Chapter 9: I Like You, The Smell

QC: Kirio ordered some white peach oolong.


Gu Ang had never liked his own pheromone.

The tea aroma itself should be slightly bitter, but with that faint sweet smell of white peach, it made it seem a bit too delicate.
The sweetness in the scent was a big mismatch with his identity as the best Alpha in the universe.

Although he knew that there were all kinds of pheromones in this world; the refreshing and pleasant fragrance of roses, the cold and woody fragrance of ebony, but some were unexpected like hot pot, durian, or cilantro scents.
He definitely held a respectful attitude, but just couldn’t accept that his scent was white peach oolong.

Since he first found out the smell of his pheromone, he started using odor blockers to cover his scent.
Blockers had side effects and each injection would cause his body to have a reaction for several days.

But, Brother Ang wanted to save face.

Until a long while later during one of his heats, probably because he was wounded on the battlefield, it took him three consecutive injections but his vigorous pheromone still couldn’t be suppressed. 

For the first time in his life, Gu Ang experienced irritability, gloominess, uncontrollable release of pheromones and unquenchable desire.

As well as, the feeling of utter disgust he had for himself.

Gu Ang locked himself at home for two days, and by the time Ye Fei finished his mission and went over to him, the room was filled with the fragrance of white peach oolong that almost annihilated him.

The irony of it was infuriating and testing one’s patience.

“Why are you hiding here?” Ye Fei stood by the bed, looking down at the person wrapped into a ball.

Gu Ang didn’t say anything, and covered his head with the blanket like an ostrich.

Ye Fei leaned down from the bed and grazed his earlobe with his lips, “So, this is what your pheromone smells like? It smells good.”

“Good my ass.” The voice came out from the pillow muffled.

Ye Fei’s voice was soft, “I like it.”

“I don’t like it, it’s too girly.” Gu Ang looked away, not wanting to see anyone.
The smell that he had tried to hide for so long was still found out by Ye Fei.

Both of them were Alphas, and they could never resolve the issue of who should top or bottom whenever they got passionate.
He was a little upset by that thought, since now that Ye Fei found out that his pheromone was such a delicate fragrance, he would definitely tease him endlessly and would hold his weakness against him when they ‘fought’ in bed.

Thinking about this, Gu Ang felt annoyed.

Ye Fei pulled away his blanket and called out, “Guang Guang.”

Gu Ang ignored him.

“Guang Guang, if you don’t talk, I’ll take off your clothes.”

Gu Ang didn’t turn around, instead reached back and swatted in the air randomly.
Then he felt a body pressing up against him, the latter’s arms wrapping around him and holding him firmly in place.

Gu Ang tensed and rolled over to pin the other down, even his breath was fragrant, “What are you trying to do?”

Ye Fei loosened his collar and laughed lightly, “Relax, I just want to smell you.”

Ye Fei lazily wrapped his arms around him, rested his chin on Gu Ang’s shoulder, and took a good whiff of his scent from his neck.

“Why do you hate it?” Ye Fei hit the nail right on the other’s head, “If you don’t want to… I won’t force you.
And I won’t tease you with your pheromone.”

Gu Ang’s stiff body softened and lay on top of him blinking slowly, “Really?”

“Mmm.” Ye Fei licked the skin on his neck and used his hands to help relieve him.
It was clear that his body was already screaming to take the other, but his mouth was incredibly gentle and svelte, “I respect you.”

From that time onwards, Gu Ang became more proud as he was more spoiled.
He even occasionally took advantage of his rut to seduce Ye Fei with the smell of his pheromone.

Everyone said that two Alphas releasing pheromones toward each other was the prelude to a fight, and the stronger one could easily overpower the weaker one.
The two of them seemed to have opened up a whole new way of getting along as double Alphas.
At first their pheromones rejected each other but then started to fuse, dissipating the urge of combat entirely, leaving only lingering desire.

Ye Fei snapped back to his senses, gaze falling to the large bag of tea in his hands, the corners of his mouth lifting.

Fuck, now I actually have to depend on this to quench my thirst.
Am I living my life backwards now?

When he returned to the dormitory the lights were off and on the bed was Gu Ang, who was asleep, breathing evenly.

Ye Fei turned on the bedside lamp, the dim light instantly spread out, filling the room with a tint of warmth.
He stood by the bed for a while, before squatting down beside it.

Gu Ang’s lips were slightly parted as he breathed in and out carefreely, sleeping peacefully.

Ye Fei brows knitted together, he seemed to have picked up a hint of white peach oolong scent.
Not from the bags of tea he bought, but from Gu Ang, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.


Gu Ang slept very well that night, the next day was only theory class, and he didn’t doze off, but paid attention to every single word.
When the bell rang, he lazily stuffed his textbook into his bag and thought about how to spend his time after class.

Wang Chuang, while gathering his things up the podium, said to the people in the classroom, “Listen up.
Tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.
everyone please gather at the sports field, there’s a class match.
If you have any questions you want to ask or to take time off, you may do that now.”

The crowd were expressionless hearing that but a few of them even had the look of disdain.

“Teacher, for Class S to go against another class… it’s bullying, ah.”

“Boring, I’ll take tomorrow off.”

“Why? I wonder which class teacher hates their own students?”

“Teacher Wang, I’m afraid that we can’t control ourselves and bully them to drop out of school, ah.”

Wang Chuang looked up, “Did I say you’re going against another class? Where’s the challenge if it’s just a one-on-one?”

Bai SiNing drawled, “Ah, Teacher, you can’t possibly mean you want us to…”

Wang Chuang stroked his chin and finished the rest of the sentence, “Let’s have Class S students go against the rest of the freshmen.”

The class let out another collective “Ah”, expressing complaint.

