Demon King Returns

Reincarnation (2)

ho can naturally interact with mana from birth, they had to create an artificial storage for their mana, many referred to it as the mana pool which is typically positioned at the core of a humans body.

Thankfully, this body already had a mana pool. He was already a 1st step Mage. Zeke felt relieved as he knew nothing about creating a mana pool. He was a demon in the past and already had a storage for mana since birth.

Mana from his surroundings started moving towards him and soon enough, he was quickly absorbing mana.

In the past, Arlo Blade took a whole day to gather just a pinch of mana. On the other hand, Zeke took just a minute to gather a thousand times that amount.

Although this body had lousy talent and low sensitivity to mana, the experience and understanding Zeke had managed to overcome it.

After an hour, Zeke advanced from the 1st step to the 2nd step. He felt his mana pool got bigger; it was a sign that he had advanced to a 2nd step Mage!

He could speed up the process but due to this bodys weak physique, he could risk damaging his mana pool and not being able to use magic in this life.


A beam of light entered through the open window into the dark room where a boy was sitting. The sun had just risen from the horizon. It has been five days since Zeke started training. Feeling hungry, he finally decided to stop.

Zeke immediately opened his eyes from his long meditation and said with a smirk, ”6th step mage in 5 days.. Good enough for now. ”

If anyone heard what Zeke had just said, they would laugh at him and look at him like he was an idiot. Rising from the 1st step to the 6th step in 5 days? That was impossible.

It took years for even the most talented individuals to advance to a 6th step mage. In the kingdom, even a 5th step mage was considered a powerhouse, let alone a 6th step mage.

However, to Zeke, the level of strength he currently had was not even 1% of his former strength and was nothing to be proud of. One could never imagine how strong Zeke was in the past.

”[Flame Burst] ” He chanted an advanced spell in his mind.

The temperature in the room skyrocketed as a burst of flames immediately enveloped the room. If it were not for his insane mana control, the entire dormitory he was living in would be destroyed into nothingness.

”Still much weaker compared to my prime.. ” Zeke said with a look of disappointment before dispersing the spell.

Zeke stretched his stiff back, the long hours of meditating upright in a cross-legged position was intense.

He wiped the perspiration from his face and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When he was done, he picked up his uniform from floor and dressed himself.

”Well, at least you
e not looking too bad. ” Zeke said with a smile while looking at his reflection in the mirror; a boy with dark hair, a pair of blue eyes and a sharp jawline.

He had to admit, he had a pretty good face.

With the added muscle mass and height, he gained from advancing, he looked striking, devilishly handsome in fact.

After giving a final glance around his room, checking if he had forgotten anything, he made his way out of the room and closed the door.

While he was walking towards the main building, a few students glanced at him and was charmed by his aura.

He looked too different than the Arlo in the past. The once frail timid boy had transformed into someone full of confidence and vigor.

”Woah! I haven seen him before! Is he a new student? ”

”Tch! Humans! ” Zeke cursed inwardly, trying his best to hold his urge of killing.

[Great Winds Academy]

He looked at the large sign hanging from the entrance and took his first step into the building. But now, he was not walking in as Arlo Blade but as Zeke, the former Demon King.

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