jiang Fuyue is right?” Xu Jing was a little surprised.

The boy still kept his hand raised.
Hearing the words, he thought for a while, and then nodded cautiously.

He was only a freshman in high school, and he had just entered this class this semester.
He was not very familiar with other people.
He sat alone in the front row and had no desk mate.
In addition, he usually spoke very little and did not take the initiative to communicate with others.
He had the least presence in class. 

Even Xu Jing paused for a few seconds before remembering his name. 

“Why?” For the first time, Xu Jing looked directly at this boy, who was much shorter than his peers and was used to keeping silent most of the time, and asked, “Why do you think she is right?”

Feeling nervous, “Because, because I followed the thought process of classmate Jiang and I didn’t find any logical errors.”

“Oh?” Xu Jing said calmly, “Then according to what you said, Ling Xuan’s proof steps are wrong logically?”

“Yes.” Chen Cheng nodded, this time he was more decisive.

“Tell me about it.”

“In the fifth step, he used a point on the unit circle to make the inequality less than or equal to n/4 square, and stated the constant was the best theorem, but n/4 square is the problem to be proved.
In conclusion, it has been tacitly accepted as correct during the proof process, which is illogical.”

Xu Jing never thought that two good seedlings would explode out in one proof question, he nodded with satisfaction: “You sit down.”

Chen Cheng let out a sigh of relief, his cheeks flushed with nervousness were particularly noticeable.

So…who was right?

Everyone suddenly became uncertain.

Even Ling Xuan stared at the blackboard and fell into contemplation after listening to Chen Cheng’s words.

Xu Jing didn’t hide it anymore, he walked to Jiang Fuyue’s answer, and tapped with his fingers, “This is the correct answer.
Unfortunately, only one person in the class can do it, and only one person can understand it.”

“F*ck—” Sun Cheng’s voice was especially loud in an overly quiet classroom.

Although it was a bit vulgar, it strangely fit the mood of everyone at the moment.

Isn’t it a “wtf moment”?

Not to mention being the last to enter the Math Olympiad class, but to also beat Ling Xuan and Sun Cheng, the two university tyrants, and to get the final question right?

It sounded more fantastic than “a sow turning into a beauty”.

After all, an appearance can be adjusted, but the brain cannot be changed!

“Jiang Fuyue, she opened up her brain?” Sun Cheng leaned in front of Ling Xuan with a puzzled look on his face.

But at this moment Ling Xuan himself was still stunned, so how could he respond to him?

In the remaining half an hour, Xu Jing followed Jiang Fuyue’s thought process to explain to everyone, and did not even write another blackboard script, but directly used Jiang Fuyue’s.

When the class bell rang, Xu Jing: “We’ll end here today, Jiang Fuyue will stay for a while.”

Everyone filed out with their school bags on their backs, and their eyes more or less fell on Jiang Fuyue, but the latter didn’t even give a look, she packed up the things and walked in front of Xu Jing.

Some people noticed that she did not stand under the podium, but walked to the same level as Xu Jing, and talked to him with an equal attitude, without the slightest timid gaze.

“How much did you complete for your paper yesterday?”

“It’s done.”

Xu Jing staggered, pretending to be calm: “Do..
it’s done?” But the first time he opened his mouth, his true emotions were revealed.

Jiang Fuyue gave him the stack of test papers in her hand, the implication: if you don’t believe it, you can read it.

When he took it, no one except Xu Jing himself noticed that his hands were shaking.

Jiang Fuyue successfully retired, said goodbye, and left gracefully.

Xu Jing was left alone for a while, then hurried back to the office, comparing the answers to each one.

Meng Zhijian was sitting across from him.
At first sight, seeing that the man was surprised and delighted, he felt like he looked insane.

“Lao Xu, did you find money?”

“No, not money, a treasure!”


“A big treasure! My darling…” 


Jiang Fuyue didn’t know how excited Xu Jing was, but looking at the tall boy standing around the corner, she couldn’t get excited at all. 

The young handsome boy had a kind of thin slack on his straight shoulders, like new cotton in March; seemingly soft, but the tenacity hidden. 

Eyes facing each other, Ling Xuan looked at Jiang Fuyue’s unflinching eyes, as if it was the first time he knew this girl. 

Look, examine, contemplate. 

The young man had a unique sharpness to him. 

Jiang Fuyue did not fluctuate much, and moved her body to leave. 

Her ignorance and indifference finally aroused a dark fire in the boy’s eyes, “Playing hard-to-get with me?” 

Jiang Fuyue turned back. 

Ling Xuan chuckled lightly, his eyes wandering over her bright face: “Actually, you are not ugly, but whether I like it or not has nothing to do with your looks.
If you are trying to squeeze into the Math Olympiad class because of me…” 

“No.” She spoke calmly, her eyes cold as water. 

Ling Xuan frowned. 

He went back to find the confession letter he threw away, but the trash can was cleaned every day, and he didn’t know where it went. 

Although he couldn’t see what Jiang Fuyue wrote, his feelings at that time wouldn’t be wrong.
She stood in front of him with her eyes half-drooping, her cheeks faintly flushed, and even her fingertips holding the envelope were trembling silently.
How could she not “like” him? 

Ling Xuan: “Participating in the competition is not a joke.
If you don’t understand the meaning of it, don’t affect the entire class.”

Jiang Fuyue laughed, and saw his eyes squinting a little more, “You’re not fat…” 

The young man was shocked by the sudden laughter, and when he heard the words, he was a little dazed.

“Why is your face so big?” she said.

Ling Xuan was stunned, but when he came to his senses, his face darkened: “Jiang Fuyue—”

“What are you?” The red lips parted slightly, and the gentle voice carried a hint of innate arrogance, “Are you worthy?”

After she finished speaking, she took a step to leave, her straight back was like a lotus stem in the wind, neither bent nor broken.

“Ah Xuan, I’m good—” Sun Cheng jumped out of the toilet and put his hand on his shoulder.

Relentlessly avoided by Ling Xuan, Ling Xuan strode forward with a cold face.

“Huh?” Sun Cheng followed, “Who messed with you? Your face is so pissed?”

“…Shut up.”

Sun Cheng stopped talking.
Ling Xuan’s temper would last a day or two, he was used to this.

As he was walking, he suddenly thought of something, and Sun Cheng grinned, giggling.

Ling Xuan frowned, looking at the corners of his eyes: “What are you acting crazy about during the day?”

“Ah Xuan, I want to ask you something.” He leaned closer and rubbed his hands together, “Do you think… Jiang Fuyue has gotten better looking?”

A cold light suddenly burst out from the boy’s eyes, but all of it converged in an instant.

Sun Cheng didn’t notice it, he was now full of Jiang Fuyue’s face and those peach blossom eyes that could drown people: “…It’s definitely better when she smiles, but she doesn’t seem to laugh much…”

It is better looking, but it’s also more hateful! Ling Xuan gritted his teeth secretly.

“What do you want to say?”

“Ah?” Sun Cheng stopped.

“She became better, and then what? You fell in love with her at first sight?” Ling Xuan said, nonchalantly.

Sun Cheng was choked, his face turned to the colour of a pig’s liver: “How, how is it possible?! Love at first sight? What a joke, I just think she’s good-looking, I don’t have any other thoughts…” 

The words were incoherent, but he didn’t know that this was enough to explain the problem.

Ling Xuan sneered: “It’s best not to.”

Sun Cheng: “?”

What “best not to”?

“Hey—why are you walking so fast? Lin Yao just asked me if I had time on the weekend, and to call you together…”

Under the setting sun, the figures of the two teenagers walked away slowly.

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