58, Episode Seven – Inheritance (6)

“Don’t put his willpower to the test.” Taotie regained his gentle and polite attitude, “You should quit drinking coffee.”

When this matter was raised, Xia Zhi pulled a long face, “Do I really have to?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to, it’s up to you.” Taotie spoke calmly, “Though you should bear in mind the consequences of doing so.”

Xia Zhi rubbed his temples and sighed, “I should have known earlier that there was a problem with this 53 million bucks… How on earth could there be such a good turn of events?”

“You were having withdrawal symptoms at that time ma, and then you got super excited over the money.” Magician babbled with a smile, “In other words, your brain was too slow to process it in the beginning, so you bought into the lie.
And afterwards, you became high on it and were unable to distinguish the truths from the lies.
I also found it strange and wondered about how you weren’t even suspicious of it at all, I mean, Queen had only met you once! Isn’t it more of a prank if he just left you 53 million just like that?”

Xia Zhi stared at Magician’s innocent face and he huffed out, “Be honest, you guys think that I’m dumb, don’t you?”

Magician shook his head, “I think you’re very fine.”

Taotie’s expression also relaxed, “En, you’re not bad.”

Hearing these remarks, Xia Zhi was speechless and didn’t know what to say for some time.

“But you were actually willing to spend that 53 million bucks with His Majesty?” An ugly expression formed on Magician’s face, “You’ve made me lose a hundred bucks.”

“Fortunately, I’ve only bet a hundred bucks this time.” Taotie also exhaled nonchalantly, “If I had bet a hundred thousand like the last time we bet, I’d be so miserable now.”

The corners of Xia Zhi’s eyes twitched, and he was just about to explode in anger when something popped into his mind.
He asked, “About that, uh, what did Ye Qia bet on?”

Magician smiled meaningfully, “Take a guess?”

Xia Zhi blanked and then burst into a laugh, “I know, he would’ve definitely won.” He leapt up and smacked the table excitedly, and he was just about to spin in a circle doing a little victory dance when he remembered that both of them were still in the room and they were looking at him, so he awkwardly sat himself back down and pretended to put on a serious face as he said, “Anyway, he won.”

His voice was still hanging in the air when the sound of the entrance door opening rang out.
Ye Qia entered the living room and glanced around, asking nonchalantly, “You’ve woken up?”

Xia Zhi was currently in a happy mood as he ran over to Ye Qia with his weak limbs.
He gave Ye Qia a great big hug and said, “I’m up, I’m up! My dearest beloved!”

Stonefaced, Ye Qia watched him scatter his happiness about as he welcomed him home, and waited for him to enter the bathroom before he turned to his brothers with a suspicious look in his eyes.

“I’ve given him some pseudo-anaesthetic cold medicine.” Taotie watched as Xia Zhi’s shadow disappeared into the bathroom, chuckling, “He may be a bit high for a while.”

Ye Qia said helplessly, “Can you guys not tease him?”

“It’s rare for you to take a liking to a genuinely purehearted one,” Magician wore an expression depicting his eagerness to see the world under the heavens in chaos, “Your tastes in men have really changed~”

Ye Qia rolled his eyes at him, “If you’re here to eat, just eat, but if you’re here to tease me, hush.”

“Yoyo, His Majesty is angry~”

“I hereby pardon your errors!”

Xia Zhi sat on the toilet seat and listened to the jeering outside in the living room with mixed feelings.
In his heart, Ye Qia was a strong and omnipotent person who was invincible.
But after what had happened today, he realised that Ye Qia was just an ordinary person who had his ups and downs, his weaknesses and helpless moments.

Of course, he wasn’t exactly pleased with the situation about Queen’s inheritance, but he knew very clearly in his heart that he had already forgiven Ye Qia.
The only thing was, he wasn’t very sure how he should face Ye Qia after this incident.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was very relaxed and lively.
Ye Qia, Taotie, and Magician were all old friends, and they had a deep tacit understanding with each other as they chatted.
Xia Zhi silently listened to their conversation as they talked about overly exaggerated embarrassing events that happened in the past until the present, and he felt at ease with them.
Unexpectedly though, Ye Qia’s cooking was super delicious! Not only was it tasty, it was also presented in a fanciful and colourful manner, which made him think that these dishes must have been restaurant-grade take out food when they first arrived on the table.
It looked so appealing that they quickly whipped out their chopsticks and began to devour the food.

