“Young master, Miss Tang said she will come over soon.
Do you want to go out and hide?”


A sweet voice sounded in Ye Tian's ears, interrupting his thoughts.


Miss Tang?


Tang Ruoyu?


When he heard this name, a figure of cold beauty immediately appeared in Ye Tian's mind.


If it was half a day ago, he might have listened to the secretary and gone out to hide.


But now, he has already transmigrated into the novel.
Moreover, he became a villain who was forced to lower his IQ by the author.


Despite having a strong family background, the protagonist face-slapped him mercilessly and ultimately destroyed his family.


Fortunately, the novel's content, which he had already forgotten, was now all remembered, allowing him to check the plot at any time and have the opportunity to change fate.


According to the time in the novel, the protagonist appears a month later.


With Ye Tian's status, as long as he sends someone to the location in advance to wait, the protagonist could be eliminated on the day he appears.


But, the problem was that the novel set the protagonist as the son of luck, protected by the heavy plot armor.


Even if Ye Tian had made the first move, the protagonist would have had various strange ways to subdue him.


So, Ye Tian thought about it again and changed his mind, unwilling to take risks.


After analyzing the novel's plot again, Ye Tian found that he became a villain because the protagonist went down to the mountains to work as a security guard and was recruited by one of the heroines, Tang Ruoyu.


But, as Tang Ruoyu was his fiancé, he naturally became a face-slap target.


To put it simply, the author was forcing a conflict.


As long as he and Tang Ruoyu break off their engagement contract, it would be impossible to have any conflict with the protagonist quickly.


Not only did he not need to worry about being noticed by the protagonist, but he could also take advantage of the opportunity to get some of the treasures in the novel so that even if he inevitably met the protagonist later, he could easily deal with him!


For the time being, this plan has no disadvantages.

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