57, Episode Seven – Inheritance (5)

When he had first heard the news about this inheritance, Xia Zhi did in fact, have his doubts about it.
He had some mental preparation due to the phone call he received in the beginning.
He had thought “as expected” when he received this piece of news──If it had nothing to do with him, then why would they specially need to contact him?

The few doubts that he had had dissipated very quickly, and when faced with the inheritance of 53 million dollars, his excitement had reached its peak in an instant.
After a bout of mad shopping, stuffing his face with food and drinks, and constantly immersing himself in his elated emotions, he had been struck with a cold the very next day, and his suffering was immense.
Up until now, he had mostly recovered from his cold, and the highs of inheriting such a large amount of money had also faded mostly.
Now, after exchanging a few words with Ye Qia, he had finally realised that something wasn’t quite right here.

Xia Zhi sat up, locking his stare on Ye Qia, saying, “Don’t tell me that all of this is fake.”

Ye Qia laughed as he moved closer, using his body to push Xia Zhi back on the bed, playing with his hair as he leisurely said, “Do you think that all of this is real?”

“I thought it was real at first.” Xia Zhi’s tone was extremely hesitant, “The more I spend time thinking of it right now, the more I feel like there’s something wrong.”

Ye Qia was silent for a few seconds, “Hehe.”


Xia Zhi suddenly struggled violently, it was a shame that Ye Qia was already prepared for it, pressing him down on the bed unbudgingly.
He couldn’t move, and could only yell into his neck, “You’re all bastards, playing with people like this!” After he scolded, he felt that it wasn’t right either, changing his words, “Fuck your ancestors of eighteen generations!” He was silent for a few seconds, still feeling that something was off, changing his words again, “Anyways, you guys have thrown away your consciences to be eaten by the dogs, get lost!”

Don’t blame him for being so angry and yelling a bunch of stuff, because it wasn’t certain whether this was just an empty dream or not, and the insult of being classified as untrustworthy was really hard to bear.
It might have been that because he was provoked, a sudden burst of strength erupted from him.
Kicking away Ye Qia’s legs with his knee, he got up despite his body’s protests of pain, ferociously growling, “You fucking……”

At this point, he had already forgotten about his plans for the future.

In Ye Qia’s eyes, Xia Zhi’s eyes suddenly rolled back and showed the whites of his eyes, and then he fell directly to the ground.
He was shocked and scrambled up to catch him, but he was one step too late, and the one hundred seventy-nine centimetre tall guy had crashed onto the carpet unceremoniously, fainting there.

When Xia Zhi woke up, he heard Magician’s voice, “Yo, sleeping gay, are you awake?

He smacked his lips twice, opening his eyes, then realised that Magician was really physically there by his bedside.
He stared blankly for a few seconds, then said, “What are you doing at my house?”

Magician laughed, “So you still know where you are?”

“What nonsense, this is clearly the ceiling of my house!” Xia Zhi sat up with a huff.
His mind was clear, it’s just that his body was a little weak, “What happened to me? Where’s Ye Qia?”

“Ye Qia went out to get some groceries, he’ll make some food for us tonight.” Taotie spoke as he entered the room, “As for you ah, caffeine poisoning.”

Xia Zhi blanked, “Wha-?”

“How many glasses of coffee do you drink in a day?”

Xia Zhi was quiet for a few seconds, mumbling, “I can’t remember.”

“First of all, you displayed withdrawal symptoms from the lack of caffeine.
Slow to respond, impatient, and at the very end, you overdosed on caffeine.
I heard that you were super excited yesterday?”

He recalled his mad rush through the rain to the mall yesterday.
Under the surprised gazes from the crowd, he had hopped into a foxtrot as he went up to the counter of the men’s section to get some clothes to wear.
Xia Zhi’s face reddened so fast that it seemed as though he was going to bleed from his blushing.
Before this, he had already consumed three cups of coffee whilst waiting at the taxi stand.
It was pure coffee, with no added sugars or milk.
After that, he entered the mall and continued to drink an ocean of coffee; within the short span of two hours, he had already downed about seven or eight cups.

