uickly stabbed it.

”Wait don tell me the great Kaiden Bain scared of some snake? ” I smirked ”watch what you say you trash ”

He released his E-Rank Aura. I took a step back due to the pressure ”enough ” Alex stopped Kaiden but it didn stop his murderous gaze.

Thanks to our 2 S-ranks we went through the cave without any issues.

”Alright we only have 500 more beasts to kill ”

After a bit we went deeper.

”Thats quite deep ” I said as I looked off the clif ”tell me about it ” Alex said.


We quickly turned our gazes toward the noise and took our stances. Appearing from the cave were 4 bear like beasts.

They were huge 3 times bigger than any normal grizzly. They had black fur and red flames were around their body. Their crimson eyes were looking at us with hunger.

”Well shit ” I cursed ”get back ” Alex drew his katana which had a gold glow around it.

He dashed toward the beasts with Salon. While Salon launched her spells Alex began to slash beasts. However they were then launched back.

However all four of them then looked at me.

”Shit ”

The 4 bears started to charge towards me. I was going to run but these bastared were fast. Kaiden was also beside me.


Kaiden Bain.

A name that was heard throughout the business world due to his awakening. Thanks to him he was able to help his fathers business expand. He was considered a prodigy when he made it to E+-rank in just under 2 years from F-rank.

Yet that same Kaiden Bain was scared.


Why? Was he scared?

Isn he a prodigy?

Shouldn he be praised?

Won people build statues of him?

He then turned to the person beside him.

It is his fault.

If he hadn come they wouldn have to take lower tier quests. If he didn come they wouldn have to face these Ember bears.

Kaiden poured his mana at the bottom of his spear and he stabbed it on the ground. The floor around them began to crack.

As Damien relised what was going on he was falling.

Alex tried to help but was dealing with the Ember bears. However then the Ember bears started to chase the falling Damien.


In a room there was a youth with pure white hair and blue eyes, he was also wearing a cloak that had a galaxy pattern. He was currently scrolling through a holographic screen while eating a slice of pizza.

Then another figure appeared ”what are you doing ”

”Adding to my story ” he replied ”just a little bit of this and… ” tapping the screen a grin appeared across his face.

”Boom ”

The other figure rolled his green eyes ”just hurry up they are getting impatient ”

”Relax just get it rolling ” the youth replied ”I beg this is going to be a banger ”


I looked at the slowly falling ember bears.

I was gonna die.

But I want to live. I want to clear my brothers name, I want to get revenge. As if hearing my thoughts something appeared in front of me.

[Youve obtained the Blessing of the Unknown God]

[Would you like to become an incarnation?]

[Yes] [No]

Bless? Unknown God?

I couldn understand it

Whats an incarnation?

Does that mean Ill become strong? Will I have power?

Flashes of my life appeared in my head. I remembered the destroyed buildings, I remembered the dead bodies. I remeber that my brother helped me.

Then he was arrested. I was forced to live in the slums until I awakened. The treatment for me being an F-rank.

If this thing can give me power then Ill take it.

”Yes ”

[Congratulations youve become the incarnation of the unknown god]

Then my vision went black.

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