28, Episode Four Ye World and Xia World (4) 

“I’m very fine.” Ye Qia’s expression was different than usual, causing people’s hearts to feel a chill.
However, the Xia Zhi who believes that Ye Qia is a connoisseur of bravado still doesn’t know what to believe in his heart, “Let go.”

The perverted salty pig let out a mocking laugh, raising his hand lightly, as if surrendering.
Xia Zhi only felt Ye Qia use his strength to pull, but he involuntarily rushed forward, flying into Ye Qia’s arms.
Using his regular observation to check, Ye Qia was also not a super robust person; so when he was hit by this incoming rush, he swayed minutely, though he was still stable, standing on his feet; he didn’t move a step.

“Teacher, is he your slave?”

“I’m certain that you’ve seen him leading the host’s slave for today.”

“In that case, is he today’s host’s slave?”

Ye Qia pulled on Xia Zhi’s hand, and threw another sentence, “You still have a lot more to learn,” then turned and like a flash, disappeared.
The perverted salty pig did not chase after them, just smiling in return, waving his hand goodbye from behind.

Xia Zhi turned his head back for a look while he pondered.
When they arrived at a secluded place, devoid of people, he immediately pulled on Ye Qia’s shoulder, anxiously asking, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing big.” Ye Qia’s face was calm, but Xia Zhi could see the obvious “I-don’t-want-to-talk-about-it” expression on his face, “You go get some food to eat, Taotie will prepare them for you.”

“Hey!” Xia Zhi tugged on the Ye Qia who wanted to walk away, seizing his not-cheap collared shirt, frowning his brows, his eyes cold, asking, “Am I your boyfriend or not?”

Ye Qia hesitated for a good few seconds, and then in a low-tone he said, “You are.”

“Then this person who has some sort of relationship with you, has already touched and fondled the surface of this old person’s butt, and you’re actually just giving me a sentence that it’s okay and nothing’s wrong?” When he spoke until here, Xia Zhi inexplicably felt that his butt was cold[1], the thong underneath the skirt made absolutely no difference whether one wore it or not; outside on the lawn, it can be considered as if the wind blew his balls cold, “Are you going to tell me or not!”

“Not telling.”


All the words that Xia Zhi had thought out and wanted to say were all stuck in his throat, he couldn’t even utter a word.”

That’s not right! According to all sorts of logic, at this moment, shouldn’t it be you revealing your heart, speaking up about all the sad things that make your heart sour?


“You should also be looking at what kind of place this is!” Ye Qia quite furiously and vexedly slapped away Xia Zhi’s hand, “We’ll discuss it at home!”

Oh, so it was this reason ah.

Only then did Xia Zhi relax and feel relieved, loosening his hand and trailing off, foraging for food.
His gaze wandered about everywhere in the venue, but he did not come across any familiar faces, not a single trace of all those performing arts celebrities and the like, it was really strange.
It is reasonable to say that in this sort of situation, if a few small celebrities and the like were to attend, it would be considered as normal, or is it that celebrities don’t really get involved in this circle?


Once he heard this voice, Xia Zhi just couldn’t hold back and endure his desire to scold and curse someone; without a care he said, “Is it over or not?”

“Why?[2]” The perverted salty pig smilingly asked, “Why does it need to end?”

“I am not familiar with you.” He had intended to expose his relationship with Ye Qia, but after he considered it another three more times later, in the end Xia Zhi still changed his words and asked, “Why do you want to come pester me?”

“The shape of your butt is extremely good.” The perverted salty pig shrugged his shoulders, with a clear easy-going laid-back manner.
He was quite handsome, with a high nose and deep eyes, after dressing up it would naturally attract people.
Upon seeing Xia Zhi’s unhappy face, he grinned as he spoke, “Let me touch one more time, surely you won’t be so stingy ba?”

Nonsense, this old man’s butt is perky without a doubt! Even Ye Qia has praised it before!

He was thinking like this in his heart, though he put on a frosty expression on his face.
If it weren’t for this place being inconvenient to act, he would’ve showed his hands already for sure.
Recalling back the action of the hand that was moving at its own will in between his legs just now, although he is not that type of untouchable person, but this sort of attitude where regardless of whether one consents or not just takes whatever one wants will still make people displeased, so he put on a fake smile on the outside saying, “Then, if I were to touch you twice, surely you wouldn’t mind right?”

