I am a normal man named Shay, who is 26 years old and almost like everyone else at this age has a ”job ”. Mine is not really special as an artist , but regardless of my career, which isn successful, I still love it.

In general, it must be said that I am a person who is very interested in mythical creatures. This is also the reason why I started drawing! In my younger years, I have always drawn creatures, which normally should not exist. Even if my drawings didn look good, I didn let it get me down and I kept trying to improve my art and see, today I am an artist who has a realistic level of drawing. However, no one has yet discovered my potential, even if that sounds very aloof…

I am in the process of finishing a new piece of mine. The picture is, in my opinion, the best picture I have ever drawn. Apart from that, I have only made 5 other pictures (which did not got soled yet, but I´m still very optimistic, tat this will bring me to the top). But this picture is something special, because it is a 2 meter tall and wide picture! This time I drew about creatures that you can only believe exist!

– angels!

My drawn angel has long blond hair with long white wings, which have a wingspan of more than 2 meters. He has armor on for this, which cover his torso, legs and partly his arms. Of course, the angel must not lack a weapon, so I gave him a sword, which he can hold with only one hand.

In the background you can see a small town, from which more angels come, but you can not see them so well, because I drew them slightly blurred. But without reason there are not so many angels that can be seen here. There is a specific reason for it:

– demons!

Since the picture would be only very monotonous if only angels were on it, I have drawn a diagonal in the middle from top left to bottom right. This diagonal is to delimit the area of angels and demons. While above bright colors were used for the heaven, below dark colors, such as black, red, dark blue were used.

The demons try to break through the space between the two ”worlds ” to then wipe out the angels. In my case, there are more demons in the picture, because I think that angels have stronger powers than demons due to their pure nature, but of course no one does not know if this is true.

However, I would still like to talk about the demons. My drawn demons have red to black skin and have a wild look. They pay almost no attention to their appearance and if they do, they have little to no armor because they can only feel a certain rate of their taken damage due to their wild nature, it´s like they don´t care if they get hit by something. This does not mean that they do not die from critical hits, such as the heart, head, or severing. To compensate for this disadvantage against the angels, I gave the demons much more ferocious looking weapons than those possessed by the angels.

Since it is now 3 oclock at night, I decided that I continue this painting on the afternoon. Everything once clean up and wash off brushes, so that I do not have so much to do later. I dress thickly as always at this time of year, otherwise I freeze. Thick cloth coat, scarf, pants and gloves – so Im done, and leave the studio.

Since my home is not far from here, only about 500 meters, I am always on foot and only have to cross a few streets. So that Im not too bored for the short walk, I turn on some music on my phone and start walking. Since its really dark this time of year, Im glad when the traffic lights/street lights are working. Otherwise I would probably be completely helpless and have to use my phone for orientation, which I would find very embarrassing for the short way.

After I have reached the half of the way, a street comes, at which normally a traffic light stands, but unfortunately it does not work. So that nothing happens to me, I provide myself with extra close look, so that nothing happens. When I was of the opinion that everything is alright, I went over, but then suddenly everything goes black. Apparently there was a car nearby after all, which I overlooked, which shouldn really happen because of the car lights – but now its too late.

I only hear sirens getting louder and louder. There´s a woman too. And I recognize how she tries to talk to me, but I can give any reaction. I only notice how she tries to put my body in the stable lateral position, however, I suddenly notice how my life passes by and I give my life.

After a while, however, I notice that I am still conscious, but only see black. I can even look around, but nothing except black, and then realize that I am in a body, which is very strange to me. In my understanding, I have died, but now I have all my memory and I am in a new body? This body feels strange…so unfamiliar.

[scratch, scrape]


Suddenly I hear noises around me that sound like someone trying to break through a wall. These noises went on for about 10 minutes and I still didn know what was happening. Then, when I remembered how stupid I was sitting in here, I got the idea that I could also destroy the shell around me.

So I started to punch against the shell, but without success. The non-success is probably because I have no space in here. If I had to go by my pose, I would assume that I am lying in the fetal position. Im leaning against the hull with my knee drawn up against my body. My arms are on the sides of my body and only have about 10 cm of space to move. This observation also explains why I didn manage to destroy the hull with my arms. I simply had no space.

After watching the shell for a few minutes, I noticed that the shell was a little weird. I was trapped in a kind of amniotic sac, which was gooey, but hard in some way. Normall

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