53, Episode Seven – Heritage (1)

Ye Qia’s eye had turned completely black the next day.
It was swollen—it was just his luck that he had struck an eye; it was both terrifying and amusing, he certainly couldn’t go out and meet people with his eye in such a state.
When he woke up in the morning, he saw the uncharacteristically frightened Xia Zhi, laying on his side with open eyes desperately trying to rack up a plan to deceive him; he didn’t even wait for him to try, Ye Qia had already woken up, and was staring back at him.

Both of them stared at each other in silence for a few seconds, then Ye Qia opened his mouth and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Xia Zhi immediately behaved innocently, “Nothing, morning!”

Ye Qia was completely unmoved by him, “If it’s nothing then what were you staring at?”

“Looking at…… how handsome you look.” Xia Zhi let out a dry laugh, “You are really handsome!”


Ye Qia turned around and got out of bed, a face full of suspicion as he lowered his head looking around.
Seeing that there was no problem whatsoever, he entered the bathroom.
After that, Xia Zhi heard a loud shout coming from within, a loud muffle, much like the ferocious roar of a male bear.

It sounded quite nice……

Xia Zhi felt the morning air become very uncomfortable suddenly, and when Ye Qia emerged from the bathroom, his wallet became even more uncomfortable.

“Why’d you take my credit card?” He leapt up from the bed, and stumbled his way over, crawling on the carpet and hugging Ye Qia’s leg much like a stray dog, pitifully saying, “That is the only credit card that I have, please don’t take him away!”

Ye Qia swept a condescending glance at him, and just like that, took the last bit of cash out from the wallet, slowly taking his time to say, “From today onwards, you will only have a hundred bucks to spend each day.”

“Are you joking with me?” Xia Zhi was about to cry, “A hundred bucks isn’t even enough for me to eat ah!”

“Then eat less expensive foods, I’ll be the one buying groceries for us.” Ye Qia lifted his mouth into a smirk, laughing perversely, “Hand over all of your income this month; as for the next month and the following months, that will depend on the amount of loss you’ve incurred for me.”

Xia Zhi was unwilling to give up hope and struggled with his words, “What sort of loss would there even be ah! You didn’t go to work today, this sort of wound would have been healed up by tomorrow!”

“I have an appointment today, and it’s also a new client, do you know just how bad the impact of rescheduling is? It’s a good habit to be punctual.” After Ye Qia finished with his words, he paused for a few seconds, and then added, “That’s right, next time when I’ve made an appointment with you, if you dare be late again, it’ll be ten bucks a minute.”

“Ten bucks is a little too expensive ba?” Seeing the matter as it is now, there was no way he could have redeemed himself, Xia Zhi then released Ye Qia’s thigh, stood up angrily and said, “Tell me again when was it that I was late?”

“You were late even to Queen’s funeral.”

“That’s because there was a traffic accident on the road!” Xia Zhi could not excuse himself, “Traffic jam ah, what could I have done, you can’t put the blame on my head for this!”

Ye Qia let out a cold laugh, casually tossing the empty wallet to Xia Zhi’s feet, saying, “I can.”


In the end, Xia Zhi had also succumbed to it; from a personal point of view, he believed that it was an extremely barbaric thing to throw punches, not to mention that it was a person close to him that he had attacked—he had already made a mistake before, and he didn’t want to make this mistake again.
He stuffed himself with a stomachful of bread for breakfast, when he was done he also grabbed two pieces, slathering it in a thick spread of cheese, bacon, sausages and some fried chicken slices and then poured a frightening amount of salad sauce on it—Ye Qia would not even bat an eye at such a thing.

When he was doing this, Ye Qia sat himself at the side of the table, holding a bottle of barley milk tea watching coldly from the sidelines, and when Xia Zhi had completed his task with much difficulty, he said calmly, “Coffee won’t be available in this house from now on, if you want it then use your pocket money to buy.”

“What?” Xia Zhi felt as if he was struck by the Five Heavenly Thunders.

He is a coffee addict, Ye Qia is a tea addict, both of them had their own individual stockpile of tea leaves and coffee beans.
There weren’t a lot of coffee beans in store lately, he was just about to restock some—the timing that Ye Qia chose was simply too perfect.

