21, Episode 3 This is Life (3)

Ye Qia gave Xia Zhi the feeling that he has never been lustful, although professional sensuality can never be considered the same sensuality, but he had a vague sense that Xia Zhi had a type of baffling abstinence…… No, a sense of control.
Just take this morning as a reference ba, he has never noticed what Ye Qia had before, then scared that when he woke up early in the morning, sneakily lift up a corner of the quilt, turned on the flashlight that he has prepared since the night before and conduct a fine inspection, and still was not able to see even a trace of an erection. 

In his thoughts, Ye Qia’s little brother should be the “Godly Root”, if it wants to be hard it will be hard, if it wants to be soft it will be soft, once the interest comes it can even play the “Symphony of Destiny” on the piano or something. 

If it were not for Ye Qia saying that on the first night of their moving in together that they had slept together, he almost would have thought that Ye Qia had an erectile dysfunction──even right now, he still has some doubt, because on the second day he completely had no feeling. 

According to Ye Qia’s description, their love-making session lasted three hours, even if they didn’t sleep together, constipation for three hours also should some some sort of feeling right? No matter how good Ye Qia’s technique was, this point is unarguable, even if right now without using a dick, in the past more or less got accumulation is also normal. 

Fine, I’ll admit that his technique is good, but even if this technique is inevitably too good, I’m not a rubber doll…… It can’t be that Ye Qia’s that thing is small? 

Both of them when showering and going to the toilet also touched before, although the rented house was big, but there’s only one master bedroom bathroom, during the heavy winter nobody would want to go to the living room bathroom.
For the sake of oneself and also for the sake of the other party, at the start of their cohabitation Xia Zhi strictly conducted a visual inspection of Ye Qia’s big or small, when not erect it’s not a good estimate, so he thought to start estimating in the morning, in the end……

The failure does not need to be talked about again, today’s success is already at our fingertips!

Xia Zhi tried his best to cover up his pair of gleaming eyes, tried his best to supplely say, “What about now?”

Ye Qia took his ice-cold hand and put it in between Xia Zhi thighs, touched it, and calmly said, “I don’t sleep with wilted men, if can’t insert in the other person it has no meaning.”

Fuck me!

Xia Zhi instantly found it hard to bear the boiling wolf’s blood, he asked, “When I slept with you, you didn’t put it in me?”

“I did.”

“How was it? How was it?” Xia Zhi clung onto Ye Qia’s shoulders, excitedly asking, “How was my expression?”

“Very thin, very little, and very weak.”


One by one in succession, the three words completely tore apart Xia Zhi’s self-esteem into broken pieces, Ye Qia still seemed to be unwilling, one side using his hand to lightly rub up and down trying to incite his life root, one side bent over at his ear softly said, “Actually, your body’s figure isn’t too bad, when I touched until your stomach, your contracting abdominal muscles are very pretty, rising up and down.
The muscles in your inner thigh twitched, once I put it in, your toes curled up scraping the sheets, the next day my back was full of your claw marks.” He stopped for a while, he supplemented, “You also punched my face, if it were not for me dodging it fast, the next day it wouldn’t just be your claw marks.”

Xia Zhi’s hand that was grabbing onto Ye Qia’s shoulder stiffened, slanderingly trying to shift the blame he said, “My sleeping bed habits… aren’t that great.”

“You also bit my nipple, it hurt a bit but it was very lewd, your tongue is very pretty, especially the tip of your tongue, a bright red, very beautiful.” Ye Qia started to slowly rub Xia Zhi’s body, voice husky, in the air leading a thin pulsation, “You kept touching me, still are shrinking back, your insides…… which aren’t hot and not tight.”

Xia Zhi wanted to kill someone.

“Can’t be helped, whatever I say in the end sounds like I’m at work.”

“En en, I understand, continue.”

“Not continuing anymore.” Ye Qia sat back up, carrying a faint disappointment. 

“Why?” Xia Zhi pulled on Ye Qia, face full of unwillingness, “Continue ah.”

“You’re not hard.”

Xia Zhi was one hit K.O, after glowering at Ye Qia for a few seconds, flew out of the bed and rushed into the living room, took out that packet of Viagra and tore it open, without hesitation he dryly swallowed one pill──almost choked to death.
Not easy to force it down, like a slip of smoke he rushed back on the bed, like a young tree slipping off his clothes like a frenzy in the wind, he rubbed twice, and with a loud cry, “Come at me!”

Viagra is meritorious! It has taken effect! 

Ye Qia sat on the bed with his clothes disheveled, in his hand he took up the tablet once more, and the moving motion of the furry ball has once again appeared. 

“…… Can you not play this game!?”

Ye Qia calmly looking at the tablet, “Wait for a minute.”

“A minute?”

“En, after one minute if you are still hard then I’ll fuck you.”

“Fuck you” these words made Xia Zhi rise up with force and spirit, he has never loved this phrase so much before, if normally there was someone who wanted to say this to him, he would straight away brandish his fist and flatten that person. 

He excitedly, patiently, anticipatedly…… One minute later, he cradled his little brother and crawled on the bed screeching. 

“I…… Fuck…… Why is…… it…… so…… painful?”

“I also think so.” Ye Qia calmly got rid of the furry ball, “Generally, if one comes across that sort of issue it would usually leave a shadow.”

Xia Zhi grinded his teeth as he said, “I…… Fuck…… you.”

“Sure, I’ll give you my daisy, within the time limit of half an hour, come on.”


In reality, Xia Zhi is only thinking of using a blade to chop off his little brother──it hurts too fucking much! 

The second day, Xia Zhi wore a frustrated face to work, even the usually harsh director imposingly patted his shoulder, saying, “Is your dick still fine ah?”

Xia Zhi was startled, widened his eyes, “You, you ask this for what?”

“You clenched your legs together when you walk looking like a gay dude, and when you sat down you held your cock like an eunuch.”

“…… Director, can we be a bit more civilised?”

“Facing creditors is enough civilisation already la, facing you still civilised for what?” Director winked his eye, “Tell me what happened to you, everyone is quite anxious at this point of time.”

“I am also quite anxious.”

“Really?” Director slipped a sheet of paper over, “Then go back to work ba, use your worryful emotion to infect the clients, perhaps they’ll return the money.
How is it, this sentence of mine, isn’t it civilised?”

Xia Zhi melancholily looked down on the paper, he stared blankly: the client’s name was Wang Mian, and the photo was Queen’s neutral face.

He then looked at the amount: 1.08 billion.


Fuck, what did this guy do?

Client wasn’t written, so usually these kind of private cases are managed by the director, Xia Zhi is still not qualified to know.
His only task was to get the money back, he could cheat, beg, use a “civilised” move, the only thing he could not do is to was to forcefully take it back.

“Director, what’s the matter with this person?”

“Gambling debt.”

This person went mad already is it?

Xia Zhi pondered for a while, still has no clue, wanted to first ask Ye Qia, but as he thought about how Queen’s hospitalisation also didn’t tell people, in the end he made up his mind to first ask Queen.
As an acquaintance, he didn’t bring along the company’s provisionary “bodyguard”, these “bodyguards” are from another “debt collection department”, if they don’t want to pay up the cash then call on these “bodyguard” helpers to go on the field, as for the means? That is the “not very civilised, but certainly has some connotations” move.

The address written on the bill was not too far, urban luxury serviced apartments, Xia Zhi first gave a call.
What surprised him was, Queen actually picked up, with a voice full of calmness, “I have some things to attend to now, come back in two hours time, I’ll be home.”

He felt that it was a bit weird, but he took the sentence “Aren’t you at the hospital?” and swallowed it back down, and promised.


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