” she said feeling proud of her self , ” He should be , he should know that there is no way you are going to let him take advantage of you , Im proud of you aunty ” kristine said and gave a big smile away ” I just hope that when I eventually find my daughter, she would be able to forgive me , I hope Im able to make it up to her ” she said ”I know my bestie, she will , she is not hard headed, I trust her ” Kristine said encouraging her ” Kristine, thank you so much for being here , only God knows what Ill do if you weren here by my side ” she said holding her hands, ” you know aunty , when both my parents died , you and malia became my second family , I consider you my mother and malia my sister, so thats why I hope , I sincerely hope that she is okay wherever she is ” she said as tears slid through her eyes ” I hope ” malias mother said


Tristan and malia were on their way home from the mall to get her clothes , the pharmacy to get her meds and the hospital for her check ups , he was about to start his car when malia exclaimed ”oh my God ” she screamed ” what is it ? ” Tristan asked alarmed , tracing her eyesight ”oh no … not again ” he said as he rolled his eyes and leaned on his car seat ” a play station, really ? ” he asked frustrated ” I just want to know how it feels like ” she said seriously pleading with him ” malia, you made me go to the supermarket to get you chocolates and then cotton candies and now …. this , malia, its getting late and besides , those activities could wear you out ” he said and sighed ”fine ” she said folding her arms and pouting , He found her behaviour quite amusing, every little actions of her was amusing that he could watch her do annoying and obnoxious things all day , she had those emerald green eyes that complimented to her beauty, those body curves and soft skin made her look like a beauty goddess, God really took a lot of time creating a human with such irresistible beauty , watching her look upset made him give a little smile away . As long as he wanted to watch her all day , he couldn bear seeing her all upset and especially now that things are not certain ”ok fine ” he said turning off the engine of the car , ”really!? ” her face beamed with happiness and joy . He could do anything to put that beautiful smile on her face , if anyone told him that he would be this attached to a woman in his life , he will deny it a thousand times ” yes yes ” he said and gave a long sigh ” I knew you couldn say no to me ” she said as she gave the biggest smile ever . This was the first time that she ever smiled in a very long time , the last time she had a big smile on was when her father will always buy her princess toys and bags of candies , she will hug him and give him a big peck on his cheeks , she felt that happiness she used to feel in the past with this guy , he never failed to make her happy , especially in the last days of her life , finally , when she found the man of her dreams she was just going to die (sigh) ” lets go ? ” he asked snapping her out of her thoughts ”hm ” she said nodding her head .

At the play station, he watched malia play all games available, he was quite amused because he has never seen a woman behave so childish, she was natural , she didnt have any reason to fake her personality. Tristan watched and observed her every move , the way she stuck her tongues out and bit her lips every now and then ”arrgh… I missed ” she said pouting her lips , noticing his gaze she asked ” why are you staring at me like that ? ” she asked feeling somewhat uncomfortable ”Im falling….. ” he said looking intently at her ”what? ” she asked totally confused ” huh…. I meant the rain is about to fall , we should get going ” he said walking ahead of her ” this guy ” she said punching the skin in between her brows .

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