Final hunt

Denial from the start

so there are such things as flying and vehicles, there are also achievements with special effects.

I went home and slept and ate noodles that was good for the entire day, i used the vr chair and connected to the server, basically this is a normal vr, but everything you feel in the game is what you feel in real life. And what you do in the game depends on how strong you are, then i heard a female voice ”welcome player, to final hunt, please choose your username ” then a keyboard appeared in front of me and i typed ”nythe ” then i confirmed, then the voice asked ”please choose your race, this will be important as it defines who your allies, enemies, and location of arrival. ” then several options appeared including demon, demihuman, fallen angel, and etc.

So i chose fallen angel and then chose confirm, then another window appeared and the voice say ”please choose your story, this defines where your abilities will lie, and what your first equipments will be. ” then 6 story titles appeared

Banished from heaven

Curse of the devil

Fallen to hell

Love to the sinner

Fate of the fallen

Mystery of heaven

Although it might not look like it… But… This already has a hidden story! By choosing and holding the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th. There will appear a hidden storyline, and its said that its only limited to one person.

And then another story appeared

Love so eternal, never will last

You are the son/daughter of the angel, angela and your father the half human, half vampire, son of dracula synth, angela and synth never wanted war, but peace, therefore angela was banished from heaven and lived with synth, but in the end draculas Castle was defeated by rival vampires, you were a child when your parents left you, they are no longer alive in this world because they risked everything to protect you… Now its your choice now that youve grown.

Well there were a lot more of that story but i just skipped through it, i also gained an achievement called ”the all seeing eye ” it gives the player a skill called identify. Then the voice spoke again ”choose your class, this also defines your combat prowess ”

There were already 50+ classes available but there is a class that everyone thought was just a support class, it was called healer, but soon a healer class upgrades to priest, then become a paladin there will be a hidden class called heavenly fighter, and another choice called fallen priest, and then dark Knight. So i chose healer class, then I entered the world of final hunt!

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