He didn’t expect, the perverted salty pig would shrug both his shoulders and say, “My pleasure.[3]”

“…… I don’t speak to hooligans.”

The perverted salty pig smiled mockingly, taking up a glass of champagne and just like that, like a ghost, attached himself closely and followed Xia Zhi around.
After some ten minutes, he was finally exasperated and stopped in his steps, asking, “What are you doing?”

“I just want to get to know you better.”

“I’m not interested in hooking up[4] with you.”

“Cannons[4]?” The perverted salty pig stared blankly, “Cannons are trending in the circle right now?”

Could it be that hook-ups are not trending in the BDSM circles?

Xia Zhi blinked his eyes, boarded up his face and said, “In short, don’t you come bother me.”

“Oh, the little pretty man has gotten mad!”

This form of address made Xia Zhi fight against the cold immediately.
He stared ruthlessly at the perverted pig, balling up his fists tightly, glancing a few times in Ye Qia’s direction, but in the end he still endured and suppressed this breath of his.

Ye Qia, look at how much this old man is thinking of you! You must compensate me when we get back!

Ignoring this butt-following bug at his side, Xia Zhi went to greet Taotie.
After bringing him some food and handing him a present, he fled the venue, his own personal driver** fetched him home to his residence.
His clothes had long since been washed clean and put into a bag; he changed in the car, not wanting to let him go home shirtless and barefoot, however, that pure golden collar also cannot give him just like that ah.

After entering the house, he took a hot bubble bath and changed into some comfortable pajamas.
With this day being counted as having been concluded, he lay on the bed, after thinking for a bit he felt that he was a bit shaken.
This gathering is not so much a gathering, it was more like some sort of ritual, it wasn’t much different from a cult membership and the like.
That is, there were no hot dances, no handsome guys, don’t even expect any blurry lights and explosive music, but just a group of suit and leather guys bringing along other suit and leather guys, gathering together to watch Taotie whip a man and give a speech, however boring you want it to be, it would be that boring.

Heaving a sigh, Xia Zhi flipped over his body without a purpose, playing with Ye Qia’s tablet, playing and playing and he fell asleep like that.
When he woke up with a shock, he saw Ye Qia’s face less than five centimetres away from his own.

He stretched his body, clenching his fists for a few seconds.
Suddenly he felt Ye Qia move closer, rubbing the tip of his nose against his for a bit, a warm breath passing along the surface of his skin, then he slowly relaxed, “You’re back?”

“En.” Ye Qia’s voice was a bit exhausted, “Traffic jam, was a bit late.”

Only now did Xia Zhi realise that Ye Qia had already changed his clothes, his hair was still a bit damp; it was obvious that he had been home for a while already.
He had long since suppressed a whole stomachful of questions, so he asked immediately, “What’s up with that guy from today?”

“Didn’t I already say before, he……”

He interrupted Ye Qia, saying, “Why are you staring at me?”

Ye Qia pursed his lips in low spirits, after a few seconds he said, “He spoke with Taotie today.”


“He wants you to be his slave.”

“Fucking hell!” Xia Zhi was startled, he leaped up, “Who does he think he is[5]!?”

“En, Taotie refused on behalf of you, said you were a Master.”

Xia Zhi got startled again, after pondering for a while, he asked, “Why did he say I’m a Master? Couldn’t he just say that I’m unwilling and then it’ll be fine already?”

“Of course not, playing returns play[6], if it exceeds the legal boundaries it will still be troublesome.” Ye Qia sighed, “This situation of yours is quite a pain to deal with, we don’t wish for you to have too much contact with him; he is someone from within the circle, in just a bit he will be able to see through where things stand with you.”

“So what if he can see, let him see, what is there not to be understood!”

“The event that you attended today was the ceremony of binding the Master and the Slave.
The reason why it was so grand was because this Slave’s identity is very high.
Surely you also understand ba, if it is said afterwards that the Taotie who is a Master had actually found someone from outside the circle to be his assistant, what do you think will be the result?”

Xia Zhi didn’t know what he should say.



[1] cold (涼), this word, while it is most often used to describe cold, can also mean discouraged, or disappointed, so the author is making some sort of a pun here

[2,3] he spoke English here

[4] (約炮) translates to cannons, which is slang for hook ups

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