Aoyama Katsuo was a special class student of Umbrella College, he remembered the day he got his admission letter, his parents were elated and it was the best day of his life.

”I hope they
e okay ” he mumbled, he was currently hiding under a desk in the conference hall, the singularity or whatever that guy called it happened during the special class seminar.

”May I have your attention! ” A loud voice snapped him out of his thoughts, he stood up and looked at the front of the hall, the voice seems to belong to the grey-haired man standing there, he was also their principal – Mr. Carl

”Its obvious that no one is oblivious to the changes around us by now, you
e the best of the best so its expected that you have quickly adapted to the situation, ” he said as he raised his eyes to meet the eyes of a few students ”I believe youve all gotten a core skill by now so Ill make it quick, earth has evolved, we are no longer on top of the food chain, to survive we have to work together ”

”Food, clothes, shelter, health, and security are the basic needs for survival, we currently have food that was meant to be served at the seminar in the store; clothes, shelter, and health are not a problem for now, so we start by securing our environment ” A blonde – haired guy with an athletic build spoke next.

”so today we are all going to sweep through the whole conference auditorium, everyone whose core skill is combat-related is expected to participate ” he added ”don be scared of engaging in a fight, Mr. Carl is a healer ”

”It is also beneficial for us all to report all observations and share details of anything you think is gonna be helpful, ” A blue-haired teenager said as he walked to the front, his name is ted and he is the student council president

”Cassie and Celina, handle the arrangements of the sweeping team, the rest of us with non-combat related skills will begin arranging the hall ” Mr. Carl Declared


”Yesterdays operation was successful, weve cleared the auditorium and a few of us leveled up, today we are going to settle another necessity for survival – clothes and food, two teams shall go to the special class male and female dormitories since they are very close, we are only separated by a large lawn which is now a forest, a team will stay back to guarantee the safety of this auditorium and those with support type core skills are also going to participate as it will develop our teamwork, our ultimate goal is to first conquer the Inner academy which consists of the special class dorms, special class auditorium, special class lecture halls, and the special class cafe, after this, we will proceed gradually until we eventually conquer the whole school ” Mr. Charles announced ”prioritize acquiring clothes food for now at the dorm cafe ”


”Wait, theres something up ahead, make a formation ” Harry who was currently leading the expedition team to the female dorm announced, his core skill was laser eyes and his first secondary skill was flight so he was currently flying above the trees and acting as the scout.

A large boar emerged and began charging toward them

”Jiro stop its charge, support, and long-range damage dealers, stay at the back, the rest of us – deal as much damage as you **ing can, ” he said as he fired a blue laser beam at the boar

The ground beneath the boar softened and became sticky

[- 50 HP]

[- 10 HP]

[-30 HP]

[-40 HP]

[-20 HP]

A large number of damages immediately followed, the boar whose HP had reduced by half became enraged, its eyes glowed red and its body expanded as it charged with renewed vigor at the group.

”Its in a berserk state, avoid direct confrontation only stall it so the long-range damage dealers can kill it ” Harry announced

[- 10 HP]

[-30 HP]

[-40 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-60 HP]

The boar finally collapsed after a few minutes

”That was too easy, ” someone said

”Don jinx us man ” another person said as they began to laugh

[You have killed a Weakened Lv.5 Red boar]

[Exp has been awarded according to contribution]

”Thats new ” Harry mumbled ”And why was the boar weakened, wait here, Im going back to the base to call a few people to carry the boar, it should be edible ”

”Wait, theres something you should see, ” Jiro said as he stood observing the boar corpse ”It dropped something ”

”Oh, it seems creatures from Lv.5 and above drop loots, ” Harry said with a smile, picking up a crystal-like stone, he observed it and a prompt appeared before him

[Name: Mana Core

Rank: 0

Element: None

Note: Contains essential mana]

He put it in a bag as he observed the other loot

[Name: Common Steel Sword

Rank: F

Description: Just like its name, its an ordinary sword used in the medieval era


+25 DAM

Bleed (All Bladed weapons can cause bleeding if they penetrate external defense)

Requirements: 3kg STR]

[Name: Common Steel Spear

Rank: F

Description: Just like its name, its an ordinary spear used in the medieval era


+28 DAM

Bleed (All Bladed weapons can cause bleeding if they penetrate external defense)

Requirements: 3kg STR]

”This would solve our weapon problems, ” Jiro said with a chuckle ”I won have to use rebars again ”

”This is just like a game, ” A boy said as he walked towards them to observe the loot ”Level up, skills, MP, HP, and now loots ”

”But we can die in this game, ” Harry said with a frown ”Rest here, till I come back ” He added as he flew away to report his findings.


[Global Announcement]

[40% percent of users are above Lv.3]

[Tutorial Phase – 1/2 has been completed]

[Award: All users have been provided a Beast Inspect skill]

Award: Inventory Tab Unlocked]

[Increasing difficulty….]

[Mental limits placed on mutant beasts have been removed — You wouldn want to find out what they can do now]


In a world dark world filled with nothing but eerie silence, an Old-raspy voice asked:

”Is it time? ”

”Yes Milord ” a gentle voice answered

”what stage are they? ”

”They just completed the first part of the tutorial ”

”Oh I see, lets wait and see how accurate the prophecy is ” the Old voice muttered ”Meanwhile, wake up the sleeping army, war shall soon be upon us ”

”Yes Milord ”

Similar meetings were happening across various dimensions as they prepare for the first-dimensional war prophesied by the ancient sages:

”RAGNAROK shall descend upon the nine realms and …. ” the rest of the prophecy was never heard as the sage died from excess use of divinity

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