The sight of a woman wearing her old clothes was unwanted, and the way she walked was precarious as if she was about to fall.
However, no one reached for her.
They only looked at her, frowned while avoiding her.


She is neither an insane woman nor a beggar.


People thought that the woman was one of two things.


In fact, that conjecture wasn’t all wrong.
In the Capital of Guinters, Teraban, she was likely a madwoman or a beggar who had been molested.


The colorful downtown of the capital came into view.


The place was the center of the economy of the kingdom, where all the goods were gathered, therefore all people were wealthy regardless if they were only commoners or respected aristocrats.


Therefore, the appearance of the staggering woman, Rosé, was even more disgusting and distinct unlike them.


“Hey, get out of the way!”


At that moment, she was a bit shocked when she heard the rushing sounds of a wagon with the roar of the horseshoes.
And after walking for a long time, her feet pained her and she trembled, turning around to see what’s behind her.

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