p> ”QUIET ”

Ah there is the general

With a simple shout, everyone was quiet.

”Now as I was saying you will be spending your three months here on the other side. Of course, you will be protected and will have gear. After three months, you will come back and compete in the faren tournament where the academies will decide their students or you can take the entrance exam ”

After a bit, the space behind him opened revealing a giant rectangular shape. After a few seconds, a blue glow appeared around the shape the glow enveloped the entire rectangle. Then I couldn see through it and all I could see was a blue colour.

”Now please enter ”


Many of the youths were puking on the ground and I was no exception. When I entered the portal all the feeling in my body went numb then everything came back making me dizzy.

Wiping my mouth I also stood up with the rest of the class. After that, we lined up in front of a stall. When it was my turn I was handed a new white watch and a new sword.

”Please use this watch and give me your old one, ” the clerk said. I complied and put on the white watch. I attached the sword to my waist and tapped the white watch. Then a black bodysuit attached itself to my skin. What made it different from the other one was the bright blue lines.

Bring out a pair of gloves I put them on. These gloves were given to everyone it was your choice if you wanted to wear them or not. All they did was make sure your sword doesn slip out of your hands.

Most cadets don wear them as it is a waste.

A waste of what? I don know

After that, I lined up with the other cadets. After a bit, another figure appeared by the number of stars he was just a major.

To sum up the lecture we partnered up with other camps and we will be going on missions. Speaking of which there will be teams that are randomly chosen and will be put with other camps.

I looked at my wristwatch and let out a sigh

”Fuck my life ”

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