“Yes, Your Majesty.
I can’t give you another answer even if Your Highness cuts my throat now.
I saw it.
He is the Unknown Assassin.” 

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After Karum finished answering, Leshak raised his blade. 

“Your Majesty!” 

“No, My Lord!” 

At last, others tried to stop Leshak.
However, Leshak’s sword was faster than they were. 


The blade pierced through flesh. 

However the blade did not cut Karum’s throat, but was embedded into the back of Leshak’s hand that was holding Karum. 

“Your Majesty!” 


Leshak let go of Karum.
The gust of air was made as Karum tumbled over backwards and landed hard on his back side. 

“Your Highness, why are you being like this….

Sidris was unable to speak, and swallowed a groan.
Abadd stood next to Leshak with an expression like he was about to explode. 

“I’ll pull the blade out, My Lord.” 

“Don’t touch it.” 

Leshak grabbed the blade with his right hand and withdrew the blade carelessly.
As a result, both his hands were covered with blood.

“Your Majesty…….” 

Instead of Leshak expressing pain, his Guardian Knights expressed it on his behalf. 

Leshak clenched his bloody hand then opened it. 

His trembling hand seemed to be listening to him again.
Then Sidris said with a distorted face. 

“You must get treatment, Your Highness.
Do not use your hand.
I will send for a doctor right away.” 

One of the soldiers ran out to call for the doctor. 

Leshak clenched and unfolded his hand as though he had not heard what Sidris had said. 

It was the Guardian Knights who’s looks became more complicated. 

“Sir, give me your hand.
I’ll take a look first.” 

Sidris stretched out his hand to look at Leshak’s.
However, the hand he reached with couldn’t reach Leshak. 

“Don’t touch me.” 

“……Yes, Your Highness?” 

Leshak quickly turned his head. 

“Where is he?” 


Sidris took a step back unconsciously. 

Anyone would have.

He faced Leshak, who had an altogether unfamiliar countenance.
His face held the look of something crumbling mercilessly, but still held the remnants of what used to be there.

It wasn’t an expression, it was a ruin. 

Leshak looked like someone who had something dug out of them. 

His heart seemed to be away somewhere else.  

“Where is he?” 

His mouth opened by itself. 

“He’s locked up underground.”

“Take me there.” 

”……Yes, My Lord.” 

It was time to face Radan. 

He brought a pile of lies, and a handful of truths hidden within them. 

However, something happened before that. 

Bang bang bang!- 

The Sentinel’s signal rang out through the camp. 


And at the same time… 


A huge noise rang out. 

It was the appearance of the Kemened Army, who had disappeared. 

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It was a surprise attack that couldn’t fail. 

Second Prince Laud was certain of victory.
The enemy knew nothing until they were already close. 

It was the first time in the past seven years that a victory could be so closely within reach. 

“Look at it.
What did I say?” 

Laud shrugged as he spoke to Duke Nuukpa.
He was the commander-in-chief of the Kemened Army.
He was a seasoned General who led nearly every battle in the war against the Empire. 

“I told you this was our chance to clear the Leshak Army from the border.
Do you see what I meant, now?” 

”…… It’s still too early to let your guard down.
There is no convincing evidence to prove the death of Leshak Caliph.” 

“You’re still saying that!” 

Laud exclaimed. 

The sight of the boy Prince who was only now twenty-one, shouting at the gray-haired old Veteran was ridiculous regardless of the circumstances. 

“Leshak Caliph is dead! You’ve checked it over and over again! Didn’t the spy you planted even say so?” 

“I heard there were rumors like that.” 

The Duke of Nuukpa sighed deeply. 

He, too, was well aware that Kemened had been pushed to its limits. 

He was a person who had long advocated for an end to the war.
Leshak’s Army had never known defeat, and the power of the Empire did not show any signs of waning. 

The war would somehow end in a victory for the Empire.
The only thing the Kemened family could do was to hold out. 

Continuing a war that was nearly lost meant it would put Kemened in an increasingly disadvantageous position at the end-of-war negotiations. 

