——– Japan ———

”He agreed to meet us ”

In a well-lit conference room, a figure wearing glasses said

”Thats good, after a long time we finally managed to contact him ” answered a gray-haired old man

”why are we inviting him? ” a blue hair man sneered ”He will only make things worse ”

”We need him, to drive sales for our company, ” the old man said with a sigh ”Felicity, inform the others and set a venue for the reunion ”

———– Umbrella College, Tokyo ———-

”Is he here yet? ”

”No ”

”.… ”

”Is he here yet? ”

”No! ”

”Is he here yet? ”

”N —- ”

”I got something, A 3 Vehicle convoy is coming towards the school along the main road, ” Cassie said as she crossed her arms ”It should be him ”

”Yay! ”

”Don get your hopes up, Jenny. ” Ted sneered as he remembered a certain event ”You should know his story by now ”

”Jenny go inform the others ” answered Cassie with a sigh.


A 3 vehicle convoy came to a halt in front of a building, opening the door of the car in the middle, Damien walked towards the building and began to observe the environment, he was currently in the special Class male dormitory, he decided he won see Carl and co until the next day which they agreed to meet, so he decided to rest in the campus so he would attend to them early the next day and leave on the same day.

Opening the door to his room, he dropped his bags and undressed as he made his way to the shower

”Sigh… ”

”I guess its about time I face my past, ” he sighed as he began to shower

After showering he walked to the kitchen and made something to eat, he then lay on his bed ad drifted into the kingdom of the sandman


In a dark room, a figure sat, watching the footage of Damiens convoy entering the college

”You came alone, It seems what they say about you is true ” the figure smiled wickedly ”You don trust humans again, to the extent you rather have an AI escort ”




[loading Complete…]

[Beginning Simulation]

Opening his eyes, Damien found himself in a dark world with neon lights glowing dimly on the horizon, he found a screen with these words in front of him.

While he was still thinking he heard a loud voice that made the whole world tremble

”Mankind has achieved singularity and the great cataclysm has occurred, it is now time to evolve beyond your limits, but before you can begin to conquer worlds, you must first conquer your own chaotic world, strive to be relevant in this new dog-eat-dog world, WELCOME TO THE SINGULARITY AGE ”

”The system will guide you on what to do next ”

[Simulation Started]

[Welcome to the Singularity Age]

[Calculating Life Points]


[LP: 175,000]

[The Simulation Age is an Era of Digitize Evolution, the system serves as a guide to all]

[Skills can be implanted and trained, but the efficiency of learning and using a skill depends on compatibility and talent]

[Skill categories include core skills or primary skills and secondary skills]

[Primary skills cannot be replaced once set, they are joined to your core of existence and cannot be changed]

[It is advised to pick the best skill to use as a core skill to the systems recommendation, as picking an incompatible skill will make the skill level up slowly and consume more mana per use]

[Skills can be active and passive and they are divided into 10 ranks F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, and EX ranks]

[High-ranked skills usually have low compatibility as they are more demanding on the body]

[its your choice to choose between a low-ranked skill with high compatibility, a mid-rank skill with average compatibility, and a high-ranked skill with low compatibility, everything has a price, so choose wisely]

[Skill ranks don show the power of a skill, it only shows its area of possible applications, evolution or growth potential and efficiency]

[Scanning current user…..]

[Mind-related skills are advised as your body has gone through a lot of low-level alterations and has become inefficient, also emotion-based skills are strongly advised against as the current user is void of emotions]

[Activating Search Function…]

[Search Function Activated]

[Any question user?]

”Uh…..? ”

”Am I the only one experiencing this? ”

[Negative, all living beings on earth are currently experiencing this]

”All living beings, including animals….? ”


”Isn it unfair for them? ”

[No, the information will be transmitted to their minds to aid communication, and to compensate for lack of intelligence they will be more powerful than humans of the same level]

”Oh, I see ”

”Then what is your recommendation for a skill? ”

[Here are a list of recommended mind-related powers…..]

”Damn, thats long ” Damien smiled wryly

”Sort them according to the percentage of compatibility ”



”How are LP calculated? ”

[They are calculated on the influence you have made on your previous world and how your actions affect the flow of world energy]

”Hmm…. ”

”Who has the highest LP in the world? ”


”Eh? Why? ”

[The introduction of technology from other worlds changed the flow of world energy completely, your runner-up only has 92,000 LP]

”Sheesh ”

”If you were to pick about three skills from the long list of skills you provided, which would you recommend? ”

[Mind Control (B – S) – Due to your Distrustful personality – 85% compatible]

[Blue print production (F) – Due to your INTJ personality – 92% compatible]

[Telekinesis(B – SS) – You
e a chronic introvert – 73% compatible]

”Can I have a detailed breakdown? Or an explanation of how the skills work? ”


”Okay, Mind control makes it easy for me to gather allies that I can trust by looking for people with weak will, Telekinesis has to do with moving things with your mind, and blueprint production seems to allow me to make blueprints? ”

”Can I combine skills? And how many core skills can a person have? ”

[you can spend LP on a Combiner but the success rate depends on the compatibility of skills you want to combine and a person can only have one core skill]

”Hmm ”

”Search for a power that allows me to bring blueprints to life ”


[Model creator (C) – 80% compatibility]

”This is a Godly skill, it allows one to bring blueprints to life, why is it low ranked, cause I see it being applied in a lot of areas? ”

[It converts blueprints to life, no blueprint, no power, blueprints are also hard to make and are expensive to obtain, finally, the skill consumes a lot of mana to materialize objects out of nothing]

”I see ”

”How many skills can I obtain apart from Core skills ”

[You have 2 Skill slots apart from your core skill, every 50 levels you gain a skill slot]

”How do we get skills later when I get extra slots? can I come back here? ”

[No, skill can be found after killing another living being or found in chests]

”Okay ”

”Search for a skill that allows me to create a mental model ”


[Model Designer (F) – 90% compatibility]

”Nice ”

”Combine Model Designer, Blue Print production, and model creator ”

[ Compatibility of three Skills = 73%

Price = 52,000 LP]

[Shall I proceed?]

”Proceed ”

[Combination Failure]

”Again, ” Damien said with a ragged breath

[Combination Successful]

”Yes!, Show Me! ”

[ *Error@#*]

[ The skill is about to evolve, but the price of equipping the evolved version of the skill is to forever lose your emotions, Do you still want to proceed?]

”Sigh….. ”

”Its for the best I guess ”

”Proceed ” answered Damien with a look of determination in his eyes

[Godly Model Creator (S) – (Lv.1) – 98% Compatibility

Compatibility bonus:

+49% EXP gain (for core skill only)

-49% mana per use (for core skill only)


– Model Design – Design and Test Blueprints in our mind

– Materialize – Bring blueprint to reality at the cost of mana

The amount of mana required to materialize a blueprint can be reduced d by providing materials needed to bring the blueprint to life or making a part of the blueprint]

”Damn, how much do I have left? ”

[71,000 LP]

”Get me a mana regeneration skill ”


[Energy Rune (B) – 84% Compatibility]

”Hmm, I can see the features but its good enough ”

[Energy Rune (B) Skill Obtained]

[Energy Rune (B) – (Lv.1) – 84% Compatibility

Compatibility Bonus:

C grade Mana veins – Reduce Mana consumption by 10%


Recovery – recover 5 mana every minute when Mana is not in use]

”Dope, this will help to negate the weakness of my core skill ”

[Setup Complete, Opportunities to visit the system store are rare but not impossible]

[Exiting Store Interface…]

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