sure you are hungry ” he said

” what the … three days , how come , what the hell ” she said surprised and confused ”how , how did I end up here , how did you find me ” she asked as she took a seat opposite him

” I dont know , all I know is that I found you lying on the streets lifelessly ” he said ”do you remember anything that happened to you? ” he asked ”as a matter of fact , I do , but I rather not talk about it ” she said as she wiped the single tear that slid through her eyes,

”you will come around, food ? ” he asked as he heard the grumbling of her stomach ” I wont fight you on that , by the way , Im malia …. ”she said ”Tristan ” He said as he proceeded to the kitchen ” its so nice to meet you ” she said ” was it ?, you almost beat me to a pulp ” he said as a slight smile escaped his lips ” about that , Im sorry , I was just .. curious and somewhat worried ”she said playing with her fingers

”how about your parents, do they know your situation ” he asked ” no , I dont have parents, they do not want me ” she said in one breath


Unable to comprehend what she had told him , he decided to ask ”what , why ” he asked

”they dont want me ” she added ” why ” he asked as he approached her slowly ” Id rather not talk about it Tristan ” she said ” look , I know its a crazy turn of events for you , but malia , you cant stay here forever, you have to return one way or another, and I will only be able to help you if you tell me , why ?, why dint they want you ? ” he asked holding her arms , she slowly approached the dining table and drew a chair out , she sat and told Tristan to have a seat too ” fine , Ill tell you , after this , I hope you have second thoughts about taking me back . I do not have a family of my own , well almost. Im only an adopted child , you see , My father is a well known businessman, Gael culpa , His wife died some years ago but before she died , she gave birth to her first daughter , when she was ten years old , my father married my own mother whose husband also died , I was so young when my father left us , I didnt know anything until I was five , anytime I asked mum about dad , she just says that he is taking care of something , he will be back soon , but I didn see that happening . Until one day , the day that my world began to shatter ,

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