Gu Ang was alert, and wrinkled his nose, “How come I don’t smell it?”

“It’s very faint.” Ye Fei realized that they were too close, and put a little distance between them.

Gu Ang couldn’t believe it. Are you a dog? Having such a good nose. 

After crossing over, his susceptible period became messed up, and he couldn’t pinpoint the exact time.
Ye Fei wasn’t a person who loved to talk nonsense, he said he smelled it so that meant it was really there.

Gu Ang was a little panicked.
If his scent came out, then his hard to build Alpha persona would collapse into nothing.
He thought that after the game, it was time to buy a batch of blocking agents.
But his mouth couldn’t be suppressed, “It doesn’t matter.
This old man is an Alpha and his pheromone can suppress others.”

“It was just a friendly reminder.” Ye Fei’s face was expressionless.

The two people’s voices were very low, almost whispering with the air.
The onlookers only heard the phrase ‘go for it,’ and there was no more.
Looking at the two Alphas face to neck in public, their brains made up a million words of a violence scene.

“Are these pre-game tauntings?”

“Is this a class competition?”

“I feel like God Ye’s eyes are a little provocative and I can’t read his mood.”

“Gu Ang’s face is so angry.
Is there gonna be an infight first?”

Bai SiNing panicked and pulled Ye Fei, “God Ye, consider the class honor, be cautious and prudent.”

Ye Fei smirked and turned around to return to his own team.

Bai SiNing was bewildered.
Was this the end?

With a command from the teacher, all the teams sprinted forward.

The first 100 meters was a flat sprint, the six groups of human chariots of Class S were far ahead.
After only five seconds, the fastest, Gu Ang’s chariot, was already the first to enter the mudslide prepared before the race.

Gu Ang stood calmly on the chariot formed by four people, observing the situation.
Seeing the track with a large amount of mud mixed with irregular clods of dirt, and so muddy that even the color couldn’t be seen, he thought to himself, I’m glad I’m sitting on the top.

This race course was also too damn dirty.
The track was sticky, it originally took two or three seconds to pull off a distance of forty to fifty meters, but now they only advanced ten meters, the large forces were thinning into the mudslide track.

The entry of large forces directly made the road shake more strongly.
The site had a barrier attack device, which issued a sudden attack.

The moment the gates opened, it was accompanied by animal carcasses, disconnected gnarled trees, sandwiched by the flow of huge mudslides.
Like a dragon out of the mountains, it rushed towards the students.

“Fuck! What’s the annual student death target for our school? Do these teachers want us to die?” Bai SiNing’s scalp tingled as he watched the mudslide pour down like a flooding beast.

“If you don’t want to collect an elegy, just rush forward!” Gu Ang casually shattered a stone flying from nowhere with a fist, alert to attacks from every direction.

Ye Fei’s chariot followed closely behind.
His four ‘wheels’ were weak, they were left over when choosing.
Their strength was average, but these bandits at least obeyed.
Ye Fei’s commanding had a strong natural leadership and accurate judgment of the situation, and the team that should’ve had the least understanding and strength surpassed the Four Kings’ chariot.

As Ye Fei and Gu Ang quickly moved forward, the Four Kings, who were slightly behind, broke out into an extremely violent battle with the others.
Just a few days into the school year, the arrogant behavior of the Four Kings aroused most of the people to join the fight.

Many people, as if desperate for their lives, jumped out of their chariots and pounced towards the Four Kings respectively.
The mudslide site was so bad that it was difficult to move forward, let alone dodge quickly.

The ‘Four Kings’ could only rely on the commander’s powerful strength, and the future of all the people went down into the mudslide.

One of the rules of the mudslide site: chariot riders weren’t allowed to fall into the mudslide, otherwise, the whole team of five was eliminated.
The ‘Four Kings’ were now looking at each other, between the big right and wrong, instantly reaching a tacit understanding.

As it was a team competition, if they entangle with a larger group, the leading two groups of people naturally can easily win.
The internal struggle was never compromised, this was the top competition between the strongest.
When it was almost unanimous, there was bound to be no half-hearted ambiguity.

Otherwise, if Class S lost, they would have no face if they were to show off their strengths later.

Imagination was always beautiful, but at the moment there was an extremely strange scene.

The large force was divided into several groups of people in an orderly manner, with a small part staying behind to hold up others, and the majority of the chariots rushing directly towards Gu Ang and Ye Fei with clear objectives.

“With the speed of these limping chariots, it’s hard to catch up with them.
It looks like this game is a sure win!” After confirming the situation on the field, Wang Mo withdrew his gaze and returned his attention to the battle.

Lin Xiuyong of the general class, stood on the chariot at the start, overlooking the whole field, when he took out a small blue flag from his pocket and started waving it.
According to the pre-race planning, he was in charge of the command of the entire ordinary class battle.

The situation in the whole mudslide area changed instantly.

One of the fastest and best conditioned teams avoided the Class S crowd and rushed quickly towards the finish line.
Among the remaining ordinary class chariots, one wave of people directly stayed in place, while the charioteers of the other group jumped to the group that stayed in place to ensure the survival of the team.

The four people went from left to right as the chariot directly split, bustling with ants like a surge to the chariot, launching a siege on Gu Ang and Ye Fei’s chariots.
As long as the charioteer was still there, the wheels could be broken apart to move freely.
The two men’s chariots were attacked by the scattered soldiers, and the pressure increased in vain.

“Damn, these people are foul!!!”

“Holy shit, there’s a feeling of facing an undead horde of zombies in a movie.”

“Can’t resist, drilling the rules is really too dog-like…”

Bai SiNing fought back and said with a tone full of aggression, “What do we do Brother Ang? We won’t win this way.”

He tried his best to make sure Gu Ang didn’t fall, but his moves were a little difficult to fight.

