CHAPTER 1: I\'m Alive?

The world began to spin and Damien fell unconscious

After who knows how long, Damien opened his eyes, taking a look around he found out he was still in the Special Class Dorm Of Umbrella College in Tokyo.

He stood up and walked calmly to the balcony, taking a step outside he discovered the world outside had changed, The surrounding plants had grown so big and multiplied that the school now looks like a forest.

Also, there was this strange invigorating energy he felt in the air

”This must be mana, ” he said quietly as he began to ponder about his next course of action

”It seems everyone is ready, Im your system admin for this universe, you can call me Matt ” the loud voice came once again, ”Some of you are pretty stupid thought, why on bloody Gaia would you choose a skill that is not compatible with you just because you think its powerful, as the system explained before, ranks don determine the strength of your skills, well, as there are bonuses for having high compatibility with your skills, there are also debuff for those who have low compatibility with their skills ”

”Well you
e stuck with it forever ” the voice began to chuckle ”Now, lets move to important things, you all have a distribution of the system in you which shows your stats and aid communication, its left to you to explore that later ”

”Earth-size has increased by 800% and will be your first world to conquer; plants and animal species have also been given a head-start to compensate for their lack of intelligence; a few other species have also been summoned to make this a hell for ya ” the voice added

”When the main mission for this world is triggered, strive towards it and youll receive a reward according to your contribution to its completion, also use your extra skills slot wisely, Admin Matt! OUT!! ”

The voice left and silence descended on a global scale, Diverse reactions began to surface, some people were still in shock, others were crying, some were sad and some others were elated, all in all, the world was in chaos.

”System…? ”

[Stats] [Skills] [Inventory (Locked)] [Messenger (Locked)] [Shop (Locked)] [Auction (Locked)]

6 Tabs appeared in the corner of his vision, they all looked self-explanatory, but the last 4 tabs were locked

”stats ” Damien opened the first tab that was unlocked



Name: Damien

Level: 1

EXP: 0/100

Bone Age: 21 Years

Race: Human


Muscle – 5.4

Dexterity – 2.8

Vitality – 10

IQ – 140

Magic – 10 [as this stat doesn exist before the singularity, everyone is given 10 free points]


Strength (STR) – 54kg Max (Muscle * 10)

[Average human strength is 46kg]

Intelligence (INT) – 14 (IQ/10)

[General measure of the strength of your brain, it is required to understand some concepts or learn some skills, helps you use your skills better and possess a faster thought process, and helps to defend against mind-related attacks]

Agility (AGI) – 4.1 m/s Max ( {Muscle + Flexibility}/2 )

[Average human agility is 2.06 m/s]

Defense (DEF) – 2 ( Vitality/5 )

[reduce damage dealt to the user by 2]

Stamina (STA) – 7.7 ({Vitality + Muscle}/2)

Damage (DAM) – 8.1 (Muscle*1.5)

[deals a damage of 8.1 to an opponent, damage can be increased through the use of weapons or the environment]

Health Points (HP) – 100 (Vitality * 10)

[ The limit a healthy human can have is 100, elderly people and ill patients or people suffering from a disease have a lower value, but after the singularity, this limit has been broken]

Health recovery speed (HRS) – 10/day

[Recovers 10 points of health per day, but recovery speed becomes slower as HP drops lower, it is impossible to recover naturally when your HP falls below 10% without external means]

Mana Points (MP) – 100 (Mana * 100)

Mana recovery speed (MRS) – 10/hour

[Recovers 10 points of mana per hour, but recovery speed becomes slower as MP drops lower]


”Hmm, thats a lot to take in ” Damien mumbled

He observed the Stat Tab for a while before switching to the Skills Tab



[Godly Model Creator (S) – (Lv.1)

Compatibility bonus:

+49% EXP gain (for core skill only)

-49% mana per use (for core skill only)


– Model Design – Design blueprints mentally.

– Materialize – Bring blueprint to reality at the cost of mana.

