Dungeon Busters: Chapter 2: Let’s DIY the dungeon (B)

In the end preparation took a week to complete.
Hand rails are attached to the walls of the stair using industrial grade instant glue and board materials are laid using electric trolley.
I tried powering it from home but failed.
It can’t be help but to go use a large capacity battery.
Also, I need to be mindful on what would I put here as 10 months on the surface is equivalent to 10 years inside the dungeon.
Furniture, flooring and wall paper would be no problem but I should avoid putting precision tools and equipment here.

[I installed the handrail and the white wallpaper already.
The oak floorboard should be fine for a long time and this sofa and chairs are made with genuine leather, so I guess they last a decade with proper care, the same goes for the desk.
As for the PC and the lighting, it’s quite a pain in the ass to bring battery back and forth but with an electric dolly, it’s going to be fine.]

Finally, I now have a space that I can relax to.
In front of the dungeon, I put a large mud removing mat in case of a blood stain.
With the help of Akane cleaning this rom would be quite easy and I only need to do maintenance every week (surface time) since it’s about 2 years and a half in here.

[You transformed this safety room into your own workshop.
This sofa is very comfortable to sit on… Ufufufu, would you want to have a moment of lust with me here, Kazuhiko-sama? I’ll give you so much fun that you’d fall back on you back]

She said as she leaned on me.
I love women and Akane is an exceptional woman.
It’s not bad to drown on her embrace but I’m not young already and I don’t want to let this temporary sexual desire get in the way of what I need to do first.

[Sorry but I need to work so please return to you card first.
You are distracting me]


She looked quite angry, but then she went back to her card.
I picked it up and put it in a plastic case that was usually used to store cards from card games such as [Yu Gi Oh]

[This dungeon system will probably get popular among the Japanese.
Maybe card collectors may just appear as well in the future.
Anyway, I wonder what is this that I have.
It has no description even when I tried pressing the screen.
I guess I just have to figure it out on my own]

With my slippers being the only thing that is making sound inside this room, I sat down in front of my laptop and turned it on.

I left the dungeon with the large capacity battery and the backpack that contains my laptop and my documents.
I’ve been working for four hours but only two minutes had passed on the surface.
For a job like mine, the dungeon was the ideal place to work.

The garden makeover isn’t too bad either.
It was just right to add garden roof over it.
It helped prevent neighbors from seeing the entrance from their second floor.

With all my work for tomorrow done already I virtually have three days of rest now.
The next day I went back to the dungeon and do some final check of the diving tool with Akane.

[Slash-resistant vest, Slash-resistant long-sleeved shirts and pants.
Goggles, military grad gloves, dust mask, safety shoes and helmet.
Flashlight and shock proof watch in case of emergency.
Water-proof mountaineering bags.
Two-liter plastic bottles of water and eight solid meals for calorie intake.
First-aid supply, toilet papers, plastic bag and notebook and pen]

[There’s nothing that can be used as a weapon.
I also think you won’t need those lights….]

[I really want to get a gas mask just in case but it seems that it’s useless if you don’t know what gasses are present inside the dungeon]

[Please do not worry, the dungeon is basically nontoxic]

I nodded then prepare everything.
Then I put on my goggles and my dusk mask over.

[Shall we go?]

I stood in front of the metal door and grabbed the handles.
The door starts to open automatically.

[it’s bright than I thought and the air looks clean.
Do I even need the mask?]

After entering, we proceed little by little with Akane being on the front.
Her butt moves in front of me making me want her to wear some high heels.

[I can feel Kazuhiko-sama’s perverted gaze]

[Ah no.
it’s just that it’s not what I imagined.
It’s kind of a let-down…]

[The first layers are mostly littered with weak monster.
This is actually a very good place to start out since this dungeon is actually rated as A rank.
You might never know what might be in here.]

[I’ll be careful then.
I also need to map it out.]

I tried writing on a piece of paper, but Akane took it away from me.

[Please don’t underestimate my power.
I won’t get lost in a dungeon of this level.
Besides’ I’m starting to feel the presence of monsters.
Please pay attention towards the surrounding rather than the paper]

Her eyes aren’t smiling at all and all I can do is nod.

After a while she put her back against the wall and so did I.

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