“It’s a dark night.
Wasn’t it scary?”

“… A bit.
But still, I endured!”

Flitta rolled her light green eyes bravely which made Rosé smile.
Then Flitta felt relieved seeing that smile of hers, but Rosé hardened her expression again, speaking.

“You can’t do this from now on, you.
What if you fall from the stairs…”

“I was really careful.
So, don’t get angry.
I only wanted to see Rosé.”

Flitta noticed and grabbed Rosé’s knees and shook it.
She looked at Flitta and opened her mouth

“Then you have to go now.
I’ll take you to the bedroom.”


Flitta pouted and clung to Rosé’s arms with a sullen expression.
Flitta looked down on the arm that she held.



“Rosé’s arm is hot.”


“Can you lean your face to me?”

Flitta said and lifted her hands upwards.
Rosé did not fully understand her and made a baffled look and bowed her back as soon as the child said.
Then the child was playful and took her hand to Rosé’s forehead seriously.

“You have a fever! Your forehead is hot! ”

Flitta was surprised and took her hand out of Rosé’s arm and stomped her feet.
Rosé then realized that she had a fever.
Her physical condition is not good and have a fever.

“I will bring my doctor right now…”

I am fine.
You don’t have to.”

Rosé was surprised when Flitta tried to call her doctor right now.

“I just need some rest.”

“No! You have to treat your fever! You are sick…”

“It’s not like that.
I’m just tired that’s why I am hot.”

“… Really?”

Flitta bit her tears.
Rosé nodded with a smile more brightly.

“Of course.
This heat will disappear once I get some rest.
So, shall we go to your bedroom first? ”

Rosé reached out to the child.
But Flitta stared at her with tears and shouted back.



“No, I won’t go.”

Flitta shut her mouth and shook her head.
Then she talked with a sloppy look.

“I will go to Rosé’s room.
I will do it.”


“Hng, I will pat you.
If I pat you well, you’ll be healed.
If I pat like that, you will sleep well.
Like Rosé did to me.”

Flitta reached out her hidden hand behind her and patted Rosé’s waist carefully.
Tears were about to burst out at the touch of Flitta.
She was so lovely that she wanted to hold her tightly in her arms.

‘Maybe this is good.
My child.
My baby.
What should I do to her pretty heart? ‘

The child looked up at Rosé with a desperate expression.
She could not ignore her earnest heart.
It was true that she wanted to be with her child a little more.
Rosé barely endured her tears and hesitated for a while and opened her mouth.

“Hmm… Then, after a while, you’ll return to your room.


“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I’ll promise! Pinky swears.”

The child reached out her hands resembling maple leaves.
Rosé promised her finger with her child and approached the room and opened the door.


Flitta ran into her small room as soon as the door was opened.
It was a boring room with nothing to see, but what was so cool about it was that the child was excited and looked around and was busy exploring all over her small room.

She tiptoed on the window frame, looked out, and said, “Wow!”

She laid her elbow on a small table that she used as a dressing table and desk, and then she said, “Wow!”

Flitta, who was approaching the bed and rubbing her cheek on the blanket, suddenly got up as if ahe had remembered the purpose of entering the room.
Then, she tapped her palm on the bed and talked to Rosé.

“Rose, come here and lie down.”

Rose looked at the child with a smile and approached her.

“Here, lie in bed like this.”

Flitta grabbed Rosé’s hand.
Rosé slightly smiled and laid herself on the bed as the child said.
Flitta then dragged the blanket, clamped it on Rosé’s body, and soon began to patted her with her small hand.

“Hnng, now.
Don’t get sick anymore.

With the lovely words of Flitta, her eyes became hot and tears came out.

She was happy but sad at the same time.
It was because greed that was taking over her emotion even if she tried to shake them off.

It was the greed of sleeping with her child the whole night.
She was so eager to feel Flitta lying in her arms, telling her stories, and singing a lullaby until Flitta falls asleep.

It was no big deal for someone- to have an ordinary life with her own child.

Knowing that it was greed that is not allowed for a person like her, yet nevertheless.


‘Telling her, would you like to come on the bed? If I put my arms like this for a while, no one would know.’


Rosé suppressed her greed and closed her eyes.
Then Flitta, who patted her, looked at her eyes.
She smiled and opened her mouth.

“Oh, you’re really sick.”


Flitta opened her eyes wider and came up on the bed with a sound as if she was going to check with her own hands.
Then she raised her hand and touched Rosé’s forehead, and tilted her head.

“It’s still hot?”

The fever has fallen a little.
Look at this.
Doesn’t your forehead feel a little cold?”

Rosé smile with Flitta’s hand on her forehead.
Then Flitta once again shook her head and touched Rosé’s forehead.
The forehead was tickling with the texture of the moving fingers.

“Uungg… I think so.”

The child hesitated and replied as if she was unsure.
Then she shook her head once more and looked at the forehead and Rosé’s forehead alternately.
But she didn’t think that Rosé’s words were false.

Rosé, who was eaten by the trust that the child sent her, shut up and smiled late.

“Thank you, princess.
The fever went down quickly because you patted me.”

“Uh, um, tell me if you have a fever again, Rosé.
Don’t get sick alone.”

Flitta blushed as if she was embarrassed and added with a proud look.
She was so cute looking like that.

“Yes, I will.”

Rosé smiled and nodded.

It was a hard day.
Her body and mind were tired.
Perhaps if Flitta hadn’t come here to see her, she would have fallen on the bed and fell asleep.

However, even if she didn’t sleep, she felt energetic that she wondered when she was tired.

The warmth that the child delivered, that kind of heart, was better for me.

Rosé pulled the blanket and lifted her body.
Flitta, who was lying down on the bed, set her back right away.

“Then should you go back to the bedroom as promised?”

“… Yes.”

Flitta’s doe eyes drooped down.
Rosé comforted Flitta while she shakes her finger.

“You promised.”

“… I know.
I’ll keep my promise.”

Flittta touched the little finger that she had promised with Rosé and pouted her lips and went down under the bed.
Rosé also went down the bed.
Then Flitta grabbed her hand as if waiting.

“Then I want to go to the room.”

“Yes, Princess.”

When they were about to go outside, Flitta looked back at the room and pointed to the bed.

“Uh, what is that?”

“Yes? What, ah…”

Rosé frowned at that appearance.
The bracelet she put on her pocket must have escaped while she laid down.

“That, that’s the woman’s….
no? Right?”

Flitta asked in a small voice as if she was scared just by looking at the bracelet.
Rosé nodded with a bitter smile.


“But why do you have that?”

“I know right.
I should return it… Ah, wait a minute, Princess.”

Rosé picked up a bracelet on the bed and approached a small cabinet next to the table.
Flitta did not let go of Rosé’s hand, followed her, stepped in, and watched her.

“You’ll put that there?”

I think I should keep it before I return it to the queen.

“Why can’t you return it now?”

“I told them it’s undeserving for me… but I still have it.”

Rosé smiled and closed the drawer with a bracelet.
Then she turned back and talked to her.

“Now, should we really go now?”

“… Huh? Hmm.

Flitta hesitated and opened her small mouth to sigh with a nod.
Rosé smiled at the appearance of mimicking adults.

She was so cute yet she could not have her child.
It does not mean she can do everything what Flitta wanted.
She hoped she could do so, that’s why she’s sad.

As long as she can’t reveal herself as Flitta’s mother.

She left the room with Flitta’s small hand.
The hallway was calm because everyone was in their own room.
It was fortunate.
Otherwise, if Flitta had been noticed by someone, she would have been in the mouth of people.
And some of them may have hurt the child.

Since she’s a lowly blood line.

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