me lightly which still hurt like hell.

I got up and went to a rack that had weapons on it. However, the only thing that was left was a worn-out knife. I could hear the snickers behind me.

I was angry, extremely angry.

Do you think I wanted to come here? To this damn military camp?

When the awakeners awake at the age of 13 they are sent to a military camp depending on your situation it isn a choice. They go through some training no matter the rank and then they go through a test to go to an academy. My parents were killed in a dungeon break where monsters come out of the dungeon.

My life was shit. However, my brother was always there. He supported us and I had a good life so I wouldn have to face any hardships. Then my brother was charged with murder and was put in prison. However, I then awakened but as if the devil gave me his blessings I was graded as an F-rank awakener. Awakeners could rank up until they became an S-rank awakener In history at least 3 people were F-rank awakeners and then became an SS-Rank.

However, the process was risking your life.

But I just wanted to live peacefully couldn god just give me that? I don want t to be a part of teams killing monsters.

I don want to risk my life every day.

I took a deep breath.

What the hell can I do anyway?

Taking another breath I took the knife and lined up.

”Now you will all spar with your ranks, ” the man said

He listed names then it was my turn

”Kaiden Bain vs Damien Tyrell ” I was paired up with a lanky-looking youth who had brown hair.

”Now as for our S-Ranks Arjun Philips, Sloan Mercer, Zara Wiseman, Nathan Davidson, and Ivan Glen follow me we will go to the training room ”

I stood in front of the youth who also took his stance with his spear. At first glance, I could see many openings. But even if they were openings I couldn use them due to my weak level.

”So you
e the leach huh? ” he said

Kaiden Bain was the son of a famous businessman. When he awakened he was sent to this place and thanks to his familys influence he was able to get more resources to get stronger. He was an F-rank like me but then he ranked up to E+.

”Hey is it true? ” he began ”you remained an F-rank for the 3 years you were here? ” he asked with a smirk.

I nodded ”yes ”

He then burst out with laughter ”haha seriously!? ”

I then tapped my watch a black body suit then attached itself to my entire body. I looked at Kaiden who also had his body suit.

I then saw his spear 2 centimetres away from my heart. I quickly stepped to the side and let go of the knife. I then grabbed his wrist. I also grabbed the knife with my left hand and then thrust it into his solar plexus. However, using his other hand he slapped the knife away. I quickly let go and jumped back. But in a split second, he appeared in front of me.

As I spread mana throughout my body it resulted in a warm feeling. I was able to react to the spear but he was fast. Every time I dodged he seemed to get faster.

Not good I muttered due to our rank difference I couldn keep up. I then noticed my knife. Gathering mana in my palm I redirected the spear and quickly punched Kaiden.

”Gah, ” I quickly dashed toward my knife. When I reached for my knife the hairs on my back stood up. I rolled to the side dodging the spear.

When I looked at Kaiden his face was twisted into rage

”You son of a bitch! ”

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