Escape To Paradise


(coughs) ”I need to get out of here ” she says as she crawls on the floor , she was at the middle of what seems to be a grave yard . she was hopeless and had lost all courage , after some hours of wandering Im the deserted grave yard. she finally saw street lights that indicated that she was out of that terrible place , she was walking like a lifeless human being or a zombie with controlled limbs. she wandered and wandered until she finally gave up , her knees gave out making her fall lifelessly to the ground, when suddenly a very bright light shone very heavily on her face . A young fine looking man stepped out of his car , looking tensed and somewhat worried for this woman laying lifelessly in front of him , she looked at him and whispered ”help me ” and she was out


The morning lights shone on malias face , she rubbed her eyes a few times before realizing that she was not in her home or in that dark terrifying coffin , she stood up from the large sized bed and noticed that she was just on robes , she was now very scared and dashed out of the room to the person who had raped her , when she opened the door , she saw him approaching her , that Guy , he looked so familiar, Well she didnt have time to think , she stormed towards him and started hitting his broad chest ” you , what did you do to me , you bastard. what the hell did you do to me huh? ” she asked furiously, He gripped her hands and looked at her mockingly

” what the hell are you yapping about , I saved your life and now you accuse me , how grateful you are lady ” he said .

”oh , I am sorry , I just got a little scared thats all , thank you though ” she said avoiding his gaze .

Her stomach grumbled hopelessly, The hunger had been killing her ever since she was locked in that coffin , she summoned some courage to go talk to her saviour about her food situation. As she walked down the stairs, she takes her time to admire each corner of her house , she admired the art work hung on every corner of the wall , his house had fine quality luxurious furniture, she loved the gentle aura that welcomed her , she loved the gentle off white colour paint used for the painting of the house , this whole house settings reminded her of her own home. sensing her presence , he looked at her for a few seconds and began ” you have been asleep for three days , Im sure you are hungry ” he said

” what the … three days , how come , what the hell ” she said surprised and confused ”how , how did I end up here , how did you find me ” she asked as she took a seat opposite him

” I dont know , all I know is that I found you lying on the streets lifelessly ” he said ”do you remember anything that happened to you? ” he asked ”as a matter of fact , I do , but I rather not talk about it ” she said as she wiped the single tear that slid through her eyes,

”you will come around, food ? ” he asked as he heard the grumbling of her stomach ” I wont fight you on that , by the way , Im malia …. ”she said ”Tristan ” He said as he proceeded to the kitchen ” its so nice to meet you ” she said ” was it ?, you almost beat me to a pulp ” he said as a slight smile escaped his lips ” about that , Im sorry , I was just .. curious and somewhat worried ”she said playing with her fingers

”how about your parents, do they know your situation ” he asked ” no , I dont have parents, they do not want me ” she said in one breath


Unable to comprehend what she had told him , he decided to ask ”what , why ” he asked

”they dont want me ” she added ” why ” he asked as he approached her slowly ” Id rather not talk about it Tristan ” she said ” look , I know its a crazy turn of events for you , but malia , you cant stay here forever, you have to return one way or another, and I will only be able to help you if you tell me , why ?, why dint they want you ? ” he asked holding her arms , she slowly approached the dining table and drew a chair out , she sat and told Tristan to have a seat too ” fine , Ill tell you , after this , I hope you have second thoughts about taking me back . I do not have a family of my own , well almost. Im only an adopted child , you see , My father is a well known businessman, Gael culpa , His wife died some years ago but before she died , she gave birth to her first daughter , when she was ten years old , my father married my own mother whose husband also died , I was so young when my father left us , I didnt know anything until I was five , anytime I asked mum about dad , she just says that he is taking care of something , he will be back soon , but I didn see that happening . Until one day , the day that my world began to shatter ,

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