Humans were around for a long time and were on top of the food chain for most of the time. Until a certain event happened. On the date of February 24, 2088. Portals began to appear in the sky. From those portals, monsters began to destroy cities and kill humans. For the first time in a long time, humans were not at the top of the food chain.

However, from this tragedy, humans were able to bounce back stronger. They were able to learn a type of weapon that could kill those monsters. This strange force was called ”mana ” or another name was magic.

Things that were deemed impossible became possible. From creating fire with your bare hands or splitting boulders with a simple chop it made humans strong but this also led to technological advancements. From holograms to Medicine that could regrow limbs.

The people that killed monsters and could wield magic were called awakeners. The government made academies to train these awakeners. They also were able to measure ranks. The ranks ranged from the weakest F rank to and strongest SS rank.

However, this caused a big change in society. In this world, the only thing that mattered was strength if you didn have strength you were just an ant on the side of the road however if you had strength you could be considered a king of all kings.


”Ooof ”

I was thrown into a wall and then pain went up my entire body causing me to stay on the ground. Then the blood came out of my mouth.

”That damned bitch! ” I heard a shout then a foot was driven into my stomach. However I didn resist, I knew what would happen. I was suddenly grabbed by my caller and was face to face with a youth with brown hair and brown eyes. He wasn handsome but wasn ugly either.

”Who the hell does she think she is? Rejecting me! ” I was then punched in the face.

I was repeatedly punched and then thrown against the wall again. My vision was turning black and I could hear muffled voices.

”Oi calm down if you kill him youll be in deep shit ”

”Yea even if he is trash- ”

Then I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes again I was looking at the bright blue sky. Pain shot up my entire body. I slowly got up. Entering the building I walked until I reached a door with the words [Nurse]

I opened the door revealing a man with black hair. Once he noticed me he glared at me.

”Oh give me a **ing break! ” he exclaimed once he saw me. He quickly handed me a flask filled with a green liquid. I drank it and my injuries began to heal at a visible rate. However, I was still a bit sore.

I quickly ran out of the nurses room and headed outside. After running for a few minutes I made it to an area where a bunch of youths were. They all were carrying weapons and were lined up.

There was also a man dressed in a military-style uniform. He noticed me.

”Ah, would you look at that? Cadet what took you so long? ” he asked ”sorry sir I got lost ”

He nodded ”I see ”

He suddenly appeared in front of me. I was then sent flying then I crashed to the ground hard. I coughed out a mouthful of blood. The man then stepped on my stomach.

”A trash like you should be on time, ” he said ”grab your weapon and line up ”

However, he didn take his foot off. I struggled to get up then he pressed harder making it hard to breathe.

”Whats wrong? get up, ” he said with a smirk. I tried to push his foot off but no result. After a few more seconds he kicked me lightly which still hurt like hell.

I got up and went to a rack that had weapons on it. However, the only thing that was left was a worn-out knife. I could hear the snickers behind me.

I was angry, extremely angry.

Do you think I wanted to come here? To this damn military camp?

When the awakeners awake at the age of 13 they are sent to a military camp depending on your situation it isn a choice. They go through some training no matter the rank and then they go through a test to go to an academy. My parents were killed in a dungeon break where monsters come out of the dungeon.

My life was shit. However, my brother was always there. He supported us and I had a good life so I wouldn have to face any hardships. Then my brother was charged with murder and was put in prison. However, I then awakened but as if the devil gave me his blessings I was graded as an F-rank awakener. Awakeners could rank up until they became an S-rank awakener In history at least 3 people were F-rank awakeners and then became an SS-Rank.

However, the process was risking your life.

But I just wanted to live peacefully couldn god just give me that? I don want t to be a part of teams killing monsters.

I don want to risk my life every day.

I took a deep breath.

What the hell can I do anyway?

Taking another breath I took the knife and lined up.

”Now you will all spar with your ranks, ” the man said

He listed names then it was my turn

”Kaiden Bain vs Damien Tyrell ” I was paired up with a lanky-looking youth who had brown hair.

”Now as for our S-Ranks Arjun Philips, Sloan Mercer, Zara Wiseman, Nathan Davidson, and Ivan Glen follow me we will go to the training room ”

I stood in front of the youth who also took his stance with his spear. At first glance, I could see many openings. But even if they were openings I couldn use them due to my weak level.

”So you
e the leach huh? ” he said

Kaiden Bain was the son of a famous businessman. When he awakened he was sent to this place and thanks to his familys influence he was able to get more resources to get stronger. He was an F-rank like me but then he ranked up to E+.

”Hey is it true? ” he began ”you remained an F-rank for the 3 years you were here? ” he asked with a smirk.

I nodded ”yes ”

He then burst out with laughter ”haha seriously!? ”

I then tapped my watch a black body suit then attached itself to my entire body. I looked at Kaiden who also had his body suit.

I then saw his spear 2 centimetres away from my heart. I quickly stepped to the side and let go of the knife. I then grabbed his wrist. I also grabbed the knife with my left hand and then thrust it into his solar plexus. However, using his other hand he slapped the knife away. I quickly let go and jumped back. But in a split second, he appeared in front of me.

As I spread mana throughout my body it resulted in a warm feeling. I was able to react to the spear but he was fast. Every time I dodged he seemed to get faster.

Not good I muttered due to our rank difference I couldn keep up. I then noticed my knife. Gathering mana in my palm I redirected the spear and quickly punched Kaiden.

”Gah, ” I quickly dashed toward my knife. When I reached for my knife the hairs on my back stood up. I rolled to the side dodging the spear.

When I looked at Kaiden his face was twisted into rage

”You son of a bitch! ”

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