[What do we do General? We won’t win this way.]

In his previous life, when he led his team into the ambush and Bai SiNing helped him to break through the blockade, he had used similar words.

Gu Ang was in a trance for a second, before coming back to his senses, “The rules actually don’t say that the chariot can’t be disintegrated, so we don’t need to gather our strength…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, his fist force directly used 30% of his full battle power.

The original intention was to leave some face to everyone, but the opposite side played a dirty trick to exploit the situation first, so he couldn’t be blamed for breaking the rules.
If someone wanted to provoke things, he was willing to accompany them.
With his fists accompanied by a strong wind, Gu Ang’s strong attack greatly reduced the pressure on the team.

Next to him, Ye Fei, telepathically, used the same means to return the attack.

Sensing the situation, Lin Xuyong immediately changed to a black flag and started waving it.
Seeing this, the normal squad immediately changed their direct combat format and started a lower three way tangle, attacking the lower part of the wheel.

Once the strategy was changed, Gu Ang obviously felt the chariot’s forward speed drop.

“What’s the use of a charioteer being able to fight if he can’t walk?”

Lin XiuYong snickered, “There are other tricks, Class S is not going to win this.”

While talking to himself, he changed the flag in his hand again and started waving a red flag.
Obviously they had all memorized the battle layout, and hoped they could win.

The groups besieging the Four Kings separated, a wave using the tactic but not to attack, so the Four Kings became trapped.
The remaining group was re-advancing towards the front, and intensified their siege on Gu Ang and Ye Fei.

Wang ZiMo was the first to notice that something was wrong and shouted, “I swear, this bunch of trash reinforcements, even the two monsters can’t hold on.” 

“Those two monsters will be fine.” Wang YeZhu added with an embarrassed look on his face as he thought of his memories of being brutally beaten, “But those few broken wheels will definitely collapse.”

“Letting our Class S lose to this bunch of trash, it’s a beautiful dream.”

“Brothers, don’t care about face! We have to keep this wave of people here with our lives!”

“All right, don’t be a wimp, just do it!”

The Four Kings weren’t stupid, they made up their minds in a couple of seconds, then acted.
Two people and a cart, the remaining four people were free to launch attacks.
This instantly freed up eight people, froze the squad ready to reinforce, delaying the tactical tempo.

“What a waste.” Looking at the failure of his ‘red flag’ plan, Lin XiuYong felt a prelude to a loss of control.
He didn’t expect that this stupid foursome not only had a sense of class honor, but also had a good brain.

At this moment, Gu Ang’s chariot was gradually running out of steam because of the double pressure of physical strength and pressure.
It was clear that the first half of the finish line was close at hand, just a hundred meters, but Bai SiNing couldn’t rush over.

On the other hand, Ye Fei’s chariot was also rapidly closing on Gu Ang.
A certain wheel suggested, “God Ye, we really can’t do it, you should go to Ang’s chariot.”

Ye Fei’s mouth twitched. You’re going to abandon your general?

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, thinking it was a deadly rivalry, another wheel joined the persuasion, “Go over, God Ye.
Although Ang stole your first place, the future is long, there’s always another chance.
For now, it’s better to put the class honor first.”

Ye Fei turned around and saw Gu Ang staring at him, then hooked his finger towards him.
He looked open and honest, with a teenage desire to win and lose.
This was the Gu Ang he knew, the kind of feeling that first moved his heart.

Brave, fearless, invincible.

He was so at ease that he jumped directly onto Gu Ang’s chariot with a long leap.

The two shoulders knocked against each other, like the old gesture of fighting side by side, together with the thorns and brambles, and enjoying the glory together.

Ye Fei jumped away, the remaining four people gathered enough courage and charged towards the ordinary class students surrounding them, vowing to kill a bloody path for the chariot Gu/Ye were riding.

“Listen to my command below.” As soon as he landed on the chariot, Ye Fei spoke in a deep voice and yelled out a command.

Gu Ang didn’t say anything and quietly admired Ye Fe’s invincible and confident look, “Follow my squad members to charge and get within thirty meters from the edge!”


Bai SiNing and the others’ morale was boosted and they shouted in unison with fury!

Ten people in two squads, converging into a group at this moment, like a huge fist viciously slammed into the defense circle formed by the students of the ordinary class.

60 meters… 

50 meters… 

40 meters… 

The last 10 meters!

The four with Bai SiNing, who had no more cover, moved forward as if they had gone crazy and completely ignored the enemy’s attack, carrying the two people on the chariot vigorously.
Faith seemed to be burning into a flame, fiercely burning everyone’s soul.

“Charge, God Ye!”

“Come on! A’Ang!”

“With Class S honor and pride!!!”

The middle school-aged teenagers, their battle souls ignited, roared and threw Gu Ang and Ye Fei with great force.

With the strength of the team, Gu Ang and Ye Fei leapt with all their might, directly over the seven defensive layers, shaking off the forty people chasing them and landing on the flat ground at the middle point.

The sky was just a tad sunny, plastered on the two, and the surroundings were suddenly silent.
All the noise of the battle seemed to have had the pause button pressed on it, they were still the same as before after winning the battle, nothing seemed to have changed.

It was just a bit of a shame that the only thing missing at this moment was a fierce, passionate kiss.

Ye Fei gave a rare teasing comment, “The next level is only the two of us.

“Are we not enough?” Gu Ang grumpily reached out and grabbed Ye Fei’s palm, “Let’s go, let’s hurry up.”

Two powerful hands were firmly clasped together for the first time in front of a large audience.
Ye Fei pursed his lips, felt the warmth coming from his palm, and quickly rubbed the back of his hand with the thin calluses on his fingertips.

His hands were still as soft as before.

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