Kaiden spun his spear which then burst into flames.

”Shit he has an elemental affinity ”

Elemental affinities allowed the user to gain insight into the different elements. If they awakened above E rank then they would be able to get the knowledge of how to use elemental magic.

That being said I had no elemental affinity and I was running low on mana too. I quickly dashed toward him. Kaiden then thrust his spear at me. Rolling under the spear I thrust my knife toward his heart. But I stopped due to the pain in my stomach.

This gave Kaiden the chance to hit me. A searing pain hit my body.

The bodysuit protected you from injuries however the pain was real. I then tried to get up however I was then kicked in the face.

Unsurprisingly it didn stop there. I was pierced with his spear which was coded with flame mana. I quickly blocked the knife and grabbed the spear. I then kicked him.

His face only scrunched in pain but he did move. I then stabbed the knife in his shoulder however it didn dig into his flesh. I then kicked his crotch.

Throwing him onto the ground I began to rain punches on his face. I was then thrown off. Before I got up I was punched in the face.

”How dare you! ” I was then punched in the face again and again. However, his fists began to glow. I was repeatedly punched with those burning fists.

I tried to fight back but couldn I was repeatedly punched then my vision turned black. When I opened my eyes I was looking at a white ceiling. My body was in pain mainly my face.

”Looks like you up ” I was looking at the same nurse who was currently drinking alcohol.

”Shouldn you drink coffee? ” I asked however he glared at me ”the nerve ” he replied ”Do you know the average of your visits? ” he asked with his slurred voice ”nope ”

”Well allow me to enlighten you- ” I cut him off before he could go on a rant ”I don wanna know just give me a potion, ” I said

”You know for someone being abused every day you sure act like a king ” even though I was an F-rank I could still hear his grumblings.

Yes, what Kaiden said was true.

During my time here I was never able to get past F-rank. Even with recourses, I couldn break through. This resulted in people calling me ”trash ” or ”leach ” and the few friends I did make, turned on me calling me a waste of time.

After drinking the potions all of my new injuries healed. Again I was a bit sore I slowly got up and did a light stretch.

My stomach still hurt.

”Give it 45 minutes it will be healed ”

”Thanks, doc, ” I said

His name was Ryan Doyle. He was a nurse at this place and we have gotten acquainted due to my daily visits.

I then checked my watch.

”Lunchtime ” I quickly ran out of the nurses room.

”Is he a masochist? ”


I made it to the cafeteria and saw that no one was is in line. I let out a sigh.

2 minutes

I quickly made it to the counter and got a simple PB and j as well as a juice box but I also got a tray and a pitying look from the cashier, quickly devouring the sandwich I turned around I saw 3 students in front of me. One of them was Kaiden.

Damn it! I shouldve been a punching bag

”Oh my who brought the trash here, ” one asked I put the straw in the juice box and held my tray in the other hand.

”Um, can I get by? ” I asked

A surprised look appeared on the boys face. Then it turned apologetic ”of course, ” he said then stepped to the side. I then quickly ran and used the tray to block the punch aimed at the back of my head. The tray broke and I was able to run away.

I exited the cafeteria and ran as fast as I could. I looked back to see the 3 youths chasing me. I turned to the right and jumped using the wall which was punched by a muscular youth. Grabbing my juice box I threw it at the youth and the juice in the box went flying.

It hit the youth but did nothing.

”E+-rank? ” I muttered

When I threw my juice I infused it with mana meaning that unless you were E-rank it wouldn hurt. You see every time you rank up or you awaken as a high rank your bodys durability increases which is the same with your other stats.

Landing I ducked dodging the kick aimed at my head. Infusing mana in my fist I punched the youths crotch.

I then began to run and run. I then saw a door and ran toward it. Slamming it open I entered an empty classroom. The classroom resembled a normal classroom with desks and chairs lined in rows as well as a window opened except in the back was a closet. The closet was used to store materials.

I opened the closet and was greeted with some books and a globe.

”Geography ” I then ducked under the wooden platform. I closed the door but left it slightly open giving me a vision of the classroom. However, instead of the door opening, I saw a youth with black hair and green eyes waking up from the teachers podium.

How did I miss him?

He seemed familiar but after a few seconds, I recognized him.

”Ivan Glen ”

He was one of the S-rank awakeners.

When someone awakens they can awaken as an S-rank awakener. However, if you awaken above B rank your abilities are suppressed due to your weak body. Only when you go to an academy you can lift the limits of your body. The military camps just give you combat experience with other awakeners they don train your magic that is what the academies do.

Ivan Glen was one of those awakeners and was a prodigy.

Currently, he was looking in my direction or the direction of the closet.

Then the door flew open revealing the youths. The youth I hit in the crotch was glaring around while holding his crotch. I held back my laughter.

They were looking around the room but when they saw the youth they froze.

However, Kaiden slowly walked toward him.

”Haha you must be- ”

”What do you want? ” Ivan cut him off ”uh well you see Im looking for the leach did you see him? ”

”The leach? ” the youth cocked his head in confusion ”the F-rank trash that couldn rank up ”

His mouth opened in realization.

I gathered mana in my legs and tensed my caphs.

I knew that he would tell them where I was.

”If you
e looking for him he jumped out of that window, ” he said while pointing to the open window. But to my surprise, he didn rat me out.

”Thank you, ” Kaiden said with a smile. Then the youths ran out of the window. After a few seconds, he turned back to me.

”Come out ”

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