Nevertheless, he alone could not win against the stubbornness of the nobles who lined up with the Royal Family, and of other small countries.
Thus, the war went on for seven years without any benefit. 

The Duke of Nuukpa wanted the war to end as soon as possible. 

And thus the naivety of the foolish young Prince, who still believed that Kemened had the potential to defeat the Empire was accepted. 

Moreover, there were certainly rumors circulating that Leshak Caliph was dead. 

So today there was half a chance of winning. 

Prince Laud was no fool either.
He brought in Amboia’s latest catapult for today’s raid, and he opened the underground road to Asilah Palace which had been kept hidden until now. 

Thanks to this, the enemy did not notice any signs of movement.
For three days, Kemened’s army crawled through the underground labyrinth from Asilah Palace to the capital. 

It was a battle in which the entire Army was deployed, and only the Royal Guards were left behind.
It was also the last bid for victory for Kemened. 

The Duke Nuukpa also wished that the Crown Prince of Ibeden was really dead.
Perhaps he is the most desperate person of all. 

“This is a God-given opportunity.
Today, Kemened will offer up all to the Leshak Army, before the eyes of Al Riksha 

Prince Laud raised his hand. 

“Load the catapult!” 

Developed in Amboia, this catapult was the latest war weapon that could be dismantled and reassembled.
But because of that, there was a disadvantage, it could not be used twice.
However, they were able to carry it with them even in the underground maze. 

In the process, lives that were lost under the heavy weight of the catapult, so they had to drive themselves to honor their souls. 

Attaching–  Bang!- 

The catapult was loaded with stones. 

A total of six catapults were brought in today.
If an enormous stone was sent flying into the camp without ramparts, it was obvious what kind of chaos it would create. 

Prince Laud smiled.
He raised his hands to the sky. 


Bang-, Kaboom!-

The chaos has begun… 

On an unconquerable stronghold that had never before been defeated in a single battle. 

The Duke of Nuukpa stepped forward. 

“After the catapulting is done, charge right away.
The key is to finish it while the enemies are disoriented.
And take good care of His Majesty.” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

Bang, Kaboom!-

Duke Nuukpa put his hand on the hilt of his sword as he listened to the rest of the catapults launch. 

His fingers twitched with tension. 


Finally, as the last catapult came to an end, the Duke of Nuukpa drew his sword. 

“The enemy is over there! End it!” 

The Duke of Nuukpa’s voice led with a loud shout. 

It was the sound announcing the advance of Kemened’s forces. 

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If you’re reading this anywhere other than Foolishtranslationss.wordpress.com, it was stolen from the translator’s website.
Reading this anywhere other than the translator’s website ensures that the translator may never translate any other works.
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“Dirty Kemened’s!” 


He drew a line through the air and cut an arm off. 

Afterwards, Karum kicked a screaming Kemened in the chest knocking him down.
The Kemened soldier had broken ribs and fell to the ground, spitting blood. 

It was a mess.
There were too many corpses. 

“These crazy people! Where in the world did all these guys swarm from? There’s already this many bodies.” 

Karum looked around him. 

The biggest cause of the disaster was the catapult.
Six catapults were enough to destroy Leshak’s military camp and turn it into a field.
He was amazed at how no one noticed the giant catapults as they were getting so close. 

Screams and the smell of blood were rampant, there was already a river of helpless corpses. 


Karum was unable to overcome his anguish and screamed.
He held his ax over his head and rushed into the middle of the chaos. 

The more he walked, the more the pile of corpses at his ankles grew.
His heart was beating like crazy. 

“These guys! Next! Who’s next!?” 

Karum moved forward, slashing enemies as soon as he caught them.

The same was true for the other Guardian Knights. 

Unfortunately, Kemened’s raid was effective.
The Leshak army was not prepared enough and had disregarded its past vigilance. 

It was because Kemened’s forces arrived before the shock of finding Count Custer’s dead body, which had just begun to stiffen, was resolved. 

Even the time difference between the two events made it suspicious as to whether the Unknown Assassin was involved. 


Five or six corpses were created around Karum in t

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