Vaibhav had broken a rule on his first day of work on earth.

He had given the human girl his true form, even though he looked like a human but his big wings were telling that he was not human.

According to the law of angels, no angel can show himself with wings to any human being, but he had violated this rule on the first day.

Flying with that girl, Vaibhav again went to the top of the mountain, that girl was in Vaibhavs arms,

Vaibhav removed that girl from his arms. That girl said in her sweet voice ”Have you come to save me, are you God. ”

After listening to her innocent words, Vaibhav remembered that he had not hidden himself in the hurry to save the life of that girl.

Because of his mistake, that girl could see him.

Vaibhav was not saying anything because Vaibhav was an angel of very few words.

He was thinking that he would have to do something to rectify his mistake so that he would not be entitled to punishment on the very first day of his work.

Before Vaibhav thought something, that girl held his cheek and said ”Hey you are really ”

Seeing her touching himself like this, Vaibhav got angry as he does not like being touched by anyone.

Vaibhav removed her hand from himself, looking at the girls eyes.

Vaibhavs behavior didn make any difference to that girl, she said smilingly, ”Well, you don want to talk, its okay, but I want to talk to you, you know, I have never talked to you in my whole life. I have never seen such a handsome boy, maybe God wants to fulfill my last wish, come on, it is my wish that I had to see an angel with wings in front of me. So now I have to leave this useless world. ”

While saying this the girl had tears in her eyes.

The girl gave her innocent smile to Vaibhav and started going back to jump from the mountain.

Seeing her going to die again, Vaibhav grabbed her hand from behind and pulled her towards him,

Due to the pull of Vaibhav, both of them were very close.

That girl was lost in Vaibhavs blue eyes, then Vaibhav made that girl unconscious with the power of his eyes.

Now that girl was unconscious in Vaibhavs arms,

To know about that girl, Vaibhav tried to see her memories,

Vaibhav used his powers on that girl, then Vaibhav saw the bad memories of that girl because of which she wanted to die.

Vaibhav saw [someone was holding that girl from behind, a man much older than that girl was trying to take advantage of that girl, to avoid which she was trying to shout but the man held his other hand The girl was trying to throw the man away but she was not able to push him away from herself.

Then Vaibhav saw Neel had come there.]

After seeing Neel in the old life of that girl, Vaibhav understood that this girl is the one with whom Neel had fallen in love.

And Vaibhav had come there to help whom Vaibhav had understood that girl was Manya.

[Neel got angry seeing Manya in such trouble. He got angry and threw the man away from his powers, due to which the man fell down the stairs, due to falling from above, the mans head was torn and he was crying because of pain, Seeing that man in such trouble Manya went to save him, Manya was trying to pick him up when a woman came running there, she removed Manyas hand and lifted the man and said ”My honey you Nothing will happen, you tell me how you fell? he said she wanted to sleep together, I refused, I said that ”I am your brother-in-law, you should not think like this, she got angry when I refused, so she threw me down the stairs. ”

After hearing this, that woman got very angry and that woman did not listen to Manyas words, she only believed own husbands words.

After which the woman slapped Manya hard and said, ”I should not have kept you with me, even if you were forced to live the life of an orphan, but do not keep your dirty eyes on the my husband, before some time ago I doubt you, But now I have come to know the truth, so don turn back and come here. ”

Then that woman held Manyas hand very tightly and pushed Manya out of the house.

Manya cried with folded hands and said, ”Sister, listen to me, I have not done anything like this, please don take me out of the house, where will I go? I have no one in this world except you, where will I go. ”

But Manyas words did not make any difference to that woman, she closed the door on Manyas face and said, ”Go away from my side and die, but you don come back here. ”

Manya just picked up her flute from there and was walking on the road crying, Neel was also walking along with her, Neel too had tears in his eyes seeing her condition.

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