“You’ve gotten such a serious cold, and you actually ran off to work today? And drank how many more cups of coffee?” Taotie mocked him, “You really are tough, not dying from this.”

Xia Zhi pitifully said, “Then why exactly did I faint?”

“Dunno.” Taotie shrugged his shoulders, “Perhaps you were just over excited?”

When faced with this sort of answer, Xia Zhi felt like leaping up to beat up someone. 

Magician saw the atmosphere tense up, and he jumped in to ease it, “Alright alright, after all, your current condition isn’t that bad.
It was my first time seeing Ye Qia so anxious, calling us over just because you fainted.” Seeing Xia Zhi staring at him again, he chuckled, “You don’t know, but there are often issues that arise with the slaves, and fainting is something that happens regularly.
Moreover, Ye Qia isn’t some sort of fresh rookie, he can handle it by himself.
He specially called us over this time, isn’t it because he holds you dear to him? It’s still best for you to go to the hospital for a checkup though.
After all, we don’t exactly have the means to diagnose you.”

Xia Zhi lowered his head, sitting like a criminal.

“Alright, you’ve already fainted and woken up, so let’s clear up some things.” Taotie brought another chair over, sitting next to the bed, grinning, “Is there anything you want to ask?”

Back when Xia Zhi first met Taotie, although his baldness and height was a little intimidating, his temperament was very polite and gentle.
Now, this was the first time that he saw a smile that wasn’t a smile on Taotie’s face, and he grew nervous immediately.
Although he was nervous, he felt very annoyed when he thought about the whole matter.

“Did Queen really leave any inheritance behind?”

“Yes.” Taotie’s reply was concise, “But it has nothing to do with you.
It was me who wanted to put you to the test.”

Xia Zhi flew into a rage immediately, and whatever guilty conscience and timidity he had were all sent flying, “Who are you to do this!”

“Ye Qia is my brother.” Taotie’s facial expression did not waver as he said, “I can’t let him be deceived.”

“Who the hell wants to deceive him……”

“Ye Qia has been cheated of his money before.” Magician interrupted Ye Qia’s vent, saying, “It was about 30 million.”

Xia Zhi was startled, blankly staring at Magician, then he chuckled dryly, “That can’t be true.”

Taotie raised his chin, coldly saying, “What do you think?”

Xia Zhi didn’t speak any further, sitting on the bed, trying to digest this piece of shocking news.

Magician cleared his throat, “Don’t think too much about it, this is a matter of the past.
He was still young then, and that 30 million was all of his savings.
He was so miserable at that time, dragging a suitcase with him as he came looking for us.
So we accompanied him and smoked the whole night without saying much.
We almost set the room on fire, haha……” Upon receiving an eye-roll from Taotie, he pretended to clear his throat again, “All in all, after that incident, we would always put his boyfriends to the test.
This time, he didn’t really want to test you, and it was us who insisted on it.
If you want to be mad, be mad at us, and if you want to break up, please go ahead.
But, if you dare to scheme any crooked things, just know that we will make you regret having been born into this world.”

After saying this, Magician said with a smile, “Do you understand the situation now, Xiao Zhi?”

Xia Zhi stared at Magician’s face, his eyes twitching.
He thought for a moment, then said, “Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Do you happen to have the contacts of that cheater?”

Magician and Taotie looked at each other, grinning.

After Xia Zhi drank some water, ate his meds, and rubbed his face, he felt a lot better.
He dug out a packet of biscuits, eating and talking ambiguously, “So… There was actually no such thing as Queen’s inheritance?”

“Queen really did leave us some inheritance, but that 53 million is fake.” Magician deliberately placed a cup of store-bought coffee in front of Xia Zhi’s eyes, asking, “How’s this, smells good?”


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