46, Episode Six – Accumulated Things (3)

After Jia Jia had fainted, Xia Zhi fell in a daze.
A few seconds of looking at Ye Qia later, he said, “If you really are from the triad, do you want to come work at my company?”

Ye Qia gave a start, laughed out with a “puchi” sound, shaking his head as he said, “You are actually still so relaxed, are you not afraid that I’ll sell you out?”

Xia Zhi pouted, mumbling, “We’re already so close to each other, is there still anything left to sell.”

Ye Qia’s gaze slowly softened, letting out a sigh, saying, “When I accepted this friend of yours as a client, I was still a newbie with not enough experience, and could only pick up some orders on the network; that is, the type of clients that are just like this friend of yours.
I wanted to leave a deep impression on him, asking him if he had any preferences, and he said he wanted some rape play.
I then hired a couple of male prostitutes, pretending to kidnap him from the underworld.” He paused, he was helpless and also found it funny as he said, “I didn’t know how to go about things at that time, only thinking about making it more realistic.
So without prior notice to him, and also weaving an especially round story with loopholes, I said that I was part of the underworld who pretended to be a Master to get close to him, because he had once offended a certain big shot, so people came to him for trouble……”

Ye Qia couldn’t continue on anymore, because Xia Zhi was supporting himself on the bathroom door, laughing wildly much like a madman, pounding on the door as he laughed, his whole body shaking just like he had been given an electric shock, “I, I can’t anymore…… Hahaha, I’ll tell you, this, this guy is terribly afraid of gangsters, hahaha, when walking in the street, he saw, when he saw any person with tattoos he would hide as far as he could, he didn’t even dare to glance at them.
I kept laughing mockingly at him, so it turns out that this was the reason, hahaha! This is too funny!”

Ye Qia’s rare awkward look slipped out in his gaze, “At that time, he resisted extremely fiercely, but I had assumed that he was cooperating with it, persevering and I continued until the end.
Finally, when I released him from his bounds, he jumped up and then ran off.
I have never managed to see him since, his number has also been changed, speaking about it, he actually still owes me some money ne.

Xia Zhi laughed and laughed until he suddenly choked, raising his head and saying, “Did you sleep with him before?”

Ye Qia’s gaze became slanted again, “If that were the case?”

“If that were it then there’s also no big deal ah!” Xia Zhi immediately put on an ignorant look, “If you’ve slept together then you’ve slept together, me and him have also almost slept together before ne!”

“Oh?” Ye Qia raised an eyebrow, “What happened?”

“It’s nothing big la, we were both drunk, just realising that we were both bare after waking up, but based on feeling alone it should be that we didn’t do anything.”

“That is to say, you are also not sure if you’ve slept together with him before or not?”

“I feel that my memory shouldn’t be wrong…… Wait a minute, wasn’t I asking you if you slept with him before?”

“Didn’t.” Ye Qia rolled the whites of his eyes at him, “No one has ever slept with him before, because it was ‘interrogation with torture’, not a one-night stand.”

Xia Zhi released a breath in his heart.
When facing with the Jia Jia who had just woken up, the sympathy in his heart increased by a part.

“It’s been hard on you, hiding from the chasing murderers from the underworld for so many years…… Pfft!” Xia Zhi held his mouth, trembling as he said, “Ac, actually it’s not too bad, think about it, didn’t you also learn from this, learn quite a bit from this? So it turns out that the reason you have been diligently training hard on your fighting abilities is because of this ah! I’m saying that you have so much perseverance, even without needing it for work you still train it.”

After Jia Jia heard all the consequences, his whole person became wooden, sitting on the toilet for half a day without any facial expression and without saying a word.
To him, the way that things had developed regarding this matter was completely out of his expectations, all the knots that had formed in his heart over the course of many years had actually been solved and untangled in this manner, it truly was unexpected results.
After the initial shock, his soul slowly returned to him.

“Fuck your ancestors for eighteen generations!” Jia Jia roared explosively in anger, standing up from the toilet brimming with momentum, broke open his mouth and cursing madly, “I’m going to kill you ah!”

