n looking at me intensely

”Im into girls ” I blurted out

He then looked at me with surprise but then chuckled.

So is this the part where he grabs my shoulder and tells me to shut up

I was suddenly dragged into the room which was massive. I could see students in clusters and talking to each other.

However, I was pulled by Arjun. We made it to a group of the 4 S-ranks including Ivan.

Fuck this shit Im out

I tried to run away but I was pulled back by Arjun.

”Yo guys Id like you to meet my new friend Damien hes an F-rank, ” Arjun said

Then Ivan and the 3 other people stared at me. A bitter smile appeared on my face ”hi ”

Everyone turned their eyes toward Arjun.

”Why did you bring this guy here ” a girl with blonde hair asked with a disgusted face.

”Oh don worry I don wanna see your ugly mug either ” I mumbled

However, everyone turned silent. The blonde-haired girl looked at me with shock while her mouth was gaping like a fish.

”Pft ” I could hear Arjun hold his laughter. Then he burst out laughing.

Me and my big mouth.

I then tried to walk away however I was grabbed again.

”What did you say? ” I saw the blonde girl glaring at me while a red hue was slowly forming around her.

”Nothing, ” I said while looking away.

Looks like Ill have to use one of the potions- scratch that I need to get a resurrection artifact

However then Ivan stopped her ”relax, ” he said she then turned to him.

I used this chance to slip away. I had no doubt they noticed I had left but I then blended in with the crowd. Unless they were able to detect my mana signature I practically was invisible.


”When I see him Im gonna beat the shit out of him ” while listening to Sloans complaining Ivan rolled his eyes, ”I thought I told you to relax, ” he said

”Yea your face will turn uglier, ” Arjun said then burst into another fit of laughter

”Would you guys shut up you
e embarrassing me ” The youth Nathan snapped ”besides whyd you bring him here? ”

”Seemed interesting ” Arjun said with a shrug but his shoulders were trembling revealing he was still holding back his laughter.

”Interesting how? ” Another youth asked. She had long green hair and crystal blue eyes her name was Zara.

”His deminer have you seen how the other weaklings act? They are scared and walk to the side Instead, he always seems confident and while in a fight he is calm and fights super well I mean did you see the cafeteria? He wasn scared at all ” he then turned toward Ivan ”also our edgy little friend over here has shown interest in him ”

Then everyone turned their gaze toward Ivan. However, his face remained emotionless.

”I told you before I was interested in his artifact nothing more and nothing less, ” he said

”Artifact? ” Sloan asked ”but don they get confiscated? How was he able to sneak it in? ”

”What is the artifact, ” Sloan asked ”the earring ”

”But I didn sense any mana, ” she said

”Who cares as long as he is an F-rank he is just an ant ” Nathan commented

But, Ivan looked at Arjun. Under that mask of friendliness was a cold and calculating individual. Ivan knew he looked down on the lower ranks. However, due to his family, he has every right to. The reason he brought Damien here was to see how he would react but like always he just put on his poker face.

Then a man dressed in a military-style uniform appeared. Ivan could see a number of badges meaning he was a high rank in the military.

”I welcome you all ” he started making everyone shut up ”my name is General Baudet and I will oversee your stay on the Otherside ”

Gaston Baudet was a famous soldier that fought on the frontlines when the war between monsters and humans started. He was such a pristine figure that he is basically a part of the government.

So why was he here?

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