as reborn in modern society, so why did this interesting profession exist? What was going on?

Was he really reborn?


Wang Teng sensed the evil intentions of this world.
His mind was filled with questions.


He Manrong frowned slightly when she noticed the number of people she had attracted.
In the end, she ignored the gangsters on the ground and left right away.

The people crowding around also dispersed when she left the scene.

Wang Teng and Xu Jie parted ways at the school gates.

Wang Teng found the car that came to fetch him from school as the other students stared at him in envy.
He sat in the BMW parked at the side of the road, and it zoomed off.


In the car, Wang Teng looked at the scenery flashing past outside.
He was deep in thoughts.

This was when he noticed that the trees growing along the road’s side were exceptionally tall, big, and lush.

These plants had too many nutrients.
No wonder he felt something different when he was in school just now.

The plants in school were exceptionally lush too.
However, Wang Teng was immersed in the fact that he was reborn, so he didn’t notice it.

Everything Wang Teng saw on the road astounded him.

The streets were clean and neat, the pedestrians’ styles seemed ahead of time, and the country’s economy was extremely prosperous.

It didn’t feel like 2009.
It didn’t feel like 2019 either, the year he was reborn.


As expected, there was something different about this world!

Wang Teng’s mind was in a mess.
He saw a pretty lady around 20 years old walking on the streets with a huge and fluffy dog on the leash.

There was nothing wrong with this scene, but the dog was just too huge.
It was as big as a calf.


Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse, “What the f**k! What breed is this? Why is it so big?”

He took a deep breath to calm his emotions.
But then, he was dumbfounded again as he touched his chin.

“It looks like a golden retriever, but it’s too big.”


He noticed a few more people walking their pets, and all of them were huge.
Their sizes exceeded the typical dimensions of the animals.
Some parents even let their children ride on the backs of the big dogs.

The pet dogs became mounts!

He also saw some pet cats with two tails.
They were gigantic, too, looking like leopards.

However, they were very obedient.
Judging from the unsurprised reactions of the passers-by, they weren’t treated like wild beasts.

Wang Teng felt a little numb.

This was definitely not his original world.
Even though his classmates and school remained the same, some things were obviously different.

The car drove for more than 20 minutes before arriving at the luxurious villa district.

Fortunately, his home was still here.

He came from a normal wealthy family.


Wang Teng’s grandfather had four children.
His father, Wang Shengguo, was the second child.
He was a business talent, so he started his own business and built the Xinteng Group.
This corporation was second to the corporation Wang Teng’s grandfather founded, which was the Rongsheng Group.


The Xinteng Group and the Rongsheng Group were both big businesses worth over a hundred million.


But, Wang Teng knew that there were many corporations like this in the world.
His family might be considered wealthy in this area, but in front of the real global financial institutions, they were just tiny ants.


In his past life, the Wang family had offended someone, resulting in the downfall of their business.
They only managed to persevere for a few months before their company went bankrupt and closed.


The Wang family collapsed and became a thing of the past.

It sounded good to have two companies each worth more than a hundred million.
Yet, they were nothing in front of the really influential people.

How ironic!

Since then, Wang Teng’s life took a huge turn.
In the next few days, he basically lived a dog’s life.
He got humiliated and embarrassed all the time until he was reborn—wait, he might not be reborn!

This world had changed drastically, so he didn’t know what the Wang family was like now.

He wondered if his parents were still his parents?

He hoped that when he opened the door, his parents wouldn’t have changed.

No way! It won’t happen! Wang Teng comforted himself hurriedly.
He felt agitated, so he took a few deep breaths before he stepped through the doors of the villa.

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