Xia Zhi abruptly blocked in front of Ye Qia, using two hands to block Jia Jia’s fists, saying in a loud voice, “Don’t be rash don’t be rash! You haven’t lost much in all these years, right? You see, your figure is so good, the work that you’re involved in is also not bad……”

“I’ve been hiding and sneaking about for fucking days, goddammit, this is called good ah!” Jia Jia eyes were already tearing up, “How could you play with someone like this!”

“I indeed do have some responsibility for the matters that occurred in that year.” Saying until here, Ye Qia paused for a bit, “However, Mr.
Jia, I should remind you a bit, you have given me a plan before in the past.”

Jia Jia was startled, asking, “A plan?”

“Yes, written on a piece of restaurant paper, describing in detail the manner that you wanted to be kidnapped and the style of being tied up as well as the actions when you were to be raped.” Ye Qia observed Jia Jia’s expression, a bit accidentally said, “You couldn’t have forgotten about it ba?”

Jia Jia frowned, meditating for half a while, then saying, “No, I don’t remember such a thing.”

Ye Qia raised an eyebrow high, “I have an archive, I can let you see it.”

The Xia Zhi who kept looking on in silence finally couldn’t bear it any longer, pouting, “You even have an archive?”

“For the most part, mainly to prevent legal disputes, such as Mr.
Jia’s plans and the like.” Ye Qia shrugged his shoulders, “This is just for my self-protection.”

Xia Zhi asked, “He is your client from how many years ago?”

“About seven and a half years ago.”

“You actually kept a piece of restaurant paper from seven and a half years ago?” Xia Zhi widened his eyes, his brain moved a bit, then started brainstorming again, “Do you still have any other archives?”

“You want to see?”

Ye Qia spoke very calmly, Xia Zhi then felt a bit guilty, “It’s also not like I really want to see it la……”

“It can be done ah, you can look at it casually, but if you vomited after looking at them then don’t blame me.”

Xia Zhi’s face paled in colour, thinking about that fat man that Ye Qia had told him about when they first met, in the end deciding to give up the idea of having a peek at that thing.

It’s still better to be a bit more secure ba, even if want to understand it also does not have to be at this particular time.

Upon the return of the three people to the game table, each of them bore a guilty conscience.
Ye Qia was the calmest of them, Xia Zhi was currently imagining a lot of wrong stuff, Jia Jia however was like as if he were in a large dream, his whole person was absent minded.

The meet up was an extreme success, Xia Zhi’s narcissistic heart was greatly satisfied.
After returning home, his enthusiasm and warmth towards Ye Qia has achieved a whole new peak.
He also inspected Jia Jia’s plan that was formed many years ago; that crumpled piece of paper was very well sealed and maintained, and the handwriting was legible, making him open up his eyes in wonder.

“You actually preserved it so well!”

“Is this not worn already?”

“Are there any more exciting evidence to play with?”

“Well, I have a segment of a chopped off dick……”

“That’s enough, I don’t want to listen anymore!”

After snapping a photograph of the “evidence” and sending it to Jia Jia, then receiving a “let’s forget about the things in the past” kind of answer, Xia Zhi couldn’t help but let a sigh loose.
Therefore, when Jia Jia made a phone call over again, his tone was helplessly full of sympathy, “How are things ah, recently?”

“Very good!”

Jia Jia’s voice seemed to be full of energy.
His friend has finally managed to get rid of his “nightmare”; even though it was a “false nightmare”, Xia Zhi still very happily said, “What’s the matter?”

“You owe me something.”


“You knocked me out that day!”

“Go to hell!”

“Alright ba.” Being silent for a while, Jia Jia squeaked out, “Actually, I have something that I want to ask you for help with.”


“Help me introduce a boyfriend to me.”

“Damn, the number of the ones that I’ve introduced to you is still not enough?”

“I’m saying.” Jia Jia reduced the sound of his voice, like he was a thief, “A boyfriend like Ye Qia.”

Xia Zhi was startled, then followed it up with laughter, “You’ve misunderstood, I’m not good at BDSM this thing! My relationship with Ye Qia is just a normal man to man relationship.”

“Ah, so it’s like this ah?” Jia Jia seemed to be a little disappointed.
An instant later, he then stammered out, “But, Ye Qia still knows of a few peers ba?”

Xia Zhi blinked, after he understood what it meant, “You want to find an S boyfriend?”

Jia Jia was like a mosquito as he snorted out, “…… En.”

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