After both Magician and Taotie had bid their goodbyes and left after their dinner, the house grew quiet and peaceful.
Xia Zhi watched as Ye Qia cleaned up the plates and dishes, and he put on an act as he walked over to him, saying, “Want me to help?”

Ye Qia glanced at him from the corner of his eye, saying, “Nah, it’s fine.
Go get some rest.”

Xia Zhi did not leave, and instead pulled a chair over and sat down on it as he watched Ye Qia move about dexterously.
He suddenly asked, “You’re actually quite good at household chores, aren’t you?”

Ye Qia paused his movements and he let out a soft “en” in response.

Xia Zhi pouted, saying, “There are still many things about your past that I don’t know.”

Ye Qia flung the dishcloth on the table and straightened his waist, asking, “Is that really what you want to say right now?”

Xia Zhi fiddled with his fingers before looking up at Ye Qia with an uneasy expression as he asked, “Do you love me?”

Ye Qia silently leaned down and gently kissed his lips.
This kiss was both soft and warm, and he shut his eyes to enjoy it.
He felt as if his soul was taking a warm bath in the hot springs, and it was so comfortable that he felt drowsy──alright, he really felt like he was going to fall asleep soon.

After the kiss had ended, Xia Zhi listened to Ye Qia’s magnetic deep voice as he said, “At the very least, I know I love you in this moment.”

He pouted, shut his eyes and raised his head up as he asked, “Then how about in the future?”

“That is something the future me will have to tell you.” He paused and then asked, “And how about you? Do you love me?”

Xia Zhi opened his eyes and chuckled, “I love you right now.”

Ye Qia also broke into a smile, and he continued to clear the table as he said, “I’ve topped up the credit card that you maxed out the other day.”

At that, Xia Zhi finally recalled that matter and his face flushed scarlet uncontrollably as he cupped his cheek like he had a bad toothache, “You guys really went overboard with that…” 

“Sorry about that,” Ye Qia moved over as he wiped the table and placed a kiss on his forehead, “I’ll cover the money that you spent that day.
Take it as my apology, won’t you?”

Xia Zhi remained silent for a while, and then said, “Can I return the goods? You’ll be okay with it, right?”


Xia Zhi didn’t know exactly what sort of medicine Taotie had fed him, and he started to feel really tired after this short bout of excitement.
He took a quick shower and crawled into bed much earlier than he would normally have done.
Just as he was about to drift off into slumberland, he heard Ye Qia’s voice float over from behind him, “Are you free this weekend?”

Xia Zhi turned around and looked at the Ye Qia who sat on the side of the bed looking at him.
He rubbed his eyes in a daze and asked, “Hmm? For what?”

“Queen has left some stuff for us, and we’re going to have a look at it this weekend, how about you come along too?”

“So Queen still has money even after that?” Xia Zhi blinked his eyes rapidly, “Didn’t he owe a billion bucks? Didn’t you also say that the creditor wanted his body?”

“He has already passed away, so why didn’t he take his money with him? Who would miss his money?” When he saw Xia Zhi roll his eyes at him, Ye Qia laughed, “Queen knows that we aren’t lacking in money, and money also can be easily spent in a short amount of time.
He left us something else, but we also have no idea what it is.
We’ll find out when we see it.”

Xia Zhi snorted scornfully, “You wouldn’t even tell me your income.”

“Haven’t you done the same though?”

Xia Zhi cried out in grief, “My salary has already been taken away by you! You’ll find out next month!”

It might have been better if he hadn’t brought it up, because Ye Qia then said, “Oh, that’s right, Taotie told me that you should stop drinking coffee, so I’ll let you manage your salary by yourself once you’ve quit coffee successfully.” He ignored Xia Zhi’s enraged expression and added, “Bring some food from home with you when you go out, I’ll prepare them for you.
Just let me know what you want to eat, and I’ll reimburse you in places where you needed to spend money.”

“You’re not afraid that I’ll fall into the pits of alcoholism?”

Ye Qia grew silent, and he said quietly, “Alcohol is a whole lot more expensive compared to coffee, are you sure you can afford them?”


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