My mum told me she was going to get married , I was so angry and devastated, I couldn understand why she wanted to remarry, but then I realised that she wanted me to have what other kids had :A father , but I was already better off without one .

Even though I was officially a daughter of Gael culpa , I couldn feel that happiness I felt when my father was still alive , I tried living with it but I just couldn , coupled with the fact that they treated me with disgust and disdain , I tried extremely hard to withhold for my mother but I just couldn , there were times I just wanted to give up but I just couldn .

one fine day , I discovered the most terrifying thing I could ever imagine , my father was running an illegal business , I took it upon me to end this madness, I confronted him showing him all the evidence I had gathered ,suddenly , I got hit by a very heavy substance and Then I blanked out .

I woke up in a tight , suffocating and very uncomfortable coffin , I tried my every best to free myself but all to no avail, I was losing my breath , I was dying , was I going to just die like this? is this my end ? All these crazy thoughts ran through my head . Not knowing what next to do , I folded my hand to a fist and with all the strength I had left in me I gave the coffin a punch, when it cracked , I felt a fresh renewal of hope in me , I was counting on the fact that if God really existed, he will not let me die just like that , I continued punching until the hole I cracked was to my fitting, I was weak and hungry , I walked lifelessly on the streets, I was clueless as to where I was heading to but I kept walking until I couldn walk anymore, I fell on the ground and looked up to the skies , ”fight for me ” I said and fainted , I hoped for fate to take me wherever it wants to , and for the first time, life was fair to me, It sent you , tristan , it sent you , so please , i beg you , dont take me back there , i dont like it there ,Im better off here , please ” she pleaded as tears filled her face . Tristan had never been this affected by any freaking thing , He was a kind of person that didn give a damn about any freaking person , but seeing this girl weep and cry in front of him hurt him to the core , he was angry, he was vengeful.

”shhh , you are safe here , alright, they wont find you here ” he said as he rubbed her arms to calm her down ” you wont take me back? ” she asked , he wiped her tears and said ” no , not until you are ready ” he said ” thank you so much ” she appreciated .

Tristan proceeded to the kitchen to prepare her something to eat when he heard her call his name disturbingly, he looked to see that she had already collapsed, worried , Tristan hurried to her and carried her to one of the rooms, he puts her down and hurriedly called the doctor .


The doctor arrived at Tristans in about thirty minutes, Tristan paced up and down the room like an helpless human ,the doctor finally looked at Tristan after some minutes of examination ” Guzman , whats wrong ”He asked the doctor noticing the disturbing look the doctor gave him ” Tristan, she is not looking good , Im am afraid to say but , she doesn have much time ” The doctor said ”time …. what time are you talking about , I dont understand ” He asked looking seriously confused ” well you see…. ” The doctor was about to finish his sentence when malia stirred in her sleep ” Ill just get back to you , Ill prescribe some medications for her and Ill have someone bring it to you ” He said and took the exit .

Malia was fully awake , she saw the doctor and Tristan having a serious conversation and she already guessed what happened ” Tristan , Im sick ” she said before he could even ask ” what sickness ” He asked ” leukaemia ” she said in more of a whisper . Hearing this , tristan turned to look at her ” does your family know? ” he asked focusing his gaze directly on her ”no ” she said in one breath wiping the single tear that dropped from her eyes ” look I completely understand if you dont want a sick woman around you , Ill understand I swear I will….. ” she was about to finish her sentence when he cut her off ” how have you been surviving? ” he asked in a much lower tone . Malia could feel goosebumps appearing on her skin , she had never seen anyone that angry , she was a kind of person that didn move with people so she had never seen the wrath of anger of any body , being the first time she had ever seen anything like this , it was like the ground will open and just swallow her up . she hesitated for a while before answering ” some pills ” she replied cutting her eye contact with him because she really didnt like what she was seeing, she thought this man was much nicer, but, he is damn mysterious , He was even more angry than she was.

Tristan couldn withhold the anger burning inside of him ,He was not at all angry with her but with those people who treated her worthlessly .

” Tristan, you heard the doctor right, there is no hope for me , Im going to die sooner or later ” she said even if he hurt her deeply ,Her father had also died of this sickness so she was preety sure that she wouldn survive , even If it killed her to know that she didn have much time left , she had already come to terms with it . She didn want to mention it to anyone because she didnt want anyone especially her mother to worry unnecessarily about her .

Tristan walked towards her , He slid the remaining strands of hair falling on her face behind her ears ” I promise , you will survive ” He said and turned to leave ” stay…. dont go ” with her tiny hands , she grabbed his wrist. He nodded and sat beside her and watched her drift to sleep ”You have committed no sin to deserve all this , I will do everything thing in my power to help you in any way I can , those monsters will regret what they have done to you ”He said .

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