A chariot pulled by a brown horse was running towards her at a great speed.
At that pace, the wagons would crush her.


Rosé hurriedly avoided the carriage and stepped backwards.




However, as she was going to the capital, she lacked food and rest, thus her exhausted body didn’t move as she wanted, stumbling on the sidewalk instead.




“I said to get out of the way! How unlucky!”


The coachman yelled and reprimanded her in annoyance, driving the horse back away, Rosé still managed to avoid being hit and took a deep breath.
As she inhaled the dust from the carriages’ wheels, she coughed roughly.


“Keuluhg! Keuluhg ”


Rosé’s pale face contorted at the burning pain in her chest.
She wrapped her arms around the lower part of her neck and crouched down on the path.
People who saw her like that gave an impression as if they had seen her as plagued, and they soon got away from Rosé.


“… Ugh.”


Rosé slowly got up after her cough had subsided.
A few strands of her dark brown hair, covered in dust, ran down her bloodless cheeks.


As she stroked her tousled hair, tightened her legs, and tried to stand up, she heard the sound of the horn from a distance.


“His Grace is coming, so everyone be polite to him!”

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