Dungeon Busters: Chapter 1: the Bewitching Kunoichi Appeared! (B)

========Akane’s POV=========

I’m Akane one of the 108 pillars incorporated into the dungeon system/ when I first saw my master, I was disappointed.
He’s a middle-aged, plump and doesn’t look very strong.
As a man he doesn’t look attractive.
Yet from the very beginning he gave me a disgusting look, especially at my breast.
If he had attacked me here, I would have decapitated his head.
The 108 pillars have the right to choose their own master


With that master turned his face away.
At least, he doesn’t seem to be someone who is motivated only by his sexual desire.
He seems to be in a confused state, so I guess I should help him calm down.
I could comfort him with my hands but I don’t think it’s necessary

[Sorry, but I want you to give me a minute]

I silently observe master as he gave me his order.
He was calm and hi eye shines with intelligence.
He must be furiously organizing information in his head.
He seems to have reasoning capable of suppressing his instinct and the intelligence to judge the situation.
I seem to have found a master who isn’t bad, though a little less domineering.
If he is able to show me the ability to confront this chaos, I wouldn’t mind offering myself to him.
It seems that he is done thinking.
Now, what would be your first question

===========Kazuhiko POV =======

[Dungeon system is one of the laws that govern the universe.
We do not know why it exist, nor do we know of its purpose.
Just think of this as a law of nature same as why water flows from high to low.]

After organizing the information that I got from Akane.
It seems that dungeon which appears in other spaces appeared in this world for some reason.

[Over the next year 666 dungeon would gradually appear on this world.
Each appearance of it would be simultaneous, appearing 66 or 67 places at a time and this would happen in 10 times.
Most of them would appear in places where people gather because dungeons are attracted towards high amount of people]

[I see, so that what one revolution means.
Now for my next question, correct me if I’m wrong but if I think of the word dungeon.
It’s a kind of cave where monsters are nesting and are attacking people.]

[You’re right though it’s not subterranean but rather a different space]

[I see.
I’ll ask about that different space later, for now I want to know more about the dungeon]

[I’m in awe.
Then let me talk about the dungeons]

She then divulges her knowledge about the dungeons.

[first let’s talk about the difficulty of a dungeon.
The lowest is D and highest is S.
the number of the S Rank dungeon is fixed and there are only 7 of them.
Next is A that comprise 10% of the total number so it’s 60 to 70 of them might appear.
The majority is B and C which makes up 70% of it and lastly the D which is 20%.
It is determined mostly by the level of the monster but it’s not uniform like how some B Rank may be closer to A Rank and other being closer to C Rank.
The difficulty of the dungeon also directly correlates with the rewards that you can get from the dungeon.]

[I’d like to hear about those rewards.
Are they magic stones, or materials?]

[Yes, in some cases, but in a civilize world like this, it is often be money.]


Money? If I defeat a monster, I might be able to get Eiichi-san or something? Wait that’s not yet in circulation yet so I guess that’ll be Yukichi-san?

{T/N Yukichi is the one in the current 10,000 yen note, Eiichi-san is the one who will replace Yukichi-san ion the 10,000-yen bill}

[The dungeon rewards are based on something the is considered valuable by the world in which it appears.
I some world the rewards might be food and in others it might be water or even air.
But on more advance civilization.
Money is often the rewards, though that’s not always the case.]

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