When he imagined that he couldn’t enjoy a good cup of ground coffee, and was only left with takeout coffee made of who-knows-what-ingredients—hey wait, that’s not right, he couldn’t even afford takeout coffee; he then felt that it was now time to revolt!

“No way no way, I’ll die if I don’t have coffee!”

Ye Qia huffed annoyedly, “You have enough to buy coffee, then again, you’ve had enough coffee to last you forever; having way too much energy to fool around at night, I’ve already told you to cut it out before!”

“Then what about my lunch?”

“Wasn’t it that you couldn’t live without coffee?”


“You now have coffee.”


What kind of sick joke is this?

Xia Zhi was trembling, roaring, “You’re going overboard, I’ve only thrown a punch at you!”

“This one punch of yours caused me to throw away a good thousand.”

“You earn that much?”

“That is just today’s loss.” Ye Qia looked down at his newspaper, “If this client decides not to come back in the future, then it will be tens of thousands.”


Although Xia Zhi felt that this was a good opportunity to ask about Ye Qia’s earnings, when he was currently faced with this harsh reality, he couldn’t find it in him to mind about this matter anymore.
On the way to work, his thoughts were filled with how to be able to eat a full meal and also grab some coffee; yet no matter how he calculated it, it seemed that he could only achieve that by packing three meals a day from home.

Another way was, just get into a big fight with Ye Qia.
He wouldn’t necessarily be able to win this fight, and there was also the possibility of himself being the one who was humiliated, only making it more bitter for himself.
Obviously, this route was not passable.

Just how did I manage to fall into this predicament?

The whole day, Xia Zhi spent his time pondering over this matter, and he got his answer after he got off from work, “It was all because of his explosiveness.”

During the time within these few months after meeting each other, not only should the money be well-ordered in this cohabitation life, cooperation with each other was also needed.

Xia Zhi would normally buy the groceries on the way home from work, if Ye Qia was at home, they would probably both prepare dinner together.
If Ye Qia wasn’t home, then he’d put it in the fridge after preparing it, and Ye Qia would eat it by himself when he got back from work.
They did not frequently go out to restaurants for dinner, although the neighbourhood snack corner was often frequented.
Ye Qia would occasionally go on a diet, buying individual snacks and fruits and drinks, and nobody would dare to consume that.

If they were too tired, like for example, the debtor for today lived too far away, and he needed to take quite a number of different trains to arrive there, or if they didn’t live in this city, then he needed to take a very shabby train, and then take some wonderful public transportation, such as a donkey-pulled cart and the like.
In that case, he would then buy the dishes and stuff them in the fridge for tomorrow, eating takeout for that day.
If Ye Qia had returned home early that day, he’d prepare their dinner if he was in the mood, if he was lazy then he’d eat out with Xia Zhi.

Ye Qia’s “punishment fine” had shattered this minute balance.

When Xia Zhi reached home, he noticed that Ye Qia had already bought the ingredients, some whistling sounds and a very fragrant aroma of rice wafted from the kitchen.
In that instant, he felt that this was a very sweet gesture.
When the dishes arrived on the table, the clear skies in his feelings then abruptly turned cloudy.

“Why is it all vegetables?”

Ye Qia set the miso soup down, smacked the table with a great force, viciously saying, “The client from today just gave me an official notice, he’s already found a new Master.”

Xia Zhi squeezed out a dry smile, “Vegetables are also quite tasty.”

Ye Qia threw out a warning look, sat down, looking at Xia Zhi’s bitterly frowning face, sighing, “Do you know your three highs [1]?”

“I know.”

“And you’re still a coffee addict.”

“I know ah.”

“Is there anything you want to say?”

Holding his rice bowl, Xia Zhi almost burst into sorrowful tears, “I want to eat meat, I want to drink coffee.”


Xia Zhi’s “meaty foods and coffee” battle was fought hard and valiantly, but there was no hope for winning at all.
Just when he was deep in despair, an unexpected character appeared, saving him.


[1] Three highs (三高, san1 gao1) : high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol level

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