“Ye Tian, you're finally not running away from me!”


“You should know what I came for, so I don't talk nonsense.” 


“I don't like you at all.
Rather, I hate you a lot!”


“Even if I die, I will never marry you!”


“If you really like me, I hope you can respect my decision and agree to break off our engagement!”


As Ye Tian recalled the novel's plot, a lady in a long white dress suddenly appeared and began sporting insults.


Her tall, elegant black hair was straight down her waist, and her pair of cold eyes was like a clear spring on the snowy mountains.
Her body has an ethereal, cold, and aloof aura.


Just as in the predecessor’s memories, the heroine's charm was incredibly high, but as she was only 21 years old, she looked slightly green.


Compared to the heroine, Ye Tian found Liu Yue more appealing.


One hated him to the bone, and the other sacrificed herself to save his life.


“Then let's break our engagement.” Ye Tian shot a glance at the two women and spoke calmly.


“I've said I hate you.
Why do you still…
W-what did you say? Break our engagement? Are you sure?”




Hearing Ye Tian's words, Tang Ruoyu subconsciously thought he would continue to pester her, but she didn't expect him to agree directly. 


At the moment, she couldn't help but be happy.


As the matter was important, she still intended to confirm once more.
Ye Tian promised himself on the surface, but he might play tricks behind her back!


But in case what Ye Tian said was true, he agreed to break off the engagement!


That would be great news for her.
Finally, she could get rid of this annoying guy!


Behind her, Liu Yue was dumbfounded at this moment. 


Having followed Ye Tian for more than three years, she was sure that she understood the young master the best.
But now, she couldn't help but have doubts about it.


“Could it be that the young master wants to retreat as an advance and wants to pursue her?” Liu Yue pondered in her heart.


Ye Tian added nonchalantly, “Of course, I'm not joking.
Don't you want to get rid of the engagement? Now, what should I do to make you believe it?”


“You finally realized it.
Well, I have long said that we are not suitable …”


Tang Ruoyu said while opening her bag, took out an agreement, and explained, “This is an agreement for dissolution of engagement.
You just need to sign it.”


“By the way, if you can, I hope you can personally call my grandfather and tell the news to him…”


You'd better make a video admitting in person that our engagement contract is void, and from now on, there is no relationship between us!”




After Ye Tian agreed to Tang Ruoyu to break the engagement, he intended to ask someone to notify her family. 


But, he never expected Tang Ruoyu to have to do all these things, signing and taking a video…


He hoped she wouldn't regret it later…Hehe


“Okay, you can go now.”


After completing all of Tang Ruoyu's requests, Ye Tian told her to exit.


Behind him, Liu Yue had already decided that the young master was playing hard to win her heart, but hearing these words, she had to overturn her guesses.


The young master took the initiative to ask Tang Ruoyu to leave.


This kind of thing she seems to have only seen in a dream!


Could it be that the young master wasn't playing hard to win her heart? Instead, he gave up on her.


“It hurts…”


She could feel the pain by pinching her arm, so it shouldn't be a dream.


But seriously, what in the world is happening right now?…


The young master was willing to give his life for Tang Ruoyu yesterday…


How come he suddenly broke off his engagement with her?


But it's good to dissolve the engagement, and the young master could find someone he truly likes…

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