Translated by Neirith

Episode Eight – Everyone Passes By (9)

Xia Zhi’s entire being was confused and, like anyone who were to find themselves in this situation, he stood around foolishly for a while.
Smelling the strong scent of oil, he raised an arm and sniffed it.
“Olive oil?”

Ye Qia didn’t answer and moved to warm up instead.
“There are probably around one thousand sex toys in this studio.
From big rocking horses to little nipple rings, it’s all here.
They aren’t cheap and are pretty interesting.” While saying this, he purposely slowed his words and fixed his gaze on Xia Zhi with a smile in his eyes.
“Today’s your birthday, so I’ll give you a gift.
This house, the toys, and myself.
However you want to use them, whatever you want, until midnight.”

He saw Xia Zhi’s eyes sparkle, and before he was about to pounce, Ye Qia continued, “But after some consideration, I feel the price is still pretty high.
So, I’ll give you a test.”

Xia Zhi immediately bounded up, “I’ve never heard of a birthday present that requires a test!”

“Well, you don’t need to take this test.” Ye Qia appeared to have anticipated this and pointed at the restroom.
“Then, go wash up and we’ll play the type of birthday gift that doesn’t require payment.”

Ye Qia was so cavalier that Xia Zhi hesitated.
“What kind of present doesn’t require payment?”

“How could I tell you in advance?” Ye Qia beamed, “You’re free to use your imagination.”

“Is the present that requires a test really good?”


“Or are you playing me?”


“Don’t be like this! My puny heart will get hurt!”


Xia Zhi chattered on and on for a while as he watched Ye Qia’s fake expression, ultimately deciding to be enticed.
With the conditions offered by Ye Qia, there was no way he could resist! 

“Well, let’s go.
What do you want me to do?” Xia Zhi made his decision without further delay.
“As long as I don’t have to SM.
I have the tendency to lean towards M, so what if I become an M?! So SM is out of the picture.”


With a roll of his eyes, Ye Qia angrily waved his arm, splattering olive oil around.
“Have you ever heard of Turkish oil wrestling?”

Xia Zhi surveyed the living room that had been cleared into a big empty space as well as the olive oil flooding the area and shook his head, “No.”

“First, olive oil.
Second, wrestle.

Oil fighting.” Xia Zhi patted his arm vigorously.
“How do you decide the victor?”

Ye Qia let out a sigh, “If both shoulders touch the ground, or if you can carry your opponent for three steps, then you win.
But this isn’t easy given the circumstances, so between the two of us, whoever can take off their opponent’s pants wins.” He smiled maliciously and asked, “By the way, did you take off your underwear beforehand?”

Xia Zhi lowered his head and looked down to discover that the leather pants were special.
Not only were there rough patterns across the high waist, but they wrapped tightly across his thighs.
Unfortunately, due to this, he felt the pressure of his underwear. 

“Can I take them off?”

“No need, let’s go.” Ye Qia said enthusiastically, “I’ll count your underwear too.”

Xia Zhi’s eyes wandered across Ye Qia’s crotch as he slowly unveiled a lewd smile.
“You’re not wearing underwear?”

Ye Qia smiled lightly and spread his arms.

What else was there to say?

Xia Zhi rushed up like a powerful lion, grabbing Ye Qia’s upper body.
He didn’t feel he could peel off his pants.
They were really too tight and slippery, so he thought it was easier to pick him up and walk three steps.
This was his plan, but once he grabbed both of Ye Qia’s arms, he suddenly slid down and realized that the rules were completely necessary.

Like a penguin sliding down the ice, his hands slipped and his unobstructed face brushed against Ye Qia’s chiseled abs, sliding all the way down to his groin!

Xia Zhi painfully clutched his nose, as Ye Qia shuddered and grabbed his crotch.
The both of them staggered apart, bearing this indescribable pain in silence.

“If you do that again, I’ll cancel the test and your present.” Ye Qia raged through grit teeth.
“I won’t have sex with you for a year!”

Xia Zhi’s nose was both painful and sour.
Tears emerged as he gave a muffled response.
“Aren’t you wearing any crotch protection?”


“Impossible!” Xia Zhi knelt and shouted in fury, “The size is clearly wrong, you’re not that big!”

“Because these leather pants come with built in protection!” Ye Qia gestured at his pants.
“Look at your own!”

Xia Zhi peeked down and had to agree with Ye Qia.
He got up and panted angrily, “Again!”

Ye Qia gave him an angry look before wiping his hands of oil.
With apparent indifference, he kicked Xia Zhi’s knee and buckled the man down, while simultaneously pulling him up.
One hand was on his abdomen while the other reached into his pants, as if wanting to carry Xia Zhi.

Although the pants were tight, there was a little bit of elasticity, and they were lubricated with oil.
He’d just barely reached into the pants and hadn’t yet touched his chrysanthemum when he heard an abrupt cry.
Xia Zhi grasped his thighs and rolled to the side. 

Startled, Ye Qia hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

Xia Zhi rolled around a few times and curled into a ball before flipping over, crying, “It’s hard.”

Ye Qia was at a loss.

“My underwear got caught on the head.”


Ye Qia furiously grabbed a handful of olive oil and indiscriminately smeared it all over Xia Zhi’s face.
Rolling and crying as he tried to escape, Xia Zhi crawled to the side and supported himself on the wall.
He mustered up the courage to say, “I can’t believe it!”

Facts dictated that sometimes, even if one didn’t believe, they were forced to.

With his best efforts, Xia Zhi just barely managed to reach into Ye Qia’s pants.
As for trying to lift him up, this was really asking for too much.
Strictly speaking, Ye Qia was a physical laborer and his muscled body wasn’t just for show.
Not to mention, the difference in height between the two was seven ── or in his words, six ── centimeters.

On the other hand, Ye Qia had already hoisted Xia Zhi over his shoulder many times, but had slipped and fallen in the oil.
One time, Xia Zhi fell head first and, if not for his quick reaction to use his back as a cushion, there might have been blood.
After that, he didn’t dare to carry him and began to change his tactics toward relieving him of his pants.

For Xia Zhi, his goal had been the pants from the get go.

Stripping Ye Qia of his pants in the slick, shining oil, and doing whatever he pleased, this game in and of itself was already enough to excite him.
Not to mention the post-game “rewards.” He had long wished to play with them, and there were some super novel ones that he wanted to try!

In a moment of distraction, Xia Zhi received a heavy blow to his abdomen.
He fell to the ground with a grunt.
His leather pants, underwear, oil and all, left his hairy legs altogether!

“I’ve won.” Ye Qia gasped with a warped expression.
“If you dare to grope me again, I’ll chop off your paws!”



Neirith: Yeah, Turkish oil wrestling is a thing. ¬‿¬

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