Demon King Returns


pain stopped, and he was immediately more aware of his surroundings.

”I am.. Arlo Blade, 15 years old, one of the two sons of the Blade Household, a fairly powerful family in the Polars Kingdom. But.. I am also.. ”

His eyes immediately turned to ones with hatred and hostility as he called out his true name.

”I am the Demon King, Zeke! ”

The Demon King, Zeke, a powerful demon that ruled the lands of this planet, Gaia. He stood at the peak of all existence, and he could destroy cities with just a single slash. He enslaved humanity and other races and killed millions. He wreaked havoc wherever he went and didn blink an eye when taking a life.

He viewed humans as disgusting animals as they had weak physiques and a short lifespan. Until… he got killed by the creature he looked down upon most.

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