about the dungeon system]

Akane’s word made me think of a possibility

[Don’t tell me that demons can escape from the dungeon?]

[That’s unlikely, for the time being… there’s two ways for a demon to get out of the dungeon.
First is that to make them into card and its owner became a .
The one who would conquer the dungeon would receive several rewards depending on the difficulty of the dungeon the cleared.
Each conqueror would then gain the ability to manifest cards on the surface]

[I see, so in other words, after defeating this dungeon, I can take Akane out to the surface?]

[Yes, at that time you can take me out… as you wish]

[Well, I’m looking forwards to it.
Now, for the second way.]

I urged her to talk.
She’s certainly a beauty that can chase away any gravure idol or actresses.
Unfortunately, though she had the habit of mixing in colorful talks in between conversation.
Yes, it’s kind of a drawback to insert sexual talk in important conversation.

[After one revolution, the dungeon system would fully activate and the 666 dungeons would then appear around the world.
Humanity would then have 10 revolutions to conquer all the dungeon or else a demon stampede would occur and monster would overrun the world end masse.]

[Oh, come on! So, you’re telling me that if we don’t clear all the dungeons in 11 years, we’re doomed via a demon stampede?]

[Even though my memories are erased I knew that a lot of worlds that had suffered destruction at the hands of the dungeon system]

I have thought that I could just live inside the dungeon and have fun, but if it’s going to destroy the world in just 10 years then I can’t just ignore it.

[I had to make sure that nobody knows that I am the first contractor…]

[For now, I suggest that you concentrate in the Abyss dungeon as this dungeon have abundant supply of enhancement factor and I believe that you would definitely become stronger]

[hmm… is this < enhancement factor> you call the same with EXP that is mostly found in video game?]


Name: Kazuhiko Ezoe

Title: Contractor no.

Rank: F

Number of cards held: 0/∞

Skill: Card Gacha







[This rank thing over here is like a level, right? So, the enhancement factor is the experience value while the rank is the levels?]

[I don’t know what an RPG is, but ranks are strength indicator being F as the weakest and is comparable to an ordinary person then gradually increasing to E, D, C then up to SSS]

[So, if you defeat a monster and get enhancement factors then your rank will go up]

[No, it only goes up once you get stronger]

Something caught my attention on Akane’s words.

[Wait, if I defeat monster and gained enhancement factor my rank should go up and I’ll become stronger right?]

[The cause and effect are different.
The reason you rank up is because you get stronger, it not because you rank up that you get stronger.
Your body takes in enhancement factor that strengthen your physical abilities and if you train your body in this state, you can become stronger much faster than usual.
It also would improve muscle strength, increase reflex, recovers from illness, rejuvenate cell age etcetera.
In addition, the person might develop magic circuit enabling the use of magic]

Finally, I got it.
The strengthening system is more in line with reality than a game.
In game you powered up once you gained a level up but in this set up it means that if I work hard and become strong it will then reflect on my status.

[so that means that constant efforts are essential in order to grow stronger]

And I would help you in that.
I would also teach you how to fight.]

But for now, I need to prepare.
I’m not only going to remodel this room but also prepare some equipment for entering the dungeon]

I then returned Akane into a card and returned to the surface.

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