the size of the bite is only as large of a dog bite and my flesh wasn’t torn off.
Also, thanks to my slash-resistant long sleeve shirt it was nothing more than just a tooth mark.

If I think about it calmly it nothing more than fighting a bare-handed one-meter-tall child.
Suddenly I felt enthusiastic and punched the goblin that came towards me with all my might.

[That feels good.
This is a first time I hit a person, no it’s not a person but a goblin.]

I kicked the goblin to the face and turned into smoke.

[How do you feel on your first time defeating a demon?]

I noticed that Akane had come to my side.
When I looked, there’s no more goblin corpse and smoke.
It looks like she lied to me in order to get me to fight

[It’s surprisingly easy.
Even I can fight with this]

[The first layer works like a bait to attract more divers.
Normally the first layer is usually just an insect and slimes that can easily be defeated by being trampled, but since it is an A Rank dungeon goblins are the one a appears on the first layer.  Still, you’re surprisingly strong Kazuhiko-sama, especially when you hit the goblin]

[Hmm? I guess so.]

Akane tilted her head at my subtle answer and then nodded while I touched my right hand over the military grade gloves as I smile mischievously.

[this is just to protect my fingers which is kind of a work tool and the dungeon system seems to agree with too.]

[That’s kind of a cheating.
As expected of master]

Underneath the gloves were steel brass knuckles.

After that, I began to actively hunt goblins.
Even if I can’t slash off their head like Akane does.
A certain amount of damage to the goblin would also do the trick and turn them into smoke.
I continued to hunt them for three hours.
It seems that those goblins sprung up as many as they could that I’m already counting into hundreds.

[What are we going to do? We already see almost all of the entirety of the first layer.
Do you want to return to the safety zone?]

[Yes, we should return though I suggest that we take a look at the second layer for a test.
Honestly, I didn’t expect the first layer to resemble a grid.]

The first layer of this dungeon is 800-meter square with the passage laid in a grid pattern.
There’s no chance for anyone to get lost in here, we proceed deeper while defeating the goblins that appeared and found the stair that leads to the second floor.
It’s a wider staircase if I would compare it to the stairs at the entrance and it looks like a stair that leads toa station platform.

[I don’t recommend that you proceed to the second level since the first layer is designed to bait intruders the second floor onward would be dangerous.
This is because most dungeon would want to fatten up the intruder then would try to gobble them up.
I suggest that you stay here till you reach E Rank]

[I see, then let’s go back and fight some more.
After we take a break at the safety zone we will go back in again.]


And before I knew it, I’m already in the lead

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