Everyone knew Class S was strong but to use them like they were draft animals…

“Oh yeah.” Wang Chuang’s face showed a gloating smile, “If you lose, those training resources, battle mechas like the Red Fire used in your previous class, and all the privileges in the name of Class S, will go to them.
So, please consider it again.”

Without waiting for the reaction of the class below the podium, Wang Chuang picked up his packed textbooks and walked out of the classroom.
Once he left, the entire classroom was in an uproar.

Everyone was frantically discussing what to do tomorrow.
Faced with the entire freshman siege, even if they were the top class, they didn’t have the confidence to say that they could pull a 1 vs 10 stunt.
But what was more unbelievably unfair than this ridiculous situation was that they were only told there would be a battle tomorrow… 

No one told them how many people could participate as a group, what form of battle it was or anything else in general.
Everyone started talking but it was heading nowhere.

Gu Ang felt that this topic wasn’t interesting, so he threw his school bag on his back and strode out of the classroom.

Bai SiNing brushed past him like a gust of wind and rushed to the podium, “Wait, wait, wait, We’ve been in Class S together for two days now, and we haven’t had a proper get-together yet.” Bai SiNing enthusiastically patted his chest, “Tonight, my treat.
Let’s meet at the Moon River House at the school’s third entrance.”

“Moon River House is really expensive, and it’s your treat? Bai SiNing! Wow!”

“The one B among a million As has spoken, of course we’ll have to give this face!”

“Let’s go! Let’s go! I’m hungry now anyways.”

“I heard that the Moon River House has recently come out with a few new dishes, so now I’m gonna bleed you dry.”

Bai SiNing was a cheerful person who could get along with anyone so everyone quickly reached a consensus.
Bai SiNing smiled and shouted at Gu Ang who was walking to the door, “Brother Ang, let’s go together, accompany me to book a private room first.”

“Not going.” Gu Ang didn’t stop, he wasn’t interested in this kind of party.

Bai SiNing’s hand quickly pulled his cuffs, “Don’t, ah! You’re my savior, so I, Bai SiNing, am now your person.
I want to repay you to thank you.
Give me a chance!”

Gu Ang’s head was about to explode from the yapping.
Since he had nothing to do later anyways, he gave in and said, “Fine, I’ll go back and take a shower first.”

It was already early summer, and Gu Ang, who loved cleanliness, disliked the feeling of being sweaty and sticky.

By the time he changed into clean clothes and rushed to Moon River House, most of the people had already arrived.
Gu Ang pulled open the door to the private room, and before the door was fully opened, he saw Bai SiNing being pulled violently from the main seat by Wang YeZhu, staggering before falling to the ground.

“This seat is mine.” Wang YeZhu’s face was disdainful as he sat where Bai SiNing was originally sitting.
Then he threw his backpack on the seat next to it, “You’re not the only one who can afford to treat everyone here.
Put this on my tab!”

According to the rules of Moon River House, the main two seats belonged to those who paid.

Bai SiNing, who was on the floor, unsatisfyingly said, “That’s the seat for God Ye and Brother Ang!”

Wang YeZhu laughed, “So what if Gu Ang is standing right in front of me.
You held a seat for him.
What? Is he your father now? Does he have to wipe this unlucky son’s ass after everything now?”

Bai SiNing got up from the floor and tugged at the hem of his wrinkled shirt, “I’m his brother.”

In the few exchanges, Gu Ang understood the whole story.
This Wang YeZhu, always stirring up trouble just because he thought he was that great.
Gu Ang put away his lax expression, turned on his cold face and walked right up to Wang YeZhu’s face.
Without showing any emotions, he lifted his foot and kicked out with great force. Bang! This cocky bastard deserved some teaching.

Gu Ang’s jaw was still tense, his anger had not subsided yet.

Previously, before the death of both his parents, Bai SiNing was a happy-go-lucky kid.
Hence, to talk about his parents was a taboo, it was his greatest pain and yet, it was what built him later on and became his armor.

To joke about his parents was to touch his thorns.

“Hey hey hey, you have the guts to cause trouble in the Moon River House, Gu Ang are you crazy??!!!”

“Quickly, quickly, quickly, tell the waiter that we accidentally broke the stool.”

“This is a stool made out of magnetite crystal, it’s not easy to simply break it even if you apply full force, okay?”

Seeing that the chair broke into pieces after Gu Ang’s kick, everyone else panicked.

Gu Ang straightened his cuffs and sat on the other chair.
With no change of expression, he pressed the service bell.
The well-trained waiters came in with their heads bowed, quietly and quickly, cleaned up the debris of the chair from the room and replaced it with a new one.

The crowd’s jaws fell.
That was it?

Gu Ang put his left arm over the back of the empty chair next to him and looked at his audience, “Moon River House is owned by my family.
This meal is my treat.
Anyone else who wants to sit next to me in the main seat, be my guest.”

This was purposely said to a certain someone and his gaze swept over towards Wang YeZhu, his eyes obviously challenging the other.

“It seems that fellow Wild Boar…”

“Sorry, I’m late.” Ye Fei, who arrived late, interrupted Gu Ang.
He took a quick glance at the private room and realized that most of the seats were full.
Ye Fei raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Ang and was slightly amused as Gu Ang looked like an angry hedgehog with its quills all raised.
The hedgehog also had one arm around an empty chair.
He strode over beside Gu Ang and lazily sat down in the chair.
He leaned back and it almost looked like he was lying in Gu Ang’s arms.
He said lightly, “Nice seat.”

Gu Ang: “…”

The author has something to say:

Gu Ang: Brother, you are ruining my way of acting cool.

Ye Fei: I don’t care, I wanna lean against my wifey.

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