The amount of mana required to materialize a blueprint can be reduced by providing materials needed to bring the blueprint to life or making a part of the blueprint]

[Energy Rune (B) – (Lv.1)

Compatibility Bonus:

C grade Mana veins – Reduce Mana consumption by 10%


Recovery – recover 5 mana every minute when Mana is not in use]

Peeling his gaze from the corner of his vision, Damien began to observe the surreal and creepy outside world from his balcony, apart from the rapid growth of plants, everything seemed normal.

”This is but a calm before the storm ” he blurted as he walked back into his room

He began analyzing his current state, ”Firstly, food is a priority, this is just a dorm, not much to eat in the Mini-freezer, the special class dorm has its own cafeteria downstairs, so Ill make my way there to secure food and then Plan my next course of action that ”

”Secondly there are unknown dangers lurking around, I remember being a ninja in one of my past lives, Ill try creating some weapons to ensure my safety ”

”Lastly, I need to gather information, the information I manage to gather till I get to the cafeteria should be enough for me to come to a conclusion on my next course of action after securing food ”

He carefully analyzed

”Dawn now, Ill begin preparations for tomorrows adventure ” he added as he began searching the room for anything useful

A large pile was placed in the center of the room, this was the fruit of his 30-minute thorough search, the pile contains a bag, some clothes, and lots of metallic objects and utensils.

”This should do ” He mumbled as he began thinking of a blueprint in his mind, it was a simple and sleek sword that had a curved blade and was only sharp on one side — Yes!, It was a katana

{Model Design}

The modeling feature of his core skill was just like 3d modeling software, he was required to close his eyes and concentrate to activate this skill, the modeling environment was controlled by his thoughts, he quickly began to shape the default cube into a sword, shaping the cube wasn as easy as it seemed, it required a lot of concentration.

”Hmm, this skill seems to depend on intelligence ” he noted

”Sigh… ” After an hour of total concentration, a model was finally complete, he then added texture to the model by defining the materials each part is going to be made from, this consisted of the metals, cotton, and leather he had gathered earlier.

After defining the textures he was done.

{Please name your Blueprint}

”Lets go with X-01, ” he said with a smirk

The model glowed and then a prompt appeared in his vision

[Weapon Blueprint

Name: X – 01

Rank: F+

Description: A poor-quality steel sword made by a local designer with poor-quality materials


+12 – 15 DAM

Bleed (All Bladed weapons can cause bleeding if they penetrate external defense)

Requirements: 2kg STR]

”Nice ”


[-40 MP]

A few metals, cotton, and leather disappeared from the pile on the ground and a curved sword materialized in front of him, it had a black sheath with silver patterns, grabbing the sword a prompt appeared in front of him

[Name: X – 01

Rank: F+

Description: A poor-quality steel sword made by a local designer with poor-quality materials


+15 DAM

Bleed (All Bladed weapons can cause bleeding if they penetrate external defense)

Requirements: 2kg STR]




After swinging the katana for a while and relishing in the feeling of nostalgia, he started modeling other ideas he had.

After a few more hours of spending and recovering his mana, he was ready for his exploration

[Name: X – 02

Rank: F+

Description: A poor-quality steel dagger made by a local designer with poor-quality materials


+8 DAM

Bleed (All Bladed weapons can cause bleeding if they penetrate external defense)

Requirements: 0.7kg STR]

[Name: Leather Armor Set (consists of a leather shirt, leather pants, a leather face mask, and a leather boot)

Rank: F+

Description: A simple steel-platted leather armor set


+10 DEF

Requirements: 3kg STR]

[Name: Leather Bag

Rank: F+

Description: Nothing but a simple bag


Can carry a max weight of 10kg

Requirements: 0.7kg STR]

This was the fruit of his effort last night, he made this armor before sleeping yesterday as a means of extra protection, he also discovered that modeling complicated and detailed patterns is mentally exhausting and materializing models with a lot of mass consumes more mana.

After wearing his poor quality armor, sheathing his dagger, and carrying his katana, he glanced once again at the world outside his balcony and then opened the door — At least he tried to, it seems the door runs on electricity, everything that has a circuit had stopped working since the emergence of the singularity.

Using his dagger, he pried open the door and stepped into the eerily quiet hallway

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