”Ugh… ”

When I opened my eyes, I feel like my whole body is heavy. Sure, most of my wounds have been healed, but my head still feels heavy.

I quickly scan my surroundings and realize that Im still in the same place as before. Its just, I could see sunlight coming from the big hole above me. This place seems more bright than before. Looking at the sun, I feel like its still morning right now.

”How long do I lose consciousness? ”, I asked to myself.

”Seems like youve woken up ”, A familiar voice suddenly heard from inside my head. My body froze. Why am I hearing him from inside my head? I look around my surrounding but couldn find Balaur anywhere.

”No need to be shocked. Right now, Im inside your body and this will continue until the day of your death like I said from my oath ”

”H-How? ”, I asked him. Because I know precisely from the novel, that when someone gets a blessing from any dragon soul, they get the power. But no Dragon Soul will get inside your body and follows you anywhere, although you can still communicate with them if you
e close enough.

”No need to get surprised. Something like this is trivial to us Dragons ”, He said proudly, ”Anyway, Ive looked up into your memory as you sleep, but I couldn expect that you
e not someone from this world. A welcomed surprise Id say ”, And then he proceeded to laugh again.

Do I have to hear him laugh like that for the rest of my life? Am I not going to get crazy? By the way, I guess I can communicate with him by using my mind.

”Balaur, why did you decide to do this? ”, I asked him using my mind.

”For a simple reason, I was bored. Theres nothing much to do here, especially after your grandfather bans any entrance to this forest area, theres not much entertainment to be found. Its been a long time since Ive seen the world, so I guess I just want to enjoy my time ”

”If youve seen my memories, then you also know the reason why I know the future right? ”

”Yes, but I can find the memories of the real owner of your body. I guess its completely overwritten when you take up his body ”

Seeing Balaur, it seems like its the first case of transmigration in this world. Even someone as old as Dragon Soul doesn know what happens, I can expect someone else to know it then. I guess I really have to survive using this body.

I can do much, but Ill live truthfully by using your body

As Ive strengthened my resolve to live, another question arises in my mind, how the hell am I going to exit this place? Oh yeah, Ive got a dragon power now. I tried to gather mana in the centre of my body. Who knows I could just fly out of this place?

”Ah before you tried to use my power, Ive got something to tell you first ”, Balaur said quickly.

”What is it? ”

”My power, its quite… special Id say ”, He said slowly.

”Yes, sure. I know the very fact that every Dragons power is unique ”, Its the truth from the novel.

”Yes, but thats not what I mean ”, he said it casually, ” As you know, my power… Has the highest destructive power. But its not only in terms of destructive power, you could use my power to use other things, like healing for example. And Id say, depends on how much you want to use my power, you could say that it always outfield other magic power in terms of effectiveness ”, He explains slowly.

”So I could use your power to fly if I want to? ”, I asked suspiciously. I mean, of course, every Dragon would say that their power is the best and the strongest. I get what he means, but its the first time I heard of a Dragons power with so much versatility.

”Yes, of course, you could do that. You could say that my power is the best and the strongest Dragon power in the whole world ”, He said proudly.

”And why do you need to explain it like that? ”

”Yes, I just have to tell you firsthand that although my power is the best and the strongest in the whole world, it also comes with costs. Do you know what it is? ”, I could imagine his smirking face while asking that. could you please stop repeating the ”strongest ” or ”best ” part? I get it okay.

By the way, how would I know? even the novel doesn mention his power or something like that.

Seeing me silent, he just casually said, ”You just have to lose a few of your remaining lifespans every time you use my power. Thats it, simple right? ”

…I lose a few of my lifetime lifespans every time I use his power? This… I don know what to say about this.

”I don understand. How much of my lifespan will be lost every time I use your power? ”, I asked him frustratingly.

”I don know the exact number, but it really depends on how much power you use and how big is the scale. For a simple spell, Id say its so little that you don have to think about it ”

”So from now on, I have to avoid using your power? Lest I want an early death ”, I said mocking him. Really, Im so frustrated right now.

”Hahaha, don think of it too much boy. I see that you still have a long remaining lifespan. Lets say, if you really use my power to conquer the world, I estimate that you still have some years to live after conquering the whole world ”

I ignore his laughing and began to consider the situation. I guess I really got no choice here. Without his power, Id be dead soon anyway. Its just, what I think about the easy life ahead of me is just a dream in the end. No, this is better than dying without a fight. Sigh… and Ive said to him that I just wish to live longer? The irony.

This time I start to gather my mana again, cautiously. Im scared to conjure up waste more mana than I needed. You know what, I guess Im just paranoid about the whole thing. After a while, I could see that my body was floating above the ground.

”bwahahaha, thats the spirit boy! Im glad that Im not choosing the wrong inheritor ”, He seems happy that Im not afraid of using his power, but hes wrong.

”No, this is an exception. In the future, Ill use your power cautiously. If possible, I don want to use it at all ”, I said to him sternly. Itd be bad if he has the wrong impression that Im someone reckless that don value my own life.

”hehe, well see about it boy ”, He said indicating that Id use this power again in the future. Well, I won deny that though. I also have a feeling that Ill need this power again.

I began to fly towards the forest entrance, near the graves of my family. When it was closer to the entrance, I stopped flying and land on the ground. Its dangerous to be seen flying, as its rare for humans to be able to fly. Only some high-ranking magician at the wizard tower could do that.

I keep walking until I exit the forest. There, I could see the graves of the Amberster family. I stood there as if it was possible that this is the last time that Ill see this grave.

”Just to warn you, even my power couldn resurrect the dead with 100% certainty. And you wouldn imagine the costs trying to do that ”, Balaur seems to warn me.

”I know, Im just trying to see them for the last time. Even though the real me is not Aleks, its still the only family that the owner of this body has ”, I replied to him.

e going to avenge them? ”, Balaur asked.

”No, I don think so. Its just too risky. Also, somebody else in the future will avenge my family. Id just help them get rid of all of those rotten nobles. As for now, the Amberster family is no more ”, I said while turning my back to the graves.

Even with my knowledge of the future, I still can predict most things. I hope that the fact that Aleksander Amberster is still alive doesn change the future too much.

While riding a wagon straight to the Gemora Academy in the capital, I look back to the territory that used to be Ambersters. According to the novel, this territory will be split and taken under Kelners noble household and also a few noble households.

The Kelner is a ducal noble household that will grow in power in the future. They
e also one of the nobles that leads the Amberster to ruin.

In the novel, they and a few nobles around this territory will betray the king and siding with the devils when the big war happens. The main character will destroy the family, but the damage theyve caused is so big that it makes the king suspicious of many nobles.

I look at the street and see many dry leaves on the ground.

”Its autumn ”, I mutter to myself.

This should be Alekss first year in the academy along with the other main character. While thinking about that, I began to plan the future.

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