g that things had become a bit complicated.

Li Linghua gave Liu Qiang a harsh glare, her eyes reddening again.

“What kind of cunning woman did you get involved with!” Li Linghua couldn’t help but throw a cushion at him, saying fiercely, “You two must be in cahoots to harm us remaining, mother and daughter!”


“You can’t say that,” Liu Qiang weakly retorted, “…I didn’t expect her to be so ruthless.”

Li Linghua’s emotions seemed on the brink of collapsing, and Li Nan had to step forward to separate the two.

Jiang Heng observed coldly from the sidelines, realizing Li Nan was right—Li Linghua still held some trust in Liu Qiang.
So, even if she said things like accusing him of being unfaithful and a murderer, deep down, she was still willing to listen to his explanations.

On the other hand, Li Linghua was the victim, she was Li Wen’s biological mother, but unfortunately, she wasn’t present when the incident happened.
Thus, the crucial points of the case were focused on Liu Qiang.

Whether he had provided critical information, and whether he had refused to sign the surgery consent form, were important details needed to determine the nature of the case.

The question of whether Ji Yao was severely irresponsible, leading to the patient’s injury and death, or if it was an accident; whether it violated regulations or was an emergency response—all depended on Liu Qiang’s behavior at the time the incident happened.

Unfortunately, the CCTV at the emergency room entrance couldn’t capture the communication and what was said.
To determine the truth, more evidence was needed.

Jiang Heng had asked what he wanted to know during this visit.
He stopped the recording pen, then put it away along with the two sets of documents.

Both Li Linghua and Liu Qiang’s emotions were unstable at the moment.
Jiang Heng had no intention to act as a mediator.
He found a chance to leave during this temporary truce between Li Linghua and Liu Qiang.

Li Nan wanted to escort him to the courtyard gate, but Jiang Heng politely stopped, gesturing for her to stay.

“Attorney Jiang, regardless of the circumstances, Xiaowen is Li Linghua’s beloved son,” Li Nan said, “Please make sure to do your best to hold the one responsible accountable.
Get justice for Xiaowen.”

“Of course,” Jiang Heng said, “It’s my duty.”

He said this, nodded slightly to Li Nan, and then politely took his leave.


At 11:30 in the evening, the lights in Guojin Center were still on.


The office on the 23rd floor facing south was brightly lit, and a thin beam of light sliced through the narrow gap in the door, dividing the tiles outside into two halves.

Gao Jingyi walked past the public office area, his peripheral vision casually sweeping the corridor beside him, feeling a bit surprised.

“Is Director Jiang working late tonight?” he casually asked the colleague beside him.

“He just arrived in the evening.” The young girl also craned her neck to look inside and said, “He’s been here for a little over two hours.”

Gao Jingyi took in a breath of cold air, unsure whether to praise his dedication or criticize his overzealousness.

Gao Jingyi said, “Every one of you here is a workaholic.
Why do you need to burn the midnight oil for every major case?”

The intern hesitated, not daring to say that he had brought back the wrong documents and had to return to exchange them.
Instead, he shifted the blame onto Jiang Heng.

“It’s about that previous case with Xiao Liu.” The intern said, “Mr.
Jiang came over after he was discharged from the hospital to ask for some documents.”

 Gao Jingyi furrowed his brows and said, “Isn’t that just a minor medical dispute case? Is it worth working overtime like this?”

“Not quite.” The intern shook his head and lowered his voice carefully, saying, “I have a feeling things have become complicated.
When I brought in coffee just now, I saw the general principles of Criminal Law Codification on Mr.
Jiang’s desk.”

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