Chapter 1: Because I Dumped Him

Deliberate Mark

by Situ Rice

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, ABO, mpreg, military

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 127 (Complete)

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For eight years, Ye Fei and Gu Ang, two alphas who raised their ranks in the military, were lovers and did everything together.
But then, soon after their marriage, Gu Ang asked for divorce.

Unsure of the reasons why, Ye Fei became heartbroken. 

Unknown to the two of them, they woke up soon after their divorce eight years in the past; back when they were freshman; back before they ever met; back before they loved one another. 

Although the two of them have different views on being reborn, the main question is whether or not this world they were reborn in was exactly the same as their old world or not.
Had they created a butterfly effect? Could they save the ones they had lost in those eight years? Were they still going to end up together? 

Soon they would learn that not everything was the same….
Something was entirely different than their old world… And that was Gu Ang’s secondary gender.
He was now, unknowingly, an omega. 


Chapter 1: Because I Dumped Him

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

QC: Kirio

Editor: The One and Only KarateChopMonkey


The sky over A9 was dark and cloudy, and the rain came pouring out like a floodgate, pattering on the car windows.
The dense falling rain was like a black velvet curtain wrapping people in it, leaving them breathless.

The black car braked sharply, the front of the car was a centimeter short of hitting a pedestrian when it stopped abruptly, almost killing them.
The fierce inertia made Gu Ang, who was resting his eyes, frown slightly, as he was disturbed by the screams of the pedestrian.

He raised his eyes slightly and was met with his expressionless self in the rearview mirror.
His long, slender eyelashes hung low, slightly hiding the deep, slender corner of his eyes.
The rainstorm reduced the light inside the car, softening his deep features and making him appear less imposing.

Gu Ang habitually scratched his knees with his fingertips.
This was the first time he noticed that the fabric he was wearing wasn’t the same as his usual military uniform.
The material was softer, the color had changed from army green to dark blue, and the size was unexpectedly fitting.

He then fiddled with the cufflinks, the buttons inlaid with a Red Flame Military University logo.
The thin calluses on his fingertips traced the texture of the carving over and over again as Gu Ang quickly recalled all the minute details.

His most recent memory was when he and Ye Fei had just divorced, and the two stood facing each other at the door.
The two of them were standing opposite each other in the doorway.
He had disappeared for ten days, and when he reappeared, he wanted a divorce, and only a gentleman like Ye Fei could maintain the last of his manners to go along with him.

“I’ll send you back.” Ye Fei’s voice was very soft, his last word hoarse as if he had stood too long in the rain.

In the background, it was also raining, annoyingly heavy, an umbrella could barely cover the two people.
Ye Fei tilted most of the umbrella towards him and the rain dripped on his shoulder hitting the five-star medal, causing a small wet stain, as it became the final frame of a scene.

There was a small fragment of blankness and a subtle murmur of sound, as if someone was getting into the car, after which his memory abruptly ended.

“Fuck… This auntie was walking without looking at the road, whose fault will it be if someone gets knocked over? Since it’s an almost driverless era with almost zero car accidents, I’m afraid they’re doing this to scam for compensation.” These words interrupted his contemplation and Gu Ang raised his eyes to the side to look over at the chattering Bai SiNing.

“Xiao Bai.” Gu Ang let these words escape his mouth, but when he saw the face in front of him, which was much more youthful than before, it made him pause for a moment.

“Huh?” Bai SiNing’s voice stopped, “Am I disturbing your sleep? We’ll reach the school soon in only three more minutes.”

The chatty mouthful of words reached Gu Ang’s ears, but he was a bit surprised.

Bai SiNing had been with him for a few years as a lieutenant.
He was normally gloomy and silent, while on the battlefield they had tacit cooperation with a perpetual detachment.

Now the mopey thing had become a chatterbox, stammering so much that his brain hurt.

Gu Ang lifted the corner of his mouth into an almost snicker, then his eyes fell onto a freshman pin on Bai SiNing’s chest, with the hot gold words Red Flame Military University printed above it.

A young Bai SiNing, military school uniform, new student volunteer, fragmented memories; Gu Ang’s made a bold and wild guess.

He probably traveled back to the time when he enrolled a few years ago.

Then… what about Ye Fei who was with him?

The only scene left in the rainstorm was the black umbrella, and the face with an unreadable expression flashed in his mind.

Gu Ang folded his legs and stretched his neck without moving, deliberately prying into the current situation.

“How many days have you been a volunteer?”

“Today is the last day.
I’m tired of picking up people one by one, but I’ve met many of the rumored gods in advance, so I’m quite happy.” Bai SiNing rubbed the palms of his hands, smiled dryly and continued, “So… that… do you have some kind of connection? I saw that your entrance exam results were kinda at the bottom…”

The first from the bottom, but Bai SiNing didn’t dare to tell him.

“My old man donated a building.” Gu Ang lazily splayed his legs, simply spewing an explanation.

At this moment, he was sure that he had indeed returned back to eight years ago, he was only eighteen years old, in his freshman year.
He had been a dodgy student, but he had become an imperial admiral thanks to that man.

But, was there such a thing as volunteers at that time? He felt that the current storyline was a little different from the previous one.

This wasn’t the point, if he knew which bastard brought him back to eight years ago, he would have tied this person in the mecha hanging upside down for three days to vent his anger!

The titular star of the Empire, the shield of toughness, with a war record of countless victories, people were scared of Admiral Gu Ang, but, at this moment, he let out a deep sigh and threw out a few cuss words internally, all while looking calm on the outside.

Forget it, he was here already anyways, he might as well wait and see.


The car stopped steadily at the entrance of the military school and Bai SiNing grabbed an umbrella from the right side of the car.
The two umbrellas instantly opened to block the still strong rainstorm, tapping against the waterproof fabric.

He wasn’t prejudiced against the school tyrant behind him, and held the car door for Gu Ang, before gesturing for him to get out.
His service wa

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