“Some don’t have names.”

In Xia Zhi’s phone, there was a special group named “ex-boyfriends.” Among those, were names such as “Second Reign,” “1998,” “Big Ass,” and so on and so forth. 

“How many people?”


Gourmand didn’t reply for a while.
“What are you doing?”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

“It’s not like you can’t tell me.”

This time, it was Ye Qia’s turn to stay silent.
He thought for a bit, and then said, “Xia Zhi’s ex-boyfriends.”

Gourmand made a sound of exclamation.
“So many?”


After laughing for a while, Gourmand said, “Alright, wait for my word.”

Once he hung up, Ye Qia got up and prepared for work as usual.
While he was shaving, he peered at himself in the mirror.
Despite being older than Xia Zhi, he looked younger than him due to proper maintenance.
He looked noble and wealthy, and could retire at any time to live a life of leisure ——granted, he needed to move somewhere where nobody recognized him—— but in spite of this, he still felt uneasy.

Sighing, he decided that tonight, he’d bring back a new sex toy.
He didn’t have the energy to do it every day, his waist would snap.

As Xia Zhi was living a carefree life, holding a bowl of rice while watching a comedy skit and spurting rice all over as he laughed heartily, Ye Qia was sitting on the side, feeling like an idiot.
However, when Gourmand’s message arrived with a list of names, he immediately became resolute and determined, intent on proceeding with his plan.

“Hello, I’m Xia Zhi’s friend…”

“Xia Zhi told me to call you?”

“No, some of our friends want to throw him a surprise birthday party, so we went through his phone to find people…”

“He still has my number saved?”

“… Yes.”

“That’s really great, I’m coming! I’m definitely coming! Tell me the time and place!”

“Uhh, is there something wrong? Why are you so excited?”

“No, no, sorry, I’m his… good friend.
I really miss him.
Anyways, tell me the time and place!”

Upon hanging up, Ye Qia touched his face, feeling drained.
After a few minutes, he revitalized his spirits and went on to the next one, deciding to change his tactics. 

“Hi, I’m Xia Zhi’s boyfriend, I…”

“Fuck, Xia Zhi has a boyfriend? Since when?”


“You tell him, I don’t care.
I didn’t agree to break up!”


After hanging up, Ye Qia doubted his life for a few moments.
Then, he mustered up the courage to continue. 

“Hello, I’m Xia Zhi’s colleague.”

“May I ask what the problem is?”

This one sounded more normal, Ye Qia thought to himself.
Relieved, he said, “We’re planning a surprise birthday party for him, so I’m going through his contacts to call people.”

“Really? May I ask which group I’m sorted in under?”


“Oh.” There was a short period of silence from the other line.
“Please inform me of the time and location, I will definitely come.”

Out of the seventeen people, five had boyfriends, three were married to women, and two had changed their numbers.
The remainder had promptly agreed to come, including four of the “taken” ones.
This, Ye Qia confirmed through the circle of ex-boyfriends. 

The most important thing was that everyone was very excited for this. 

Ye Qia grabbed the phone and held it foolishly for a while before calling Magician and said as soon as it connected, “Is there any kind of medicine that can cause lifetime erectile dysfunction once it’s mixed with alcohol?”

“What are you up to?”

“Cleaning up.”

Magician cackled, “Why do you need this kind of medication?”

“Because Xia Zhi won’t get together with someone who can’t fuck him.”

Magician laughed even harder, “Unfortunately, there is not.”

“Well then, prepare for me, thirteen pills that can’t be found on autopsy.”

“Hey, stop it!”

Ye Qia looked out the sun shining through the window and said lazily, “What if I can’t?”

He suddenly recalled something.
What was it that precipitated all of this discussion about ex-boyfriends? Oh, right, Sheng Le saw Ge Yue… Ge Yue…Who was he again?


Neirith: In which Ye Qia casually contemplates murder.

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