23, Episode 3 This is Life (5)

After Queen’s matter was settled, in this short period of time, Xia Zhi felt that Ye Qia was a little bit different.
It was a unfathomable feeling, also not a very specific expression, what you needed to do is still what you needed to do, but, everyday after he came home from work, he noticed Ye Qia sitting on the balcony, looking outside at the picture of a millions lights in a daze.
The lonely balcony, a solo back, you can see that he is not relishing.

Is he still affected? He pondered.

This roommate, he is rich in sympathy, naturally, he thought that there should be something to be done.
Unfortunately, before he could come up with a solid plan, the end of the year arrived.

End of the year ah end of the year, naturally need to clear up all the events that happened through the year, be it your debts or your hatred, as long as you create a solution for it.
In a while, Xia Zhi became needlessly busy, the whole day he was out running back and forth, in the morning he got on the plane, in the afternoon he got on the train, in one day he had crossed many cities, his whole body’s air had become perfused with the elite businessman’s aura, hard to sell that kind of posture.

Like this, the things to make Ye Qia happy have been put aside; working to earn money is the foundation of life, for the sake of a piece of money, become a hard to die hero.
When he whole-heartedly managed to temporarily put an end to his work load, only then did he suddenly realise that for quite a period of time Ye Qia has not been in his field of vision already.
Now that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t see his face, but normally can’t think of it, and when they do meet, they also don’t eat together, just a few words of, “The toilet in the house broke, need to get someone to fix it”, and the like.

What is Ye Qia doing recently?

Holding on to this thought, Xia Zhi, who was in another city, has just finished collecting it’s debts, took the initiative to purchase flight tickets and come home in advance.
Doing like this, as a GAY it’s a “large risk”, once opening the door and finding that your partner is lying stark naked with another two males, a preparation of classic lens is in need—can’t say for sure, but maybe even one of them would be wearing a large sized black stockings.

He just took his chance, deciding promptly, even him when enraged with fury can’t fight against three adulterous and kinky husbands, crestfallenly carrying his luggage and leaving.
Fortunately, the number of this type of occurrence is not many, if not, he would probably need to be locked up in prison now.

Standing in front of the door of his house, although he could not hear the inside of the house, Xia Zhi’s small little heart is still flapping about! Flapping! Jumping straight in, he was rather nervous.

Picking up the key, he tried really hard to open the door with as little sound as possible, he stood on his tiptoes and walked gently into the house: the living room was empty, the kitchen was empty, the door to the study was open, also empty.

Could it be that he’s not home? Not right, the car is here.

He went out nearby? Not right, his clothes are still here.

Where’s the person? Where did the person go?

When he was imagining things randomly, cold and defenselessly, a subtle groan creeped into his ear, his heart was shocked, like a thief he headed to the bedroom to find out.
The bedroom door was open by a seam, the closer he got, the clearer he heard the loud sound of the moans, gracefully twirling around, similar to an AV’s…… Fuck, AV!?

Suppressing his wildly beating heart, Xia Zhi carefully pushed open the door, one look and he saw an extremely blinding picture, “Damn, what are you looking at?”

A large home theatre device, don’t know since when, has it been erected at the foot of the bed, almost occupied a whole wall, the female partner and the male partner’s body’s minute microfibre details all could be seen.
It could be said that to film an erotic video, one should have a bit of capital, but if you magnify a good-looking person ten times, it will look like some kind of monstrosity, not to mention filming that sort of place.

Ye Qia turned his head as he heard, a bit confusedly he said, “How come you are back? Thought you said you will reach at night?”

“I came to test you if you stole a man.” said Xia Zhi straightforwardly, once he stepped into the room the bright sound of the female lead’s cry frightened him for a bit, “How are you watching GV ah, watch AV for what?”

“There’s a client who wants AVPLAY.” Ye Qia had a face saying of course, “I need to prepare a bit.”

Xia Zhi aimed his eye at the screen, can’t help but feel nauseous, “Her tits are larger than my face, you don’t feel uncomfortable?”

“Why didn’t you say that the guy’s dick is thicker than your arm?”


Xia Zhi changed his clothes as he looked at the screen from time to time, needless to say, using such a large screen to watch porn, it’s just an unspeakable terror.

“You bought this stuff?”


“Why did you buy such a big one?”

“The sound system is good.”


Xia Zhi recalled a matter, in the past, Ye Qia seemed to say that he likes watching popcorn theatres, especially the ones with good sound systems.

“My holidays start tomorrow, want to go to the cinema?”

Facing Xia Zhi’s proposal, Ye Qia just made a “wu” sound from his nose, fully focused on the screen.
He stared for a while, really can’t stand it anymore, he moved closer to the front of the screen, towards the pile of disks he picked a few, only to realise that they were all porn.
There were GV, AV, there were even weird hunting ones……

“Are there even any of your female clients that will like human beasts?”


“Sometimes!?” Xia Zhi raised his voice, “Where did you get this pet from ah?”

Ye Qia eyes finally moved, tiltingly glanced at Xia Zhi, silent for a few seconds, he said, “How come you are suddenly interested about my work?”

“Uh, just randomly asking.” Xia Zhi also knew that he himself had gone over the top, resentfully lowered his tone of voice, “It’s nothing, you continue, don’t need to bother me.”

Both of them sat side by side at the foot of the bed on the long fuzzy blanket, watching the female lead moaning on the extremely large screen, the male lead roughly gasping, the evening sun setting in the west outside the window, dusk was sinking in, really not having any fun…… That’s weird!

Although Xia Zhi appeared to be calm and composed, on the inside he was already boiling with rage; he sat there while his brain was in rapid operation, but no matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t think of a way to break this deadlock.
His brain still hasn’t calculated out an outcome, and from the side of his ear came a low voice, “Xia Zhi.”


Xia Zhi opened his mouth and responded, turned his face over, and his nose touched something.
He widened his eyes, only then did he realise Ye Qia’s head had moved over, both of them stuck together in this close manner, some air escaped from his mouth, and it was sucked into Ye Qia’s lungs, entangled extremely ambiguously.


He had just only spoken this word, Ye Qia’s lips came over, his soft lips were slightly open, just barely containing his lower lip.
Saliva and a slightly sweet taste flowed over, like a seductive person’s enticement and also like a gentleman’s invitation.
This kiss started a bit abruptly, when it ended it made him a little reluctant, so he extended his neck and sucked a few times, like a hungry cat that has been lured by food.

When the kiss ended, he gazed at the person right in front of his eyes, and whispered, “What is it?”

“You can be hard already.”

Such an obvious request, if Xia Zhi still couldn’t understand then those thirty years that he has lived has been for nothing!


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