26, Episode Four – Ye World and Xia World (2) 

Crushing Xia Zhi’s beliefs and ideas, it is a BDSM get-together, obviously, everyone is going to be dressed up in some weird manner for sure, using a rope to lead a slave, one side had various toys and the other were androgens scattered about in the four corners of the room, no wonder it’s called a BDSM get-together ah!

Xia Zhi had been driven over to meet with Taotie before the event, having a different type of small citizen breath with Ye Qia.
Taotie lived a lowkey luxurious life; based on his visual inspection, the market value of the house was at least 500 million.
In addition to that, having the money doesn’t mean that you are able to buy it, because it was previously the government owned city-centre villa district, so not just anyone can use it.

Thus, the one sitting opposite him kissing Taotie; his identity had some conjecture, a man sitting in such a high position actually dares to establish this sort of relationship, he really doesn’t want his life anymore.
There was another one, this man absolutely for sure is married already ah, could it be an affair?

He hadn’t had the chance to ask yet, and Ye Qia already slipped away to receive the slaves.
Taotie is quite kind, after informing him of what to watch out for, he brought him into a terrifyingly large dressing room, and started to dress up: an ancient Egyptian skirt, a heavy-ass sun-ray shaped gold collar, a thong and some Roman strappy leather shoes, that was his whole outfit.


Xia Zhi completely didn’t think that he needed to dress up as well; so he was very hesitant for a while.
However, after he saw that the slaves only wore a piece of cloth covering the crotch he was very relieved, after all, isn’t it the same as going for a swim? Taotie was quite suited to being dressed up as an Egyptian slave owner, his bald head was shiny and bright, dazzling him blind.

When they arrived at the get-together venue, his eyes were opened once more, this private club occupies quite a large space; after entering the doors, twenty minutes later only did they arrive at their location.
There were rows and rows of trees lined up on the three floors; there were even patrolling troops on duty, there was no need to worry about privacy.

But—Xia Zhi wanted to say “but” again, still, shouldn’t just let him be clothed like this, standing at the door leading the slave, like an idiot standing there for an hour ah! After the other assistants came and lead the slaves he felt even more stupid, because the other assistants and slaves wore suits and leather shoes; he was the only one in a different and weird attire!

Because it is the sun room, it isn’t cold, but like this, isn’t it way too weird? Why is it only me that is dressed like this? In addition to that, why are the other assistants and slaves all standing at the entrance? Or is it this sort of dumbly standing in line activity? It’s not like we’re welcoming any guests!

Xia Zhi stood still over there like this for an hour, the only one who was worse than him were the slaves, half-kneeling for an hour.

When Ye Qia finally appeared, he immediately had the seed of impulse implanted in his mind to rush over roaring and grabbing his neck.

Where were the handsome men? Where were the beautiful people? Where were the abs? Where were the outstanding butts? Where’s the live-action GV? Also where were the high-class free food and various benefits? You lied to me, dammit!

Right when he anxiously wanted to take step over, Ye Qia’s gaze glanced at him, his eyes carrying a thick and heavy warning.
The look this time was a lot more obvious than any other looks in the past; he choked on his own foamy saliva, and stiffly retracted his leg.

Today, Ye Qia was dressed up in an extremely dashing manner, a hundred and eighty six centimetres in height, his solid muscles packaged in a form-fitting formal dress, his unsmiling face was majestic, his whole person exuded an aura that was difficult to get close to.
At his side, there was a man that Xia Zhi did not recognise leading another unrecognisable man, it should be the assistant and the slave.
They looked like the emperor’s bodyguard.
As expected, the ones being brought out in the get-together must all have some kind of standards; the assistant and the slave were one above the other in kinds of handsomeness, the air was freezing, the appearance of a refusal of people ten light years away.

Ye Qia didn’t look at anyone and entered the house.


Xia Zhi felt his teeth were a bit itchy, now he thoroughly understands, Ye Qia is persecuting him right now! He is definitely persecuting him! Just when he was about to rush into this powerful character, like the live image of some “2014 World Economic Trends Conference” commotion at that place, finally someone came to notify them; Taotie called him in.

Xia Zhi let loose a large breath, pulled on the rope in his hands and headed inside.
This “rope” was very heavy, the outside was embellished with sapphire gems, really a magnificent splendor of Egyptian style, but when attached to a live person’s neck it wasn’t too comfortable, add on the fact that the collar was also pure gold, it was also much thicker and heavier compared to the one he was wearing…… He quite admires this slave as he could wear it without a change in his expression.

He had thought that once he had entered the house, after handing the slave over to Taotie, then he could go and eat, drink, and be merry.
As a result, once he entered, he realised that he became the whole field’s focal point.

This is a get-together with mostly males, looking around the black pressuring piece.
At this moment, the attention of these men came upon him, if it were the sun, it would have blinded his eyes for sure.
His brain blanked for a few seconds, however, as someone who has been “gathered around being cursed by the debtors”, he still held onto his facade, with his head held high and his chest out, he walked over to Taotie.

Even when he walked past Ye Qia he kept staring forwards without turning his head.

After handing over the golden rope to Taotie, he moved a step elsewhere, silently removing himself from the centre of focus.
Taking this opportunity, his eyes roved in a circle, immediately he saw Ye Qia look at him the same.

Both of their visions collided in mid-air, he secretly flipped him the middle finger, then he saw the corner of Ye Qia’s mouth cocked undetectably, and quickly looked back to where he was looking.
Taotie was now giving a speech, using English, his English has already since long ago been returned to his teachers, so he completely didn’t understand a word, and could only put on an appearance that he was listening to the leadership instructions.
When the slave was stripped naked, hung and tied into a large font, only then was he a little bit excited—the show has finally begun!

At this moment, his back was lightly poked, the he who thought it was a misconception did not move.
Who knew that, the very next second, an ice-cold hand would extend into the bottom of his “skirt”.

Fuck, it’s rubbing, salty pig hand[1]!? This brother really has infinite charm ah!

After Xia Zhi finished sighing, he was just about to resist, when his nose picked up a familiar smokey scent.
He immediately relaxed himself, allowing the hand in his “skirt” to touch here and there. I must say, this hand technique is quite good ah, he can’t help but to have some fluttering desires, secretly sighing: if normally Ye Qia would be willing to “practise his profession” it would be so much better.
Sometimes, he really deeply hates himself for seeing the real Ye Qia.

You had better give me some casual work, let me enjoy it for a bit too ah! If you have any money that you can’t get back, I’ll absolutely do it for you, free of charge!

Xia Zhi silently criticised while unconsciously leaning backwards, just feeling that the embrace from the person behind him was a little more solid than what he had expected, hard and solid like a rock.

Could it be that today Ye Qia added a fake abs cushion?

He hasn’t thought out a reason why, when suddenly the cracking of a whip frightened him, at the same time, he heard the sound of Ye Qia’s voice, “It’s been a while since we’ve met.”

Xia Zhi surprisedly stared at Ye Qia who was standing in front of him on his left, his face unimpressed.
He was dazed, and rushed forward instantly without thought, twisted his head for a look, and realised that the one standing behind him was a golden haired, blue eyed, white person; saw him looking past him, still wearing a toothy grin, a row full of sparkly white teeth.


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